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January 27, 2017

This is not another boring “self-help” book. It is an interesting, entertaining book of “real life” accounts written in a fun way!

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Love Me True: Overcoming the Surprising Ways We Deceive in Relationships’

About the book:

How can love, which is so beautiful and fun, cause such emotional ups and downs? Dr. Jason B. Whiting, a licensed marriage and family therapist, focuses on common relationships to show that deception is at the root of most marital problems. Overcome this and gain back that trust and excitement you’ve been longing for in your relationship.



Self-help and instructional books are often difficult to stay connected with, but Jason  B. Whiting, PhD.LMPT, successfully informs and entertains – often with humor -by using some extreme examples, in addition to more common examples, of reasons many relationships go from being “madly in love” to hate. The writing style is more personable and story-like, so the reader is kept interested.

Have you ever told “white lies”, ” kept the peace” by withholding information, tried to appear interested when, in fact, you aren’t really listening, tried to throw blame on another to avoid admitting a fault? These are just a few examples of ways we excuse but cause decline in relationships, which are covered in this book. Dr. Whiting, also explains why these reasons, and more, soon become serious problems in a relationship and how to maturely overcome them.

Need a great gift? This book is a great source for assistance in any relationship – not only for those in love. The Title and Cover are eye-catching and well chosen.

*This book was gifted to me but in no way am I required to offer a positive review. hs is my honest review.

   About the author:
Dr. Jason B. Whiting is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a professor of marriage and family therapy at Texas Tech University. Whiting has dedicated hundreds of hours to teaching students about relationships and counseling couples in his own clinical practice. Whiting has presented his research nationally, including at the National Council on Family Relations, American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and Smart Marriages. He has published in academic journals such as Family Relations and the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy. Last year he won the award for “article of the year” in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy. A co-authored article on cheating and deception on Facebook garnered interest in the national press, including Psychology Today and Cosmopolitan.


Jason, I like beginning with a little background information. Please share with us where you grew up, how many siblings, favorite activities and a couple of special or profound memories.

  • I grew up in the West and the Midwest, starting in Idaho then moving to Cincinnati, Ohio as a young teenager. I have 5 siblings and loved to play soccer, guitar and read! I loved all kinds of books and once tried to get my family to participate in a summer contest to see who could read the most pages. Although we all liked books, I was the most motivated and quickly outpaced everyone else on the chart, so they dropped out. I am a collector of books, much to my wife’s dismay, and still have boxes of my favorites, even from childhood.

  • I can relate…so can my husband!

As an undergraduate, you studied psychology and music. What led you to be interested in this and what did you learn?

  • I enjoyed people, and always found their behavior fascinating. I liked people-watching, and as mentioned, reading about their lives. Music was a fun hobby, but I knew that I wanted to do something professionally understanding what makes us all tick.

  • I found it interesting how music is, also, successfully used in various types of psychological therapy.

Why did you decide to go into Marriage and Family Therapy instead?

  • Growing up in a big family left me curious about relationships – what makes some relationships so fun, and others so frustrating? The family is a source of much influence in our lives, for good and bad, and I wanted to be helpful to those who were struggling. Individuals are interesting, but when you put them together into families they become even more interesting.

It is amazing how family situations strongly influences one’s life positively or negatively.

How much research and for how long have you done focusing on how deception and conflict take root in the best of relationships?

  • I started my research looking at abuse and neglect of children, but I shifted gears to understanding the adults who were being abusive. I was astounded at how parents and partners who loved their family could also become incredibly hurtful to them. This led to looking at rationalizing, denial and making excuses, which is always a part of abuse. The more I studied these habits, the more it became clear that these happen in all relationships to varying degrees.
  • The old adage, “you hurt the ones you love” is so true.

What are the main “culprits”?

  • Deception is related to selfishness. When I am unwilling to admit my mistakes, or only focus on my own needs, I start to make excuses and justify my actions. This leads to blaming others (often a spouse) and feeling sorry for myself. The solution is to be kind and honest, and allow the other person to have valid opinions and needs as well. 

  • I recognized many “culprits” in my personal relationships!

At Texas Tech University, you were awarded “Outstanding Researcher. What specific qualifications led to receiving this award?

  • I was nominated because of my studies on understanding blame, rationalizing and denial in abusive relationships. These were articles published in scholarly journals.

  • That is truly an honor.

Which publication enabled you to receive the Article of the Year award? What subject matter did you address?

  • This article discussed how therapists must be kind and unselfish with their clients in order to establish a good relationship with them and ultimately be helpful. It sounds like a common-sense idea, but most programs don’t train therapists in these kinds of matters of the heart.

  • I truly believe that. I feel many therapists do not actually connect with their clients. I understand why but it lessons the effectiveness of therapy.

Within the next ten years, what key goals would you like to have accomplished?

  • I will continue to write for couples, and will turn more attention to relationships that are controlling and even abusive. These problems happen a lot, but are often hidden. I want to help couples find healthier ways of dealing with conflict, and let go of control and manipulation to find happy and respectful relationships.

  • Many do not realize emotional abuse is prevalent and devastating in many relationships.

There you have it! Love Me True is just one of many awesome books Dr. Jason B. Whiting has written and there will be more coming! Be sure to visit his Website and peruse the variety of books he has written. Visit often so you van stay abreast of more upcoming  topics and helpful information

http://drjasonwhiting.com/ | http://drjasonwhiting.com/blog.html |
https://www.facebook.com/drjasonwhiting | https://twitter.com/Jason_Whiting

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