‘It’s Nothing Personal’ by Kate O’Reilley (Sherry Gorman) – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / June 28, 2013

WOW! What a tremendously talented writer Sherry Gorman (alias Kate O’Reilley) is! This was a bittersweet and powerful story of an anesthesiologist who lived through two years of a nightmare. Through the acts of a selfish, ruthless individual, the repercussions affected the lives of many innocent people, including Dr. Jenna Reiner. It is the amazing account of the impact society and some of the evils of power and money can have in bringing the worst out of individuals. Without spoiling the struggle of the main character, Jenna, and all she had to repeatedly endure, I will  list some of the key points made in the story. Drug addiction, hospital security and procedures, medical employees, malpractice attorneys and lawsuits, mental instability/depression. I could not hardly bear to put the book down.  The only two complaints I have is: #1. I did not like the books beginning. It left the reader becoming frustrated with what it referred to which kept the reader distracted until further in the book. The attention-getting line could have easily been worked in a little further into the beginning chapters and less distracting. #2. The profanity and crudeness was very unnecessary, plus, couple of inappropriate intimate sex scenes…

‘Never Stop Holding Hands’ by Shara Grylls – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / June 28, 2013

This was a fun and meaningful book.  It addresses several issues couples sometimes fail to do to maintain a solid marriage relationship foundation. Inside these pages are valuable ideas to keep the “love light glowing” for years after some of the “bliss” fades through life’s trials.. All newly wedded and engaged couples should read this. What a great engagement present. It is full of words of wisdom in a fun way. The author has addressed the issues without seeming “preachy’.  This book was very well done. I just am not excited about the cover. I feel it was too dull and does nothing to entice the reader to purchase it. This book review gives ‘Never Stop Holing Hands’ a Four & 1/2 Stars rating BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘Love Simplified’ by Terri J. Haynes – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / June 28, 2013

OK This story was very predictable but what a great Chick lit, It creates warm ‘fuzzies’ all over. One experiences a barrage of emotions throughout this well-written, romantic but clean story. Tempest Day was a known love professional but realized she had never been in love. She had dated but they all ended leaving her feeling unfulfilled. She was successful with getting others together, why not herself? On a national interview, by a popular talk show host, she is trapped into admitting  she has never been in love…She couldn’t lie! She is contacted by a producer of a dating series, Lance Moretti to do her own reality show. Another time, she would have probably refused, but with her situation, she agreed to do it…Was she crazy? The story evolves with her experiences with preparation for and the actual occurrences behind the scenes. You will laugh and you will cry along with Tempest Day as she goes through the various experiences which evoked jealousy, pain, happiness, and…love? For great reading and thought provoking material, especially for a rainy day pick-up, “check out” Love Simplified. Recommended for YA, adults and book clubs. My daughter won this through a Goodreads giveaway and was…

‘Against the Odds’ by J. Adams – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / June 28, 2013

Raine was a successful model who made a lot of money but she wasn’t happy.  Things had not been  good with her husband Jerome for awhile. To “top off” the whole situation, her husband admitted to cheating on her and that was the last straw. She felt she had to get away.  Raine called her best friend, Caroline, who  insisted (along with her husband, David) she come and stay with them on the ranch as long as she wished. Caroline, had married a man who owned a ranch.  Raine could not believe how happy Caroline was with her new way of life and with her husband.  Raine could not believe she had actually agreed.  She didn’t know anything about ranch life. She soon found out the many aspects of ranch life…including David’s brother, Hayden, who shared in the ownership of the ranch. This was quite predictable but still a wonderful love story of a successful black model and a rough, tough rancher. There was some added drama and intrigue which “thickened” the plot. A novel well written and a clean story too – that is amazing! The intimate scene after marriage was lovingly, and purely identified. It was also a tribute to the courageous individuals…

‘Children’s Favorite Bible Stories’ by Thomas Nelson – book review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / June 28, 2013

This Children’s Favorite Bible Stories book is not just a cheap copy of bible stories. This is a nice printed copy on quality paper, is hard-bound, and has full page color illustrations by Natalie Carabetta. It, also, contains ideas to encourage pondering and deeper thought. Within these pages there are little prayers at the end of each story to assist little ones in learning to pray, including praying about what they have learned. I won it from a giveaway and I truly give thanks for it. It is a wonderful gift for any child.  Parents will be thankful for the help and insights it will give their children. My review of this book gives it a solid Five Stars () rating.   Buy this book now from Amazon. [raw] [/raw]

‘Ryan’s Crossing’ by Carrie Daws – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / June 28, 2013

This was a sequel to ‘CROSSING VALUES’. The story was well-written. The momentum kept building to the end but the intensity left one slightly disappointed. After years of searching, Ryan’s parents have found his sister Amber. Furthermore, she is getting married.  Still angry with her for abandoning him years ago, he loves her deeply. He needs to be there for her and make sure the man she is marrying is OK. When arriving in the very small community of Crossing, Ryan cannot believe Amber would settle in such a small place. His concerns for her deepens. Will Amber’s fiancé’ pass the scrutiny or is she making  mistake? A few other instances occur leaving him to question many things. Many experience adversity in life of a much greater impact. It felt like something greater was going to happen n the story but did not occur. It still was still a very good and clean book worth one’s time to read. With this book review, I give it a Four & 1/2 Stars  ( ) rating.   Buy this now from Amazon. [raw] [/raw]

‘Crossing Values’ by Carrie Daws – book review by LAWonder10

Yes, this was quite predictable. Yes, this was almost too good to be true. Yet, this was so totally uplifting and well-written, it would benefit all to read and enjoy this novella. This was a totally uplifting novella of a forlorn young woman,  with tragedy and no stability in her young life. She was out of money, again, and wondered into a small tourist town.  It seemed doubtful she would find work on their off-season but she had to try. Overhearing her plea for work, a customer offered her a job in a place not far from town.  With no other option, she accepted. Thus began her new life in  new place. She made several discoveries and ended with a final decision to make. I am, personally, looking forward to many more of the author’s incredible stories and talented writing. There was never a lull in the story and incidents kept quickly moving on, holding the reader’s interest. Great for Book Club discussions and clean enough for any age. My heartily given book review offers this book a Five Stars ( ) rating with a strong recommendation.   Buy this book now from Amazon. [raw] [/raw]

‘A Wolf Pup’s Tale’ by Rachael Yu – book review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / June 25, 2013

This was a slightly unique story about the wolf pup’s adventures.  He got separated from his mother which led to some exciting, and sometimes frightening, adventures. Delight your “little” ones with this fun story about the wolf pup’s efforts to find his mother again.  The illustrations are very colorful and expertly done. The  book would be a good reading practice for an advanced elementary student.  It would be a fun story for them to read to younger children. Toddlers and early elementary age children will enjoy the story and pictures. With this book review, I happily give it a Five Stars () rating. Buy this book now from Amazon. [raw] [/raw]

‘Finishing Touches’ by LK Hunsaker – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / June 25, 2013

Jenna was only 24 when cancer took her husband. He was a very successful young artist.  She was content to just be his wife and put her own talents and desires “on hold” so she could totally support him. Her parents and best friend were against her marriage but she was happy with this decision anyway. The storyline was a little difficult at first to follow, as the author fluctuated between past and present.  She, however, was able to do so remarkably well.  – Years ago, I had a Creative Writing teacher who tried to teach us to write according to thought pattern.  I never successfully accomplished it – LK did. –    However I would have preferred a slightly different ending but it wasn’t my story. This tale reflected the feelings and grief which many  spouses, separate by death,  experiences.  Jenna was no exception.  Through many dilemmas and struggles, she comes to realize she still has a life and talents to share. I gave a weak four star rating because at first it was difficult to follow along then in the middle it, somewhat, dragged. It was quite “cleanly” well-written and once the reader began to discover the past/present pattern, it was a very good story….

“Never Ending Spring’ – by Darrell Case – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / June 25, 2013

The first part of this story was slightly difficult to follow but as the story progressed, so did the writing quality. The remaining pages were very well-written. This is a bittersweet tale of a family’s experience of the sudden death of loved ones, in a manner many of us will not have to directly experience. Still, there are enough of the events which many of us do experience, or have done, that we can emphasize with the characters.  We can experience the joys and pain along with them.  Each of us react to these tragedies in different ways. The story is a mystery that keeps one guessing throughout the book. It is also a story of redemption, love, forgiveness and community unity. The story portrays how the feelings of sorrow, anger and revenge can consume the soul. One often questions, “How much does God expect from us”? By placing our burdens on Christ’s atoning blood and through God’s forgiveness we can find peace. Recommended for the whole family! I was generously sent this book in exchange for an honest review of which I have given. It would have been on my want list anyway. My book review offers this book a…

‘In Her Name Empire’ by Michael R. Hicks – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / June 25, 2013

OK. I had determined in the first half of this book I really could not justify even a solid three star rating. It seemed repetitive and lacking in content. There was also profanity, and I wasn’t at all impressed with the writing…there were also a lot of typographical errors. This is a story of a cruel warring planet who is feared by confederations and all who dwell within. It is also a story about a young boy who repeatedly suffers because of this planet of cruel individuals. His life continues in chaos after being captured. He goes through much physical and emotional pain. He, also, evaluates and reevaluates his fate in life. He has to decide what course of his destiny he should pursue. There is a scene with sexual content but doesn’t become too explicit. I, reluctantly, had to change my rating because the last half of the book was very profound and intense. It really left the reader hungry for the next book of the sequel. This novel is about survival, loyalty, honesty, honor, love, hate, friendship, wartime, fortitude and perseverance. This is primarily written for YA but I wouldn’t recommend it for YA reading because of profanity and…

‘Paint Me True’ by E.M. Tippetts – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / June 25, 2013

‘Paint Me True’ is a novel about a twenty-nine year old woman who has dated a “Nerd” for six months. She had recently moved to Oregon and didn’t know many people. She was a professional painter and was house-sitting for her new stepmother. She hadn’t dated much and Len (the “nerd”) was always nice to her. When he asked her out, she did not want to hurt his feelings and it was “just a date”. She kept dating him because she was lonely and he always seemed eager to go out with her. Now, after six months, uncharacteristically, he prepared a special dinner date. She was going to have to hurt him by telling him “no” when he proposed. However, things didn’t go as she planned. Seeing him at church each week was awkward. A few weeks after the “disaster date”,  she received a call for help from her Aunt Nora, in England. The females of her family suffered from the BRCA 1 mutation which caused cancer of which most had died from, early in life. Eliza had lost her mom and two sisters from it. Her and Aunt Nora were the only women in that side of her family…

‘Castles in the Sand’ by E. M. Tippetts – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / June 22, 2013

The novel is the first of E.M. Tippetts’ new series, ‘Shattered Castles’, therefore she was setting up a story foundation that at times was distracting to the reader. The first part of this book was a little slow. Madison lives in a small town and is a part of a dysfunctional home-life. Her best friend, Kaillie, are opposite in most ways.  Kaillie is more “messed up” than anyone and is from a worse dysfunctional family than Madison. While Madison is kind, sweet, positive and caring, but very poor, Kaillie is wild, thoughtless, selfish, but rich. Madison has an uncaring, withdrawn mother but with a good father that died.   Kaillie has both parents who have a lot of money but that is not necessarily a lot better situation than what Maddie has. Madison has very little self confidence  and has low self esteem but is stubborn and determined. She has a great boss she works with at her part-time job. He and others encourage her to become the person they can see within her. Friendships are put through many tests and romance begins to blossom…but with whom? Her brother, John, comes into the scene in the second half of the book. He is a brother…

‘Nobody’s Damsel’ by E.M. Tippetts – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / June 22, 2013

This is the second of Ms. Tippetts’ Fairytale series. The first, ‘Somebody Else’s Fairytale’, set the stage. Now Cloe has her Master’s degree and has been miraculously hired by Jason’s and her home town as a forensic scientist. Will the separate types of lifestyles and all the negative media destroy the ties between Cloe and Jason? Can their love survive with so much against them? These two books of the series is better than any fairytale. It is part of real life. The drama, action and suspense keeps the reader’s interest until the end. Is Cloe truly “Nobody’s Damsel”? I highly recommend both books in the series for YA and adults as well. They are clean and at times full of emotions. I was sent a copy in exchange for an honest book review. I have honestly done that. Ms. Tippetts is truly a great, creative writer. This book review offers a Five Stars rating.  ( ) Buy this book now from Amazon. [raw] [/raw]

‘Robby’s Quest for Seed’ by D.C. Rush & Daniela Frongia -book review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / June 21, 2013

This short story consisted of a group of birds migrating for the winter. Unable to settle in their location of choice, because of circumstances, they had to quickly find a new place to settle.  With food supply scarce and other detriments facing them, Robbie feared for the worse.  He was responsible for their safety.  He must not fail! There were good points on being responsible, trustworthy, persevering, and optimistic.  It also emphasized unity, safety in numbers, and the importance of taking care of our environment. This has adventure mixed with teaching moments.  It would have been nice to have events built up more for mid-elementary since it is written as a chapter book.  The illustrations it has are colorful and fun. Although personal preference would have it lengthened for a strong five stars rating,  my book review still offers Five Stars  ( ) for content plus the illustrations.   Buy this book now on Amazon. [raw] [/raw]

‘The Rebels of Cordovia’ by Linda Weaver Clarke – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / June 20, 2013

Linda Weaver Clarke has, once again, created an intriguingly wonderful story. This is a different twist on a tale you will surely recognize.  It is in a historical setting…After King Arthur…”Merry Men”…..Have you guessed yet?  It is a beloved tale! Cordovia was once an ideal peaceful country. An evil man took over leadership and now the people are beginning to rebel.  The two key people, Marie and Daniel,  both have a rebel following.  Should they combine or would they be more effective as separate groups? This is also a story of villages and families just trying to stay together and survive the tyranny of oppressive rules and high taxes.  Is it coincidental that we can relate to it even in our day and age? Within these pages, are adventure, romance, and intrigue.  While it is mostly directed toward a YA audience, it is a fun novel for adults as well. The author generously sent me this novel in exchange for an honest book review, of which I have given.  Except for a small section, the story kept steadily moving forward, keeping the readers interest. The author’s novel has earned a Five Stars  ( ) rating through this book review. Buy this book now from…

‘Beautiful, Magical, Amazing Ballet’ by Mary Lee – book review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / June 20, 2013

In my review of this book, I find it to be written in a very creative manner! The illustrations are very simple, cute and colorful.  This alone would entice most any young girl to want to read it.  However, that isn’t all there is to this very clever story.  There are creative thoughts and good comparisons  expressed within these pages. This book can aid in cognitive development. I highly recommend it. What a great book for toddlers or early elementary age girls! It is also a good advanced elementary reader. This book review gives Five Stars  ( ) rating for this author’s book. Buy this book now from Amazon. [raw] [/raw]

‘Mrs. Claus and the School of Christmas Spirit’ by Rebecca Munsterer – book review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / June 20, 2013

Enjoy Christmas in July with your little ones!  “Christmas Spirit” can be encouraged anytime of the year. This was a well-written, creative story which broadens the positive meaning of Christmas. It puts a different twist on the usual Christmas stories, and adds in the building up of the Christmas spirit in young ones! I would recommend this for older elementary age students and for advanced elementary reading. With this book review I give ‘Mrs. Claus and the School of Christmas Spirit’ a strong Five Stars  ( ) rating. Buy this book now from Amazon. [raw] [/raw]

No Exit: The Apple Grove Gang (Volume 1)’ by Hamilton C. Burger – book review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / June 20, 2013

This is a great book for Summer Reading programs. This elementary chapter book places importance on friendships, working together to solve problems, and in offering positive support within a community. By utilizing individual talents and capabilities, much can be accomplished. Portrays good and bad in life. This book offers mystery/suspense, adventure and unity. My book review for ‘No Exit: the Apple Gove Gang’ offers a Four and 1/2 Stars   (1/2) rating. Buy this book now from Amazon. [raw] [/raw]

‘Dead Running’ by Cami Checketts – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / June 16, 2013

Cami Checketts is a talented writer yet I am a little confused as to where she came up with this title. I have a couple of vague ideas but I feel she could have come up with a better title. Regardless, this was a delightful story of a woman in her mid-20’s living with her grandmother after the loss of her parents killed in an accident in Mexico. After the Prequel, the story unfolds with grumbling by Cassie, and it is soon discovered this is because she is in a 5K marathon. She was persuaded by her pregnant sister-in-law, Raquel, to participate.  She is a Physical Fitness Exercise Science major so how could she refuse? She is bumped by a very large runner and stumbles. Her arms and legs were skinned on the pavement. He comes back to see if she is OK. A very fast 10K runner who had recently zoomed by also stopped and checked on her before continuing on. The big  “Nasty Muscle Man” guy was scary. Soon another guy zoomed by was “hot”! Very blue eyes, slightly strawberry blond hair and tall. After a long, embarrassing run, her and her sister-in-law was ‘cooling down’ when the announcer was reading off…

‘Johnny Came Home’, by Tony Breeden – review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / June 15, 2013

First, although this is a totally honest book review, I must acknowledge this book was sent to me by the author for a review. It has been on of the most difficult book reviews I have ever done. I have very mixed feelings on the subject matter vs. literary content. It is a  very well written novel.  Breeden has effectively captured an array of strong characterizations yet, has brilliantly intermingled them in an interesting way. Johnny’s super-human abilities go beyond human understanding- I felt it a little too excessive. This is an action-packed Sci-Fi/Futuristic novel. The views Breeden has expressed are very interesting.. I believe he put in a lot of foresight in the development of his characters with super-human capacities. His book also portrays that mostly evil would prevail if these things ever came to be. [Spoiler] I do believe it is beyond human comprehension what could be accomplished if the brain’s capacity could be unleashed to its full capabilities. I also believe that is why a Surpreme Creator has allowed the human mind only a very small portion of its capabilities…. Look what a mess humans have made of the world with that very small fraction which we…

‘At the End of Our Journey’ by Jack R. East, Jr. – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / June 12, 2013

My daughter won this in a giveaway.  I found the title and subject matter interesting so borrowed it from her. This was a very inspiring account of a spiritual journey of  Jack R. East, Jr.  The basis of this journey was in two consecutive dreams he experienced at the latter part of 2010. He presents this without overbearing preaching, nor in presenting his views and experience as absolute gospel. Jack effectively ‘shares’ his experience the uplifts, and inspires the reader to gain their own faith and experience. His is an amazing experience and sustains the belief of some, that we lie in an age of constant miracles. I highly recommend this bookl to all Christians and to those seeking a greater source of hope and meaning of life. I heartily review this book  giving it a Five Stars ( ) rating.   Buy this book now from Amazon [raw] [/raw] {raw] [/raw]

‘Madison Morgan:When Dogs Blog’ by Pam Torres – book review by LAWonder10

This is a fun Chapter Book for older elementary age children. Madison is beginning sixth grade in Middle School. She is not very excited about it and decides she just wants to appear invisible.  Her best friend, Paige, is excited to start Middle School.  She has gotten interested in fashion and boys…boring. They have been friends since first grade.  Now,  Madison hardly recognizes Paige with her new attitude and interests. Then there is Henry, her step-dad, who also feels she should be excited to be “growing up” enough for sixth grade.  If she is growing up, then why can’t she have a dog?  He tells her this is too big of a responsibility for her. Henry came into her life when she was three. He said it was just a name so never objected to her calling him Henry.  Her mother died when Morgan was five. He has taken care of her since.  He is OK for a Dad.  She only calls him “Dad” when she addresses him about something important. Morgan starts school as  part of a special group to work with computers and is informed they will be creating a school blog.  She is assigned to come up with an idea for…

‘Starlet’s Run’ by Carla Hannah – book review by LAWonder10
"New" YA Books , Young Adult Books / June 10, 2013

Surprisingly, this second book of the Starlet’s series was better written than the first. Liana Marie Michaels is truly discovering who she is and Manuel is likewise finding who he is. The question is; Will this discovery allow them to stay together or direct them into going separate ways? Marie Michaels makes a major decision for her future. That decision leads us to the next book of the series in an effective way. There was not the obsession with excessive hormones in his book but I would still not encourage this for YA. Although there is nothing within the pages they do not face each day, the “world” does not need to be encouraged by inviting it into our homes and our youth’s individual lives.  The language is still crude and the content is still quite sexual. There is little adventure but mostly drama in this story. The author, Carla Hannah, generously exchanged this book for an honest review.  This is my honest review.  Setting aside my personal biases, my review of this book is a solid Four Star () rating. Buy this book now from Amazon [raw] [/raw]

‘Finding Her Way’ by Leah Baniki – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / June 8, 2013

For all Historical Fiction fans, this is the first in a series of this highly recommended series. This s an adventure of a young woman’s difficult journey from Boston to Oregon  to join her father.  Three years previously, she was a spoiled Kentucky girl who, after her mother’s sudden death, refused to go West with him.  At that time, she was Fourteen and mad at her father for selling their beloved home.  It was a home full of both wonderful and painful memories….memories too painful for her father.  She chose, instead, to live with her aunt in Boston and suffered miserably for three years because of that choice. Her Aunt was stern and Corinne could never seem to please her.  Now, the only presentable way to travel that far is, through an arranged marriage with a young man graduating from Harvard Veterinary University. He was a good friend of her fathers. Her father had paid for his education. Now he was marrying Corinne  as partial repayment, but he was rude and unkind to her from before the marriage and all through the journey to the West. Still, Corinne was determined to make the best of it until, shortly after their journey began, he made it clear he did not want her for…

‘Warring Spirits’ by April W. Gardner – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / June 8, 2013

WOW! What a profoundly moving piece of Literature! This is a tremendous Historical Romance of which a man would probably enjoy as much as a woman. There is plenty of action, adventure, drama, romance and suspense within the pages of this novel. The setting is in the early part of the 1800’s;  a time when there were many land wars between the American Indian, Mexico, and the U.S.A. The story unfolds with a Mulatto slave woman, posing as “A Lady”, and her fellow slave are running away from their bondage towards Florida. That is where the tribe of Indians offer them safety…a tribe unafraid of “white’ men inside a well-fortified deserted fort. They are stopped and questioned by the Calvary.  The  Lady is very attractive and appears to be Caucasian.  Claiming she traveling to visit family in a different county accompanied by her slave. Still unsure, the Major continues to question the propriety of such a companion but accepts the explanation it is due to the wars taking the men away.  They are sent on and quickly head to where they are more concealed. The plot effectively centers on the thoughts and circumstances surrounding one character then another.  It gives the reader a sensation of watching the…

‘Starlet’s Web’ by Carla J. Hanna – Book Review by LAWonder10
"New" YA Books , Adult Books / June 1, 2013

  This was a difficult book for me to “get into”.  It seemed very repetitive and  to drag through most of the book.  Carla Hanna generously donated it in exchange for an honest review and this is.  I really hate when I cannot lend a firm support to new authors. This is my “take ” of the story. One:  This is meant to be a Young Adult book. I suppose it would be listed as a “New” YA book. (I think that “new” genre is ridiculous. Does “more mature” mean many who object to profanity and sexual explicitness are not mature?)  I feel it would benefit all, if we put more emphasis on the importance of Literary language and a more moral society.  We cannot accomplish this by applauding the use of crude words and descriptive, explicit sex.  If we want a better society for future generations we need to precipitate our education and literature to a level of moral integrity.  With that said, I would not recommend this novel for YA. It contains profanity, and obsessive sexual thoughts and promiscuity. More than a story, it seems like a dairy of a Starlet.  Marie was a child star who will soon be…