‘Signs and Wonders’ by Alex Adena – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / August 23, 2013

What an honest, wonderful book concerning how sometimes good intentions can begin right but end up very false and dishonest.  It is also a very controversial novella. Reverend Grace discovered special gifts in his very young daughter – gifts he could commercialize on.  But before he was able to exploit them, they seemed to disappear.  Nevertheless, he decided to build his ministry on this premise anyway.  His daughter, Annie, trusted her daddy and submitted to his wishes.  Her brother, Benjamin, refused to be a part of the deception and left to live with a friend and go to public schools. As Annie grew into adulthood, she became Miss Annie and continued to minister with her father.  Now, her father was dead and a year later, Annie was a mess…Drinking and finding frequent new bed partners.  She hated the farce her dad had created, yet, what else could she do for a living?  She had home-schooled and had no other vocation. Just like everything else in life, challenges arose and life took a definite turn…a couple of turns. I do, personally, believe in miracles.  Miracles happen every day but as a progressing society, we do not realize miracles as they “stare…

‘Fable: Edge of the World’ by Christie Golden – Book Review by LAWonder10
Young Adult Books / August 22, 2013

The beginning of this book was quite confusing.  It did not give a solid “lead” into the actual story.  It took me reading it a few times too just ignore the first few pages and continue reading.  It isn’t until the very end it somewhat connects.  As I continued to read, the plot began taking form.  It continued to improve as I got deeper into the actual story. There were several key characters but primarily King of Albion; his new queen, Laylah;” the royal dog”, Rex; the king’s loyal subjects, Page, Captain Jack Timmons, Ben Finn, and Shan from Samarkand.  Of special interest is also Jasper, devoted servant; Reaver , a villain/hero & Barrow, the butler.  Other key characters are added toward the end of the book. After a vicious battle, the king and hero rules Albion.  He takes a bride. On their wedding day following the ceremony, Shan from Samakand arrives, exhausted, with a warning the greatly feared “Dark Shadows” are coming.  It is deiced the king and his army will have to go to Samakand to fight there before the enemy can penetrate the border of Albion.  Within days. the king, Ben. and his army leave on their journey to…

‘Heroes, Mentors, and Friends’ by John Dowd, Jr. – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / August 19, 2013

John share with his readers the profound lessons he has learned through Heroes, Mentors and Friends he has known or known of.  He shares important thoughts on acquiring true success and happiness. We often wish we could put our life’s learning and wisdom into another’s head, but unfortunately we cannot.  However, if through writing and sharing these types of things, the author even helps one person to avoid “pitfalls” and make better choices, then the work and effort is worth it.  John is hoping many will read and learn from his life’s experiences. This is very n0n-preachy and will even be enjoyed by the non-Christian audience, to gain peace and success. The book is a great reference book for those times we need reflection and guiding support.  It is written very well by a man who has spent his whole life in the broadcasting industry.  John shares many instances in his life – and the lives of others- when his choices could have been better and when his choices led him into a negative direction, how he corrected it.  He offers strong suggestions of things to do to create a more positive life.   It is at times a little beleaguered and repetitive, but still…

‘Embrace’ by Jessica Shirvington – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / August 19, 2013

I really like the new cover on this book better than the old.  It has a greater affect on the imagination, plus, it is more colorful. Embrace is a really far-fetched fantasy/paranormal.  The key characters are “Dad”, Violet, Lincoln, Steph, and Phoenix…at least for the most part. Violet had lost her mother at birth.  Her dad never fully recovered from the loss of his wife.  It had only been him and Violet from then on, – other than many nannies – yet, he wasn’t really there for her ether.  He lost himself in his work.  Her best friend, Steph, was the one who she turned to the most for support and companionship. Two years ago, she signed on with a personal trainer, Lincoln.  He was a real “hottie” but never made a move, in a romantic way, toward her. He, also, soon became her best friend. While Steph and she were opposites, Lincoln seemed to really “get” her….  That is until one day she discovered he had a secret.  With this secret, it destroyed all her trust in him and alienated her away from him.  It, also, opened  up a whole new world to her and made her life crazy. The first portion…

‘Night of the Purple Moon:The Toucan Trilogy Book1’ – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books , Young Adult Books / August 17, 2013

Abby and Jordan and Baby Toucan moved to an Island town near Portland Maine with their father.  Their mother would join them as soon as she could get a job in Portland.  Abby hated moving from her Massachusetts home but there was nothing she could do about it.  Her brother, Jordon – a year younger than she – was happy living on the island, spending time with his dad. At school, the day of the purple moon, there was plenty of talk and excitement.  A comet was passing between the earth and moon.  Scientists didn’t know what effect that would have on the earth but the dust would leave  purple space dust trail, causing the moon to look purple.  In honor of this event, ice cream companies, beverage companies, etc.  were coloring their products purple.  Most everyone would be observing the passing of the comet around 11:00 P.M.  Abby had put Toucan to sleep since she was but two years old.  Jordan went in to bed just as soon as it started to pass by, but Abby insisted on staying up with her father on the porch until almost midnight. She fell asleep quickly figuring her dad would come in soon thereafter. While it was barely dawn, Abby was…

‘Gimme-Jimmy’ by Sherrill S. Cannon – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / August 16, 2013

Do you know anyone who has a problem with sharing?  Do you know anyone who seems selfish?  If so, this is the perfect book for them. Jimmy is nicknamed, by the kids at school, Jimmy-Gimme because whatever he wants, he just says Gimme!  He then takes it from wherever it is at OR from whoever has it! His daddy tried to talk to him about it but Jimmy did not listen nor obey. However, one day Jimmy encountered a big problem…then bigger….then even Bigger! This has a bit of the fantastic in it but it definitely gets the main point achieved.  It is all accomplished through rhyme to enhance the child’s thoughts and direct them toward poetry.  Rhyme is an easy way for children to learn and memorize. The illustrations, by Kalpart, are truly wonderful and clear. These are books which need to be in every pre-school and elementary school library. They should also be in every home where they are toddlers and young children. This book review offers a solid Five Stars rating of this piece of literature. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FRONM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘Sagebrush’ by William Wayne Dicksion – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / August 15, 2013

When but a twelve year old lad, Michael was sleeping in the back of the covered wagon when suddenly their small wagon train were attacked by Comanche Indians. While trying to get away, his father was struck through the chest  with an arrow, another Indian pulled his mother – kicking, fighting, screaming -away from the wagon. The wagon hit a small boulder, which tipped  it upside down, knocking Michael out in the process. The hoses pulled lose an ran. Two of the four Indians started scavenging whatever they found of worth out of the supplies. Mot of the supplies from William’s family wagon were strewn across the ground.  Before the Indian outside his wagon looked underneath, the other ones called for him to help chase and catch the horses they needed for their tribal members. Just before they left Michael became conscious and scared – scared enough not to make a sound. He was bruised and slightly injured but he knew he had to hid before the Indians came back to finish their scavenging. He found a distant bush near boulders to hide.  The Indians soon came back with the horses and continued their thorough searches.   Finally they left. Still terrified, holding…

‘Wait a Lonely Lifetime’ by Leigh Verrill-Rhys – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / August 12, 2013

Although the action is limited, this is a story the reader will find difficult to quit reading, until it is the end. I am, although,  unsettled on my review of the book cover.  It does have an illusion of vastness which can symbolize loneliness, but this is a love story so needs something to symbolize that, also. The story is of a woman and man who never really got to know each other well, yet, both fell in love with the other.  The man’s best friend, Steve, who he owed his life to, announced he was going to marry her… His friend stepped “out of the picture” and left. The confused woman, Sylviana, wondered why Eric left so suddenly, then decided to settle with Steve, yet, never could forget his friend. Twelve years and two daughters later, Sylviana’s years of suspicion was validated.  Steve had been cheating on her since before they were married.   She ended the marriage.  Still, three years later, Steve was harassing her, making it sound to his daughters that it was all Sylviana’s fault, and trying to demoralize her back into the marriage. Talking to her lifelong friend one day, Sylviana told her how she still really cared for…

‘Anatomy of a Poet’ By CJ Heck – Book Review by LAWonder0
Adult Books / August 7, 2013

CJ Heck writes a book of sensuous thoughts and longing of love from an earlier time. In real life, CJ lost her husband to the war in Viet Nam.  The pain, void and deep longing is very cohesive in most of her writing.  She also writes of children and grandchildren and of homeless men.  Her thoughts are very poignant and beautiful. She writes with more prose than poetry.  Some of her prose is done very well, others are lacking in rhythm and smooth flow. It is still a very touching collection. Beware, there is some crude language and deep sensuality in some of her prose. CJ graciously sent her poetry in exchange for an honest review of which I have given. This review rates her book with a strong Three and 1/2 stars rating.   &nbsp BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘The Runner (Bk. 1 in Michael Knight series’ by A. Wayne Gill – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / August 6, 2013

If this is the first of the Michael Knight series then I can’t wait to read the next one! Michael Knight was from a long line of Preachers.  It was expected, by all who knew him, that he would follow in his father’s and brother’s footsteps.  How could he tell them all that his isn’t his dream?  Even his sweetheart he had grown up with expected this of him.  If he got accepted into law school, how would he break the news to them all? This is a story about a young man’s dilemma to chose his dream of being a lawyer or choosing the path others expected of  him. Experiences in his life, and in the lives of others close to him, led him to choose the path he needed to pursue. These experiences are full of action and choices. The author, amazingly, was able to bounce between the lives and experiences of several individuals without losing the reader’s interest. The writing was very well done, although the plot was somewhat surreal.  It is a fast moving plot, with events leading, successfully, in the direction of the author’s desired response. Some Key points: Strong character, loyalty, faith, repentance, forgiveness,…

‘Christmas Stalking’ by Margaret Daley – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / August 6, 2013

Christmas Stalking is a story of Ellie –  who is a professional body guard.  She is assigned to go undercover to protect a high profile widow who would be be doing a presentation at a very big event. An unexpected arrival of the widow, Winnie’s, grandson who is a marine biologist, put the whole house in an uproar. Winnie has to intervene between the two to prevent ongoing conflicts. Someone is threatening the life of Winnie. Will Ellie be able to stop the killer? The mystery of “Who did it” keeps one in suspense until the very end. The reader is forced to keep guessing who the culprit is.  There are so many likely candidates. This was a very well-written novel. There was a short period in the middle it seemed to drag somewhat and was slightly repetitive. Otherwise, it would have been a five star book. It was full of adventures and very cleanly written. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON [raw] [/raw]

‘Adrift (the Last Selkie #1)’ by Elizabeth A. Reeves – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / August 6, 2013

This novel was an art of fantasy, suspense, romance, plus, cleanly written. This is great reading for YA as for Adults.  It arouses a sensuality, yet, with ministrant strong morals. Left alone after the death of her father, a young woman finds herself broke and traveling away from her home, not knowing where she is going nor where she will end up. The last of her money spent, she is on a ferry in Canada heading toward a place she has never heard of . The ocean seems to be calling to her but she doesn’t know how to swim and has never lived near a large body of water. She finds herself in unfamiliar surroundings with unfamiliar people and in an unfamiliar life.  What is to become of her? The author leaves the reader anxious to read the next book in the sequel. This book earns a Five Stars rating from this book review. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘The Short Straw Bride’ by Karen Witemeyer – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / August 6, 2013

What a cleanly-written, delightful story! There is plenty of drama, humor and action. The story reminds me somewhat of “Seven Brides For Seven Brothers”.   it began full of action and humor, within the first part, but the it died out momentarily while the story was slightly ‘driven into the ground’. Even after the momentum increased toward the end, although the  action increased, the rest was quite predictable.  It is, still,  a story well-worth reading and sharing. My book review gives it a solid Four Stars rating. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘To Die For: A Novel of Anne Boleyn’ by Sandra Byrd – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / August 5, 2013

Amazons Synopsis: The story of Meg Wyatt, pledged forever as the best friend to Anne Boleyn since their childhoods on neighboring manors in Kent. When Anne’s star begins to ascend, of course she takes her best friend Meg along for the ride. Life in the court of Henry VIII is thrilling at first, but as Anne’s favor rises and falls, so does Meg’s. And though she’s pledged her loyalty to Anne no matter what the test, Meg just might lose her greatest love—and her own life—because of it.  Meg’s childhood flirtation with a boy on a neighboring estate turns to true love early on. When he is called to follow the Lord and be a priest she turns her back on both the man and his God. Slowly, though, both woo her back through the heady times of the English reformation. In the midst of it, Meg finds her place in history, her own calling to the Lord that she must follow, too, with consequences of her own. Each character in the book is tested to figure out what love really means, and what, in this life, is worth dying for. Though much of Meg’s story is fictionalized, it is drawn from known…

‘The Heirs of Southbridge’ by Jennie Hansen – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / August 5, 2013

Amazon Overview:  When tragedy strikes Southbridge plantation, young Clayton and his brother, Travis, are forced from the only home they’ve ever known. Fleeing the drunken rage of their grandfather, with bounty hunters and horse thieves thick on their trail, the boys and their father try to eke out a lonely life as fugitives and cowboys. As Clayton nears adulthood, his greatest desire is for a strong and stable family, but his father’s death and his brother’s departure leave him more alone than ever. Seeking for roots, Clayton visits Southbridge en route to college and kneels on his mother’s grave, only to be accosted by a gun-wielding girl named Lucy, whose father will stop at nothing to make the plantation his own. Can Clayton realize his deepest desires of marrying the woman he loves, having a family, and reclaiming the plantation that is his rightful heritage? My Review:  This is one I find difficult to add much information to.  There was so much injustice but then that is the way things have always gone for many in life.  One just does what one can to flourish ad survive. This begins a strange and slightly unpredictable friendship between Clayton and Lucy.  About the…

‘Belonging’ by Robin Lee Hatcher – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / August 5, 2013

Belonging is a tale of three siblings from Chicago who, upon their mothers death, were sent to a Dr.’s orphanage, to be placed in homes out west. Although the three siblings tried to stay together, each was sent in a different direction. This is a story about the now grown Felicia, the middle child of the dying mother.  She finally, at age 26, receives her desired opportunity to become a school teacher. She makes friends, becomes a strong influence in her students lives, but things change. Her newly found success and relationships suffer a change, ones which will change her entire life. I WON THIS ON A CHRISTIAN AUTHORS GIVEAWAY!  I am so anxious to re-read it and share it with family and friends. This is very clean for YA and Adult enjoyment. My review of this book offers a solid Four Stars rating.   BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘Betrayal’ by Robin Lee Hatcher – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / August 5, 2013

This is a wonderful and cleanly-written book of the eldest and only son of a dying mother, who gave her deathbed wish that he would contact a Dr. who ran an orphanage that place orphans in homes out west.  He also promised to keep the family together and see over his two younger sisters. He was unable to keep these promises through no fault of his own. Eighteen years later he is trying to keep at least part of his promise and find his two sisters. He was able to get a good lead on finding one but only a partial lead on finding the other. He has had a long, hard eighteen years and has only a horse, saddle, rifle and a few clothes. His horse becomes lame on his way to find Felicia. He stops at a ranch owned by a struggling widow. He is allowed water do drink and give his horse. He asks for temporary work so his horses leg can heal. After much inward debate, she allows him to help for a short while with only food and shelter as his pay. Each has some dark secrets. Secrets that possibly will keep them apart. There…