‘Closet’ by Eric John Swanson
Adult Books , Uncategorized / September 29, 2013

At first, it took a lot of concentration to follow the story. It started with a prologue about a man who is out of work and depressed, but loves books.    He stopped in a used book store while shopping with his wife and felt compelled to read an old book. Against his wife’s wishes he purchases it though he didn’t really have the money to do so. While his wife was cleaning up the supper dishes and getting ready to put their son to bed, he decided to read this strange book. It made strange suggestions, of which he followed, he saw a glow from the coat closet and when he went to investigate, right before his wife’s eyes, he was sucked in by something. She couldn’t save him for she almost got captured also.  She grabbed her son and fled. Candles he had lit around the house burnt down and caught the house on fire. The dark rubble remained many years later and nobody had purchased the property. The story continues as the son is now grown, with a wife and son of his own. However, he is depressed because he is graduated from seminary at the university and…

‘Adam Was A Punk! And Other Lessons From The Bible’ by R.m. Green – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / September 29, 2013

 The author of this delightful book, truly knows her scriptures! R.M. points out important elements all Christians should know and implement into their lives.  It is not just enough to say you’re a Christian.  Do you truly know what that means? Are you truly willing to be a Christian? This is a short, but very profound, book that all Christians, whether practicing or not, should read and ponder.  R.M. offers her own story of `spiritual awakening” that has changed her life. R.M.’s approach on important principles is very inspiring and interesting to read.  The reader will not be bored. I, however, do not believe “Adam was a punk”!  He was an innocent being, perhaps, but not a punk.  He was a little cowardly at first and tried to put it all on his mate, but he then became a wonderful loving husband…He wasn’t perfect! I highly recommend this to all to read and learn from, whether or not you are a Christian. My review of this book is a solid Four and a Half Stars rating. This book was sent to me by  the author for an honest review, of which I have given. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON….