‘Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter’ by Sarahbeth Caplin – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / July 29, 2013

Sarahbeth was raised Jewish all her life… albeit not strictly Jewish. She had experiences in her young life which made her want to avoid Christians.  She held little regard for them. However, she attended public schools so was exposed to many Christian attitudes and traditions. She decided at seventeen she would become a Jewish Rabbi and was determined to do so even into college.  During her college years she had experiences which led her to question her Jewish faith. This is a works of Sarahbeth and her testimony and musings of her life in High School and College that led to the biggest change in her life ever. She ends her story at her life at the present time. The questions and challenges she has experienced can be an inspiration to others.  It can also cause Christians to question, “Am I truly a Christian?” “Do I strive to live my life as Christ did His?” “Through my words and actions, do I strive to lead others to Christ or do I cause them to turn away?” I found her memoir interesting and perhaps it is because I truly find others lives and experiences memorable. I truly care about my fellow…

‘Get a Life: Clearwater Crossing #1’ by Laura Peyton Roberts – Book Review by LAWonder10
Young Adult Books / July 29, 2013

This is a great YA book! There were places in the story, however,  where one felt he/she had slipped into a different story.  The author attempted to set the stage of several individuals and his/her family’s separate interchanges.  In doing so, there was not a smooth transition between scenes and, at times,  one felt a little lost. However, the author was able to bring the reader back into the story. This novel is the first of a new YA series. It portrays eight different individuals in, mostly, separate social groups, with little in common, come together at school for a worthy cause. The tale depicts how this group implausibly became friends.  Plus, in this first book of the series, it alludes to how each individual’s dreams rarely turns out as he/she wants them to. Often  what one truly desires is in conflict with what another desires at the same time. High School is such a crazy time of life, filled with turmoil, new emotions, and self discovery. As shown in these writings, all youth mature in a different ways, in different stages. It is cleanly written and parents can comfortably know what their youth is reading is totally good material. Key Points I derived: Adolescent interaction,…

‘The Complex’ by Cathy E. Zaragoza – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / July 26, 2013

OK… Attention all YA!  This is worth your time, I PROMISE!!! The Complex is 367 pages of fast moving dialogue.  Really, the author could not have cut it much more without ruining the story.  When I first received this I thought I would mentally prepare myself for some rambling…. It wasn’t there.  I couldn’t believe I had finished it so fast and not once became bored! This is the first in the new Linx series by this very talented author.  Get set for an emotionally connected, intriguing, action-packed story. The setting is futuristic.  The majority of the world has been wiped out by a devastating disease.  In the Eyam Quarantine Complex, a select few were saved and kept alive until the Council members find a cure and turn them out into the remaining public  outside the Complex who survived. Helena and her brother Harrison lived there with their father who was the only full-medical doctor the complex had. Her mother died in a car crash not long before the complex was built. Harrison had mostly watched out for her since their father spent such long hours as the head physician.  The others in the Complex were like family and extended family members.  Helena, however, was only…

‘On a Quest for Christ’ by Lisa Are’ Wulf – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / July 25, 2013

On a Quest for Christ: tracing the footsteps of your spiritual journey, is a works which does just as it states – traces footsteps of one’s personal journey.  This is more than simply a book.  The author has presented this self-help book in story form then developed it into a personal history and self evaluation documentation. The author gives examples and thoughts, then makes it very easy for the reader to develop his/her own story and experiences.  At the end of each chapter, there are specific thought questions with a space to write in one’s own answers.  The author then assists the reader in discovering if these answers has helped bring him/her closer to God or perhaps created a greater distance from Him. The Story begins at birth, suggesting what possibilities can occur simply through the birth process then allows the reader to ponder this and draw his/her own conclusions. The author continues on the “path of life”, pinpointing steps of experiences, emotions, and actions which can affect us in various ways enhancing or impeding development and progress. This book can be used as a guide but I strongly recommend it to be used individually as a personal workbook/journal.  The questions are simple and to the point.  There are…

“Finding God, Creating Me’ by Julie Pfeifer – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / July 24, 2013

This was a very well-written booklet. The author reminisces about a very special friend in her earlier years…a friend she lost contact with after she married and began having children… a friend who died. This booklet describes the relationship from the very beginning through the struggle the author had with her faith and understanding. She questioned what she truly believed. Steve was the best friend she ever had, helped her on her path in life and in discovering who she is and how to create a relationship with Christ.. Her friend was always there for her since her early teens. He was a talented man and a devoted one. The reader only questions, why was his wife only briefly mentioned and what were her feelings? The story is very intense until the last quarter of the booklet then dwindles somewhat and is slightly repetitive. This story is recommended to those in search of Christ or those who are searching for that missing piece in life. I give it a strong Four Stars rating. This was sent to me by the author for an honest review of which I have given.   BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘Ashes Ashes’ by Julie Coulter Bellon – Book Reviw by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / July 19, 2013

Julie Coulter Bellon’s exciting Hostage Negotiation series continues in this second novel of ‘Ashes Ashes’. Colby’s experience in the Marines as a sniper provided him with the qualifications he needed as a sharpshooter/detective for the local police Hostage Negotiations task force.  He loved his job… most of the time. He usually felt like he could really aid in the saving of lives and in saving others from undue harm from heartless criminals. As the story opens, this wasn’t one of those times of fulfillment. He felt he had failed.  He was still feeling down as he arrived home to do some personal therapy.  He hadn’t been home long when he smelled smoke.  On further investigation he found it to be coming from the house next door. The house that was now being used as a rental.  he quickly arrived, only to discover a young woman holding a pan of hot grease and fanning with the other hand.  He got her attention enough to discover where the fire extinguisher was. He then tried to assist with her burned arm but she resisted all help.  He returned later that evening with several bags of different take-outs and a smile.  Afterward she still…

‘The Aedyn Chronicles: Flight of the Outcasts’ by Alister McGrath – Book Reveiw by LAWOnder10
Children's Books / July 17, 2013

‘The Aedyn Chronicles: Flight of the Outcasts’ is the second in the series. I didn’t have the time to purchase the first one before this review but the second book was fairly explanatory of what occurred during the first. (I still highly recommend reading ‘The Aedyn Chronicles: The Chosen Ones’ first) This was a tough one to accurately rate. The story line was very good yet at times a narrative would appear, speaking to the reading audience. It only appeared two or three times in the story which caused it to appear as an after thought.  This could have been implemented into the book more which would have been good.  There might have been a setting of a grandmother or someone else telling the tale.  Also, the body of  the story could have been developed more.  Hey! …but it is a children’s book, right? There was the wicked step mother, step sister and bratty step-brother. However, this even took a different turn in the events which unfolded. The reader was not as certain they were relentlessly bad.  Still, the affect the new family had on the father was fairly atypical.  The one certainty and self-confidence they maintained was from the experiences they had had during the…

‘Love’s Rescue’ by Tammy Barley – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Historical Fiction / July 16, 2013

This is a great, well-written and clean novel about tragedy, adventure, relationships and romance. The time frame is during the Civil War. Jess’s beloved brother and best friend is disowned by his father for turning away from their new western home and family business to defend their home and property in Kentucky by fighting for the Confederacy. Jess maintains close contact with him until suddenly the letters stop. In desperation she goes to the city to send a telegram when trouble breaks out. This is a time of great upheaval and intolerance of others yet good people existed and accepted others whose views and lifestyles were different. Jess was fortunate to find that type of environment during great tragedy. The plot was slightly dragged out and the ending was weak but the story was great and, again, well-written. I still give this book a review with a strong Four Stars Rating. I downloaded this e-book on kindle for free and give an honest review. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘The Rancher’ by Kelli Ann Morgan – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / July 14, 2013

This is a clean, delightful historical romance! It was not totally predictable. There were a few twists the author incorporated. The family of male main characters were very masculine,  individual, and alluring. The story was about two individuals from a strong family foundation, yet from very different circumstances. There was some slight humor and quite a bit of action. It never dragged on. Those Redbourne’s were a strong, determined bunch! They were made of the solid, tough character of an earlier time of history, when you survived the bad and built into a better life… A glorious time when a person’s word was his honor…Still, there were those without honor. The McCallisters’ were a strong, unusual family, not totally approved of by the townspeople. Abby was a carefree, flippant, tomboy. Her character was fun, vivacious and never changing… much. There was, of course, good vs. evil; right vs. wrong, action… as in most good stories. The author briefly introduces the larger family but then they pop up unexpectedly sporadically throughout the book.  In doing so, their personalities became alive and the reader began to have a feeling of kinship with them.  By the end of the story, they didn’t seem…

‘The Planet-Girded Suns’ by Sylvia Engdahl – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / July 14, 2013

‘The Planet-Girded Suns: History of Human Thought About Extrasolar Worlds’ is just what the title claims. The author has done a massive amount of research on his subject. In her updated version, she has brought to light much documentation that was not available in earlier editions of her book. It astounds me how she obtained so much information! The author has gone to extensive research to aid others in knowledge and study of past, present and questions of the future cosmos.  In spite of the subject matter, she never beleaguers one point too long.  She offers an extensive amount of various examples to substantiate her points. The author, also, adds frequent poetry by well known authors adding to the confirming evidence. Well-known people were presented who were not famous for their insight into space and other worlds. Sylvia, presents astounding information of present studies, additionally, bringing up some very prevalent questions of the future of interplanetary exploring, relationships and pilgrimage. The author has accomplished creating interest without insufferably boring the reader over such an intense subject. For a thorough, timely, and understandable coverage on this subject, for school or for personal insight and knowledge, I highly recommend this book. <h5> …

‘Angel Falls’ by Connie Mann – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / July 6, 2013

I just finished reading and amazing book with a very captivating story. The only negative points of the story was its somewhat repetitiveness and it dragged out slightly. There was some sexual content but nothing explicit. I would feel comfortable in allowing an older YA to read it. The story centers around a young nurse raised in Brazil, educated in the United States, then returned to Brazil to run an orphanage created by her benefactors. It, also, centers around an Army Special Forces man, who is searching for answers after a mission which went incredibly wrong. He quit the Army, dealing with his personal demons and trying to find answers. As he was thus occupied, his mother asked an urgent favor of him which turned out to be much more intense than he had planned on. The two lives were thrown together to protect a third life. The action was fairly steady throughout the book. The main points I discovered were: violence, love, forgiveness, deceit, survival, healing, poverty, abuse, discovering God and Christ’s atonement, trust, Selfishness, selflessness, revenge, betrayal, and romance. I highly recommend this book for book club reading and discussions. I failed to make a note of whether…

‘Tnetnok: A Special Star’ by Gary L. Fox, Jr. – book review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / July 5, 2013

Such a clever and different story this is! A new, and wonderful twist on the Christmas Star. It is great at the Holiday time of year but also during the year.  It is a great teaching tool for building a feeling of individual worth in things pertaining to God. This is a perfect bedtime story for pre-elementary and elementary age. It is also great reading exercise for slightly advanced readers. For a good religious study book for very young children, you won’t find one any better. It even has a study guide in the back as well as talks for young children. The author has waited years to produce it and we hope Gary will feed his creative juices and will author more stories such as this. A must for mothers and children’s religious leaders. I won this in a giveaway and am very thankful for it. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] Name Your Link[/raw]

‘A Greater Love’ by Rachael Ann Nunes – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / July 5, 2013

“A Greater Love’ is a very touching story at the Holiday time of the year or at anytime. This is a touching, bittersweet tale of a couple, who after several years of marriage are childless – one by choice, the other because of the spouse’s choice. It causes a major problem in their marriage. This is also a story about two young children, orphaned through the death of their parents and given to an alcoholic aunt to raise. So  many different status’s in  life, with so much prejudice. The story portrays the emotional and physical difficulties different people experience in the separate “walks” of life. Each have their own challenges and sufferings. What an inspirational tale of survival, suffering, acceptance, and love. It also offers a message of forgiveness and humility. The story spans several months but it is at Christmastime and New Years it concludes. This would be a wonderful story to share with the whole family. It is predictable but wonderfully so.   BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘The Prairie Prince’ by Marcia Lyn McClure – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / July 1, 2013

‘The Prairie Prince’ is just one of Marcia Lyn McClure’s many literary masterpieces. This is was extremely talented author. Through her writings, she causes intense emotional, passionate feelings to arise within her reading audience without explicit details. It is very “cleanly” accomplished. This is a romantic, historic fiction drama with some added action.  It is a story of two specific families: A dysfunctional family from an arranged, loveless marriage, in a small town, the other containing a brother with three sisters to care for after the death of their mother, then their father. Difficult as that is, three of the sisters are the same age…Yes, triplets! This is a story of the experiences of these families and in small town living. One family has an hardworking, unloving, violent head of the  household. The other family a strong, self-assured, hardworking, loving household head. Can these two families sharing a property line merge as friends? Will they be able to unite with the people in the town area? Points of interest of novel: romance, love, violence, criminals, friendship, unity, historical small town living. This gets a Five Stars rating with this book review. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]