‘Closet’ by Eric John Swanson
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At first, it took a lot of concentration to follow the story. It started with a prologue about a man who is out of work and depressed, but loves books.    He stopped in a used book store while shopping with his wife and felt compelled to read an old book. Against his wife’s wishes he purchases it though he didn’t really have the money to do so. While his wife was cleaning up the supper dishes and getting ready to put their son to bed, he decided to read this strange book. It made strange suggestions, of which he followed, he saw a glow from the coat closet and when he went to investigate, right before his wife’s eyes, he was sucked in by something. She couldn’t save him for she almost got captured also.  She grabbed her son and fled. Candles he had lit around the house burnt down and caught the house on fire. The dark rubble remained many years later and nobody had purchased the property. The story continues as the son is now grown, with a wife and son of his own. However, he is depressed because he is graduated from seminary at the university and…

‘Adam Was A Punk! And Other Lessons From The Bible’ by R.m. Green – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / September 29, 2013

 The author of this delightful book, truly knows her scriptures! R.M. points out important elements all Christians should know and implement into their lives.  It is not just enough to say you’re a Christian.  Do you truly know what that means? Are you truly willing to be a Christian? This is a short, but very profound, book that all Christians, whether practicing or not, should read and ponder.  R.M. offers her own story of `spiritual awakening” that has changed her life. R.M.’s approach on important principles is very inspiring and interesting to read.  The reader will not be bored. I, however, do not believe “Adam was a punk”!  He was an innocent being, perhaps, but not a punk.  He was a little cowardly at first and tried to put it all on his mate, but he then became a wonderful loving husband…He wasn’t perfect! I highly recommend this to all to read and learn from, whether or not you are a Christian. My review of this book is a solid Four and a Half Stars rating. This book was sent to me by  the author for an honest review, of which I have given. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON….

‘When the Clouds Roll By: Till We Meet Again’ by Myra Johnson – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / September 26, 2013

‘When the Clouds Roll By’ is a s very touching, bittersweet story about how war affect everyone’s lives…not just those who are called to fight. It describes some of the physical, spiritual, and emotional battles which are fought even when the war has ended. This tale takes place at the very end of WW1, mostly in a small community in Arkansas. Annemarie and Gil have been childhood friends, then sweethearts, since they were toddlers.  A year before the story begins, Gill had proposed and given Annamarie a diamond ring.  However, in that year’s time, Gil’s letters had become less warm and Annamarie worried he no longer felt the same about her. Then he was injured badly in the war and determined he was not going to “stick” Annemarie with a “1/2 of a man”.  Against the pleadings of chaplain, Samuel, when the train arrived, he warmly greeted his family but totally ignored the anxiously waiting Annemarie.  Almost immediately after the greeting, the awaiting ambulance hauled Gil, Sam and other injured, sick patients to the local Veteran’s Hospital. Gil met Sam on the way overseas in the ship they were sent to the states in.  Sam was encouraged by Dr. Russ…

‘Cintani Bird: Search for the Assassin’ by J L Cash – Book Reviewed by LAWonder10
Young Adult Books / September 26, 2013

Cintani Bird is a tale about Sophie and Lucca, lifelong childhood friends, and their ensuing relationship and the adventures they experience. Lucca and Sophie went on a bike ride and picnic, in spite of her mother’s objections to the impropriety her, alone with Lucca, and no chaperone.  Lucca had a special excursion planned, plus, an accompanying surprise.  They rode through a village and down a path, while Lucca recited to her all the superstitions and tales told by their parents and grandparents, the whole time.  They ended up at the Tower, of which all parents warned their young ones to stay away from, claiming it was cursed.  They proceded to the top of the tower, where they had lunch and could view the whole island.  Later, Lucca concluded the adventure with his surprise – a concealed cave.  They went down the steps of a ladder where, at the bottom, a lantern was located.  Lucca led Sophia through dark, narrow tunnels and eventually to a special place – the surprise. The story increases in action as the adventure takes an unexpected, threatening, turn of events.  They are approached by frightening, yet kind strangers, who assist them and their community in various…

‘Unlimited’ by Davis Bunn – Book Review by LAWonder10 & GIVEAWAY!
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / September 19, 2013

Davis Bunn’s ‘Unlimited’ is an action-packed book, based on actual events. This is a fast paced story of a young man who was compelled to go to Mexico to assist an ex-professor, Dr. Vasquez, with a high-tech experiment they had worked on. The professor needed Simon’s genius to complete the invention they had worked so hard developing well over a year before… Simon owed it to him. Shortly after crossing the border into Mexico, Simon was hijacked by the drug cartel.  His car wrecked into an open ravine and, in order to survive, he was forced to flee for his life with no time to collect important items he crucially needed. He only hoped he would find the professor and get the help he required from him. This was just the beginning of many thrilling experiences and incidents that evolved. This  is a story of betrayal, loyalty, trust, friendship, love, redemption, deceptiveness, orphans, border control, corruption & courage. I am certain the movie will be every bit as good as the book, or even better, if possible. I can envision what a great, dramatic creation will be the result of this plot with the enhancements of modern technology. It is…

‘Dora Deane’ by Mary Jane Holmes, Judith Quinlan – Book Review by LAWonder10

Dora Deane was but twelve years of age when she became an orphan.  Her dad died first, then a few years later, her mom died. She was left with only a widowed aunt with two daughters, and an uncle somewhere in India.  Her Uncle Nat had left for India after his brother married the girl he had been in love with for years.  His brother was closer to her age and they fell in love.  He could not bear seeing her with any other man so fled to Europe and soon established a profitable business in India where he remained.  He was to be Dora’s guardian but felt he couldn’t bear seeing her – reminding him each day of his lost love.  He contacted his sister-in-law and made arrangements to send a fair amount of money each year for her care.  He also committed himself to pay for education and any other expense she may incur. Dora’s Aunt Sarah was somewhat compassionate and felt the additional money would aid her and her two daughters, as well as help her niece.  Her eldest daughter, Eugenia, was very selfish and had other ideas.  She convinced her mother to never allow Dora to…

Featuring ‘Unclaimed Legacy’ + the whole ‘Time and Again Trilogy by Deborah Heal and Mug Giveaway!!
Adult Books / September 16, 2013

I have not had the privilege of reading Deborah Heal’s new book, ‘Unclaimed Legacy’, but I trust it will be equally as great as her other writings.  I am so eager to get my copy and read it. This is an opportunity you must not miss!   The Rafflecopter giveaway entry form is below, but first let me tell you about Unclaimed Legacy. Those who have read Time and Again know that Abby Thomas is a college student on a summer service project with 11-year-old Merri. And they know that the summer is not going the way Abby had expected—but in a good way. For one thing, she meets a very nice guy named John Roberts. And for another, she discovers a strange computer program called Beautiful House that lets her fast-forward and rewind life. Not her own, of course, but those of the people who lived in Merri’s old house. And now Beautiful House comes in handy when Abby, John, and Merri agree to help the  “Old Dears” next door with their family tree. Except Abby and John learn more about one of the ladies’ ancestors than they ever wanted to know. Convicted in 1871 of murder and arson, Reuben Buchanan is a blight on the…

‘Peter and the Whimper-Whineys’ by Sherrill S. Cannon – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / September 15, 2013

Have you ever felt grumbly and complaintive?  Do you like being around people who are that way?  What about someone who whines a lot, do you ever want them to just stop it?  Well, Peter’s mother was very tired hearing his complaints, whining and throwing fits.  One day she could stand it no longer so sent him to his room early and to bed. Peter’s mother had often told him if he did not stop his behavior, he would end up in the Land of the Whimper-Whineys.   Is there really such a place?Peter did not believe there was until  he found himself there. This is a cute, rhyming story.  It is great for ages 2 to 8.  It is also a good practice book for slightly advanced children’s reading.  The illustrations, by Kalpart, are done well but it isn’t their best work.  I realize the darkened pages were done for effect, but it was a little too much.  Sherrill’s story was very good, yet not her best either.  The rhyming at  times didn’t “flow”well. It felt a little awkward. The Key Point: It is a great story to encourage a more positive behavior in children. (Many adults could benefit as…

‘South of Charm’ by Elliot Grace – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / September 10, 2013

Wayne, Sheryl, Danny and Katie Kaufman lived a life of struggling financially, yet seemed close.  At least Danny thought so.  He and his mom were a lot alike and shared walks after dinner…snuggled and talked together often.  Four year old Katie and her dad spent hours together playing with her toys, laughing and cuddling.  Mom loved both of them but it was always her daddy who Katie clung to.  Whereas, Danny wasn’t certain his father really loved him or just tolerated him.  He never seemed pleased with Danny nor hugged him. In a short while, all their lives suddenly seemed to be falling apart.  Sheryl began violent accusations against Wayne and eventually he began losing control.   Danny and Katie were terrified and lived the next year in a living “Hell”.  Nine year old Danny felt protective over Katie and would try to soothe her fears and sobs the best he could.  Was the things Mamma was saying about Daddy true?  At times it seemed like it. Wayne had driven truck for a short while when he was given the opportunity to drive long distance, which meant more money.  It was more time away from Sheryl and the kids but he kept…

‘Why Kimba Saved the World’ by Meg Welch Dendler – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / September 10, 2013

For cat lovers everywhere, you must read this book!  This is a very cute story of how Kimba an Hiro had to decide with whom their loyalties should lie and with whom were they to trust  This decision could change the world. Kimba & Hiro were found in an alley nearly dead.  Their eyes were not even open yet.  They were taken to a warm place and given nourishment to sustain them. This story continues into the care they were given that helped them survive.  Then, a year later, Kimba and Hiro were accosted by an important individual from their past, with an important request, for a very important mission. The author has added a few actual photos to aid in the enhancement of her story…makes it more realistic .  This is a delightful fantasy. The dialogue is primarily from Kimba’s point of view but the other character’s in the book also, occasionally, have their thoughts and views interspersed with Kimba’s. Key points are: family life, compassion, love, rebellion, and choices. This was a complimentary copy given for an honest review of which I have given. This review gives this book a Four Stars rating.   BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘The Sky Devil’ by L. Ron Hubbard – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / September 7, 2013

‘The Sky Devil’ was the main novella, however, included in the book on CD were also: ‘Buckley Plays A Hunch’ and ‘Medals for Mahoney’. ‘The Sky Devil’ was a good action drama.  It portrayed Vic Kennedy as an American pilot who helped a group fight a war in Greece.  He chose the losing side.  The French refused to let him land and the British refused to let him stay.  He was able to get enough fuel to go part way to Libya.  Over the Sahara desert he thought it was the end of him… but then…is that a mirage or is it real? This began a new experience and “journey” he hadn’t thought possible.  Again he had to face life threatening situations.  Would he prevail or face the final end. This has intrigue, romance and some violence in it.  Otherwise, it is great for the whole family. The next, ‘Buckley Plays a Hunch’ is of a sailor who has searched many months to find a stranded group of researchers.  When he sees the pre-set signal he finds all three to be insane.  There is plenty of adventure as Buckley finds his life threatened several times and fears he now is…

‘The Sacred Search’ by Gary Thomas – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / September 6, 2013

Do you wonder why your marriage isn’t what you thought it would be?  Are you single and cannot seem to find the “right one”?  Are you in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere or has you confused?  How about, you are sure this must be true love and want to take it to the “next step”. If you fit into any of these scenarios, then this is the book for you.  Even if you do not fit into these situations, and maybe just beginning to date, you STILL should read this book! In ‘The Sacred Search’, Gary Thomas touches upon what each individual needs to be observing and aware of in the dating process and with each’s relationship with the opposite sex.  Each individual needs to be aware of their own thoughts and attitudes and not only of those of the other companion involved. I doesn’t matter which religious affiliation you have, nor does it matter if you really do not have one, this is still a book each needs to read and study.  All of us wants happiness in a relationship.  Within these pages are step-by-step direction in finding that fulfilling, long-term commitment.  At the end…

‘Branded Outlaw’ by L. Ron Hubbard – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / September 5, 2013

Are you a fan of Gunsmoke, Big Valley, Rawhide, etc.? If so, you will enjoy L. Ron Hubbard’s books and audio books.  What?  You have never heard of theses?  Well, you are in for a clean, fun treat! In ‘Branded Outlaw’, a young man returns home after being away for six years.  He received an urgent letter requesting him to come home.  His mother had died when he was but twelve years old and his dad is all he had left of family.  When he arrived home, he arrived to find two large smoldering piles of which used to be a barn and a house. His father lay dead. After burying his dad, he determined it had to be the works of a man who had been in many disagreements with his father.  He made up his mind he was going to get his own “justice”.  He went off  “half-cocked” to find that man.  This is just the beginning of the adventures and life threatening events which followed.  It is also the introduction to a young woman who aided him when it looked as though all was lost. This is a short story.  I loved the CDs.  It was just a long enough story to get one…

‘We’re Done’ by Judy Irwin – Book Review by LAWonder10
Young Adult Books / September 5, 2013

I have “mulled’ the title over in my mind and cannot come up with a relationship to the book’s content.  I am sure the author had her reasons but I have not been able to cipher them out. The novella, as a whole, was quite good. The main subject line was bullying in school and different types of bullying. Thirteen-year-old Luke was best friends with Jon since grade school.  They both attended a private school. This was a private school Luke’s parents were very involved in and were large supporters of.  Luke was well-established in his school. He was captain of the soccer team, on the championship swim team, and knew many of the students. His older sister was also popular and was a Junior in High School.  Luke often had fun at other people’s expense but it was just fun…Right? However his life took a turn in a different direction and Luke had to  reevaluate a few things. This was a good story while it lasted.  It ended abruptly and left the reader searching for the rest of the book.  I am not sure if this is a prequel to another book but I hope so.  This is an…

‘Quiet’ by Mary Martinez – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / September 4, 2013

The third book, ‘Quiet’ of the Beckett Series, is baffling to me.  I cannot truly relate the title to the story plot.  It could refer to a small portion of the story but not to the main content.  If you missed reading Book #1 of the series, you have missed the main foundation of the characters.  Although, this book briefly describes the other characters and situations, the reader will not get the full impact of the story unless the other previous books are read. “Quiet’ centers on Christine and her law practice.  It also delves into the past situation vaguely referred to in the other books of the series.  She is a career-centered woman with no time or desire for a serious relationship.  The family has “adopted” the police detective who assisted them so much with the criminal situations of the other siblings.  He is, annoyingly, invited to all their family occasions.  He seems to enjoy irritating and teasing her.  It seems her family is trying to play match-maker, of which she has no interest in pursuing. The story continues where ‘Innocent’ left off, then evolves into a murder investigation which involves both her and the detective, making it impossible to keep the distance between them. …

‘Innocent’ by Mary Martinez – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / September 4, 2013

‘Innocent’ is book #2 of the Beckett Series.  If you missed reading the first one you missed out on most of the foundation of the characters of this series.  They are described briefly here but you miss the full effect. This novel leaves off at the last of Book #1 then delves into the traumatic experiences of Jessica (youngest of the Beckett family).  Being a High School teacher, you wouldn’t think there would be that much to fear.  Unfortunately, in today’s society, that is not the case.  (I really admire High School teachers who actually try to teach.) In this second of the series, several of the characters in the first series reappear. Some who were more in the background are now in the forefront.  Jessica is “tried” almost to her limit of self-control.  The strength and independence, inherent in the characters if this Beckett family, is truly challenged.  Will Jessica “pull through’?  Can she stick to her integrity without losing everything? Will her stubbornness win or will the tenacity of other’s win? This story is very realistic.  It progresses in a steady flow.  There are very few areas it lulls at all.  This is unbelievably better than Mary’s first book.  CSI…

‘Disappear’ by Mary Martinez – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / September 4, 2013

The Beckett family is indeed an interesting and ideal family. The personalities of the group are strong, yet, very individual. The “Elders” (Mom aka Martha]  & Dad aka Fred) Beckett, raised their children to be independent and strong.  Tyler is a FBI agent.  Christine is an Attorney at Law.  Matthew is a business man and computer “geek”.  Jessica is a High School teacher.  All have strong patriotic, family unity and integrity principles which they value above life itself.  Failure was never an option. ‘Disappear’  centers mostly on Tyler and his underground agent work debauched and vacillated.  There are strong villain personalities and a strong victim personality.  The foundation for the rest of the series is, also, set in this first novel.  Mary does a great job in setting up the foundation and the character traits to accompany the reader through each of the series. If you like romance/mystery you will most likely enjoy this. It is better than a lot of the CSI series I have watched. The plot unfolds and has a lot of action.   The storyline is very good.  The delivery of it is a little shaky in places.  There are a couple of discrepancies in the  writing.  It is still…