‘The Little Lambs and the Very Special Mission’ by Rhonda Paglia – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books , Inspirational / November 30, 2013

This is a very special book, created for a very special purpose for very special people.  It is especially good for all christian people. I, personally, do not believe “murder” is in God’s plan. I do believe innocent children and giving, caring, good teachers will be accepted into God’s arms in heaven. Rhonda has written heart-felt words, giving peace to those who lose loved ones – regardless what tragedy may have occurred.  I lost a daughter to a sudden accident.  It happened two weeks previous to her twenty-first birthday.  It was very devastating to all who knew her. It wasn’t until then I realized the wide scope of people who, also, loved her and whose lives she had impacted for good.  I knew she was with her Savior , along with other loved ones, and we will one day be with her again.  That belief knowledge got us through many painful days. The void of a loved one lost is never filled, no matter how many other people one includes in their circle of life.  I personally know that void will one day be filled again by my daughter. The illustrations were done marvelously well by Rhonda, assisted by fourteen…

Interview with Rhonda Paglia & Promotion of Her Very Special Book – ‘The Little Lambs and the Very Special Mission’
Uncategorized / November 30, 2013

                 Join in on the Little Lambs promotion! All proceeds go to a scholarship fund in honor of the ones who lost their lives in the senseless killing spree at the Sandy Hook Elementary School last December 14th. It is my privilege to introduce the author of this tremendously compassionate book – Rhonda Paglia. It is such an honor to introduce you and your book, ‘The Little Lambs and the Very Special Mission’ and to share your story concerning its origination. Rhonda, Is ‘The Little Lambs and the Very Special Mission’ your first published book? If so, will you be publishing others? Yes, “The Little Lambs and the Very Special Mission” is the first book I have released to the public.  I enjoy writing and illustrating funny little stories for my grandchildren, but the “Little Lambs” book is a first for me.  I am currently working on several other books for my grandchildren.  Depending on their reviews, you may see “Doonsey’s Beach Adventure, the Great Rescue” and “Bella’s Backyard” released in the future.  We’ll see!          I will be watching for them.        2.  You had a special reason for writing this book. …

‘Finding Sheba’ by H.B. Moore – Book Review by LAWonder10

Finding Sheba is a great story which successfully combines four tales into one! Three of the tales include separate groups united by one excavation.  The                       fourth, a group who lived in ancient history. H.B. ties them together in a manner that is not confusing to the reader. She adeptly describes each scene and                    event, riveting the reader into a feeling of actually being there. This is about an group of various people in diversified careers brought together through an archaeological discovery. The adventure begins  with a brief                        reflection pertaining to how each of the key individuals became a part of this experience. It continues to include new events and characters. Once the reader               passes the first few pages, he/she is hooked! After that, it is very difficult to put the book down until the very end. The characters were created in a way one felt one knew them.  as, stated earlier, the events were vivid and the picture was created in one’s mind…

‘Unclaimed Legacy’ by Deborah Heal – Book Review by LAWonder10

Unclaimed Legacy’ is the second book of Deborah Heal’s exciting, new series. Abby & Merri continue in their adventures but now include a church member,  John, into the equation.  Of course, Michael, is still an important character in the story.  Not only does the House Beautiful program open up a whole new                  perspective of earlier history, but further assists in discovering history in other places.  The “Old Dears” are introduced, adding a fun flair into the increasing            action and intrigue of the story plot.  Who knew house-sitting could be so informative? The friendship between the group strengthens. New personal challenges develop.  Does it all relate somehow? If so, how?  Where will this new situation take them?  Will they be able to find the answers before they are further discovered? In this book of the series, there is even more action and poignant circumstances. If it is possible, this is even better than the first novel! It moves at an even faster pace than the first one. A number of new situations and people evolve. The character profiles are well-defined and one becomes emotionally “caught up” in the…

Trapped: A Tale of Friendship Bog
Children's Books / November 25, 2013

Trapped is a fun and entertaining chapter book for elementary age readers.  It is also a cute book for family or Library Group reading. This is about the adventures of Friendship Bog characters and a mystery of a missing baby squirrel. Pippin has a very difficult choice to make.  He really wants to deliver all his Cookie Box chips to win the big event.  He is so close. If he helps find the baby squirrel he won’t win. This will delight children in both reading this easy reader or listening, while others read of the adventures within. The cover illustration delightfully depicts the story inside the cover. The black and white images within the book helps those listening, to follow along. This book was sent by the author for an honest review, of which I have given. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘Pibbin the Small: A Tale of Friendship Bog’ by Gloria Repp – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / November 25, 2013

 This is the second book in Gloria Repp’s new series ‘The Friendship Bog’.  What a delightful group of forest characters!  The various creatures living in Friendship Bog work together as a community.  There are problems but they work together to come to a solution. Pibbin is a small tree frog who desires to be included just as much as other larger creatures. He is eager and very curious. This series are easy reader chapter books for elementary age. They are great for family or Library groups reading as well. ‘Pibbin the Small’ is well-written but lacking some of the diversity that was in the first book ‘Trapped’. Still it is a great tale of loyalty and caring.  Well worth reading. Delightful stories for children. Gloria has generously donated this books in exchange for an honest review, of which I have given.   BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

Interview with a wonderful author – Gloria Repp
Uncategorized / November 25, 2013

I am excited today to introduce an amazing and talented author of 17 books written for young children, older children, teens & adults – Gloria Repp!  1.   Gloria, when I was in the process of beginning my blog, I contacted you through      Goodreads and requested you send me a book in exchange for an honest book review.  You not only sent me one adult book but also a children’s book. Coincidentally, I had ordered ‘The Forever Stone’, to read on my android without realizing it was one of yours until I picked your book up and realized it was the same one you sent me.   I truly enjoyed that book and was impressed with your writing.  You wrote one other adult book, correct?  Do you plan on writing more adult books in the future? If so when? Yes, I am planning for more adult books—I want to tell the stories of other women in the Dumont family. Since the books won’t precisely be a series, I’m calling them The Dumont Chronicles. This week I’m checking the proof for the book that follows The Forever Stone, which centers on Mollie’s aunt, Lindsey Dumont; it is titled Deep Focus. Super! I am…

‘The Substitute Bride’ by Linda S. Glaz – Book Review by LAWonder10

  I love mail order bride stories! I am certain many of them did not turn out well, it still is somewhat of a romantic concept. People actually fell in love through the mail as some do now through the internet.  They sometimes actually fall in love with the person and not just the image.  Some of the strongest marriages I know were first built on their friendship before they fell in love.  Sometimes, as it is now, it was simply to get away from an unhappy home or situation.  I am sure many of those were not as happy. Anyway,…. ‘The Substitute Bride’ is a mail order bride story with a different twist. Before she could arrive on the train, it was derailed.  Some were killed, some injured and most all were in a state of confusion and shock . They did the best to survive until help came.    Rebecca was no exception.  She was hauled into a wagon and taken to the next town of the train stop.  Her husband to be was worried and anxious awaiting the train that never arrived. Finally a telegram was sent that the passengers would be arriving by wagon and would…

‘Catch the Robber’ by Gloria Repp – Book Review By LAWonder10 …Be sure to stop by on 11/25/2013 for my Interview with the author!!
Children's Books / November 24, 2013

‘Catch the Robber’ is another delightful adventure with Pibbin and the Friendship Bog series. Friendship Bog is just as it state…friendly.  All the various creatures talk to one another and are, mostly, nice and protective of one another. They truly strive to keep peace among themselves and with surrounding bogs. Pibbin the intelligent, cute, but curious frog who seems to always find a different situation to investigate and try to help find a solution for. This time he is headed to the forbidden Shadow Swamp.  What scary and unusual things will he discover there? Should he go even when he is warned not to? Will he be able to save Skitter even if he goes? He has a lot of big decisions to make!…Decisions which will very likely be life threatening. The action and suspense just keeps happening the very end. The cover is bright and colorful and compliments the story. In side, the black & white illustrations also done by Michael Swaim, are well done. The various, descriptions and personality traits of the various characters are well defined, as are the various environmental surroundings. This book is on of my favorites of the Friendship Bog series. This review of…

‘Getting to 50-50: How Working Parents Can Have it All’ by Sharon Meers & Joanna Strober – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Non- Fiction / November 23, 2013

Getting to 50’50 is written for working parents, trying to juggle home and family.  It’s primary objective is to aid parents in a working an acceptable  solution          to the problems that evolve  when both parents try to build their careers without neglecting their children in any way. The book is divided in to three parts. Part one entails the virtues of having both parents working.  Part two centers on getting rid of “myths” about both parents working. Part three suggests ways to make the 50/50 theory work in one’s own situation.  While many good points are made in each section, in my opinion, it is too utopian. The positive side…In rare cases this system could work. For an increasing amount of single parents, this book can offer helpful ideas and reduce the amount of parental guilt the single parent often feels. It could be used as a guideline in finding help through a child care assistant. Another positive point is, there is still inequality in the work force. A woman is often not given equal pay for the same work a man does. In some instance a woman is still passed over for promotions, simply because…

‘Time and Again’ by Deborah Heal – Book Review by LAWonder10

 Time and Again’ by Deborah Heal is an unparalleled story of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Historical fiction all into on one extraordinary tale! Abby decides to do some volunteer summer tutoring for a student during her summer break. It will give her some good experience – and perhaps a recommendation – after she completes her final year earning teaching degree at the university.  Is Abby “in over her head” with this experience? Eleven year old Merridith and her mother move away from her father and his new girlfriend, her friends and her school, after her parents divorce.  Meredith is angry  and feels defeated. She resents it all!  She will not make it easy for her mother or new tutor.  Maybe her dad will come and get her and take her back. She has more than  one problem that drives people away from her. Will she do anything about it? These are the two key people in the first book of this intriguing trilogy. Other characters are introduced but the challenge begins with these two individuals. Who is in the computer room during each night when everyone should be in bed? Deborah Heal has successfully created a unique story that YA and…

‘Science and Religion:Reconciling the Conflicts’ by David M. Barker – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Non- Fiction / November 21, 2013

 In this remarkable work of science an religion combined, David Barker has successfully created a convincing argument for both science and religion. In order to be a scientist, or follow the paths of science, one can also be religious and believe in scriptures and a Higher Power.   As some individuals and groups rebel against these truths, they cannot disprove  the findings discussed in David Barker’s compilation of scientific theories. facts and blunders. I am impressed with the vast amount of research David has put into this incredible non-fiction work!  He has objectively discussed changes of scientific views from recorded history to present day.  He has pointed out truth and error in both past and present Religious and scientific belief. The author has gone into great detail pinpointing differences and how they can be reconciled. This is a book that is better appreciated by the scholar or elocutionist. For the commonplace reader, it can get quite mind boggling. Yet, it is a great book to keep accessible for future reference. It is well written and, if anything…too informative.  I feel it would be of great value to more individuals and groups if it were somehow simplified without losing its credibility. For…

‘Jeremy’s Kiss’ by Lee Thompson – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Paranormal , Paranormal / November 18, 2013

Jeremy’s Kiss was very potent!! Yes it is another vampire story but put’s a new insight into the interpretation of a vampire’s life. Are there other paranormal characters as well? Read it and discover for yourself. Natalie had gotten out of the Air Force to finish her degree and to begin in her chosen field. She knew nobody in the area except for one classmate who befriended her.  They both were in their final semester. Jeremy never pressured her for more than friendship. Lilith was only a young teenager when she met Li’l Mo, her boyfriend’s uncle. He allowed her to stay temporarily at his place…that is until she was no longer able to stay. The author has a few different situations occurring in this book, yet , he has titled each section in a way it is not at all difficult to follow.  Therefore, the story steadily moves forward, never dragging.  It is quite well written and descriptive with only a very few grammatical errors. There are several more key characters involve in the events which unfold.  The are well defined and the reader gets a sense of knowing them.  The surrounding scenes are fairly well defined, as well. …

Welcome to my Interview with an new & very talented author, Casey Bond!. We also be discussing her new Mystery/Suspense book, ‘Winter Shadow”
Sci-fi , Uncategorized , Young Adult Books / November 18, 2013

                     I AM SO PLEASE TODAY, TO HAVE A NEW & TALENTED AUTHOR – CASEY BOND – HERE TO INTERVIEW AND GET TO KNOW BETTER. SHE RECENTLY RELEASED HER DEBUT NOVEL – ‘WINTER SHADOWS’ WHICH IS AN EXCITING MYSTERY/SUSPENSE STORY TO THE VERY END! 1.  Did you know there is a quite well-known figure who is also Casey Bond? Does that concern you? Will you be adding you maiden name or an initial to future writings? Actually, I only recently learned about Mr. Casey Bond. I may add my middle initial for future works, but don’t plan to use my maiden name. It’s been so long since anyone referred to me by that name that I may not respond if someone does so.  (Laughing) I do not think it is a big issue. He just kept coming up on every search until I put “author” behind your name. I merely thought it was a little diverting. 2.   Casey, is this your first published work? If not, what others have been published? If so, what other writings have you done which are  not yet published? This is my first published work but I have…

“The Witnesses’ by Stephanie Black – Book Review by LAWonder10

‘The Witnesses’ is a fast paced, futuristic novel of the New America.  Let us hope the New America never comes to fruition!   This is a very interesting, yet horrifying account of what could happen if greedy, power-hungry people in government were allowed full reign. It is very unsettling to realize there are actually people in one’s own country who are so inhumane that the events leading up to New America could, in reality, transpire. This book is very well-written.  The descriptiveness of individuals and the surrounding environment was complete.  The book cover is colorful and represents the direction of the story. It is eye-catching.  However,  I feel the title does not fit the story well. The ‘witnesses’ could be a number of different people or groups.  I also had a slight let down with the ending chapters. They seemed to skip too much from one event to another. It felt as though the “meat ” of some of the chapter was left out. Still, Stephanie captured her audence and kept them enthralled to almost the very end, which was slightly weak. The characterization was good and one could feel the energy – or lack of – from each individual.  It has been…

Join in on my Interview with award-winning & an amazing author – Stephanie Black ! We are also promoting her new futuristic thriller – ‘The Witnesses’!
Uncategorized / November 13, 2013

             I am honored to have you join me today, Stephanie, so I – and our audience – can learn more about you and your exciting books! I have a few questions to ask and I can only hope they are questions our audience would like to know as well. 1.     Stephanie, I understand Four of your novels are Whitney Award winners, correct?  Which ones were they? Where would our readers go to read more about them? The Whitney Award winners are Fool Me Twice (2008), Methods of Madness (2009), Cold as Ice (2010), and Rearview Mirror (2011). Here is a link to the page on my website that shows all my books: http://www.stephanieblack.net/Site/My_Books.html   If you click on a book title, you can read the blurb. Amazon.com has free excerpts of all of my books, if you would like a sample. That would be great! Hopefully our readers will do that. 2.    Stephanie, you have a new book, ‘The Witnesses’ which is just being released. I understand it is a sequel to ‘The Believer’ published in 2005, correct? Why was there such a span between the two? I won’t share the whole story here, but will summarize by saying that while…

In Honor of So Many Wonderful Veterans!
Uncategorized / November 11, 2013

I would be very remiss on this day of all  days if I did not give thanks for the many people who fought, died, and sacrificed so much so we, today, could enjoy the freedoms and privileges of being a part of this great nation! We have our problems and imperfections but I feel these United States of America is still the greatest country in the world. We must work together, once again,  to UNITE our states and preserve and honor our Constitution. We must do this, in gratitude, for those past and present who have Given So Much for all of Us who live here! God bless these men and women and may God bless America always!

It is with great pleasure I introduce Award-Winning Children’s Book Author – Sherrill S. Cannon – who has graciously agreed to do this Interview with me.
Children's Books , Uncategorized / November 4, 2013

                                           www.sherrillcannon.com                                    www.lazybeescripts.co.uk                                            http://sbpra.com/curejm/ I want to welcome you, Sherrill S. Cannon,  to my site.  I am very impressed with your children’s bokks and what I have learned of your other talents as well. 1.  Sherrill, you were a former teacher and coach, is that correct? What grade(s) did you teach? I taught physical education to high-school girls, grades 8-12, for ten years, the last three as Head of the P.E. Dept. at National Cathedral School in Washington, D.C.  I coached Varsity Field Hockey, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Softball and Varsity Tennis during that time.  I also tutored in English and Math.  You have also had experience in theatre, correct?  Tell us what you did and how long you were involved in the different aspects of theatre. For eight years I was Company Manager as well as Stage Manager (and light and sound technician) at the Peddler’s Village Dinner Theatre in Lahaska, PA (near Philly.)  I also did sound for a touring company of Annie (which was really fun, since my younger daughter was Annie!) That must have been freally fun! Is that when you began writing plays?  There were six plays published.  Were there others? If so how many? No, I started writing plays for my older daughter’s…

‘Santa’s Birthday Gift’ by Sherrill S. Cannon – Book Review by LAWonder10 – Be Sure to Stop by on 11/04/2013 for My Interview With the Author, Sherrill S. Cannon
Children's Books , Inspirational / November 3, 2013

Delight your young ones with this delectable tale of Santa’s gift to baby Jesus.  Sherrill brings a sensational perspective of the connection between Christ’s Birth and Santa’s giving.  She does it all through profound rhyming. This is a great way for all Christian families to implement the importance of Christ’s birth without removing the tradition of Santa Claus out of the equation. The book cover says it all! It is very felicitous and appealing.  The title is equally appropriate. What a wonderful way to begin the Holiday season! I am delighted to review this book with a Five Stars rating. I was generously sent this book by its author for an honest review, of which I have given. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘Manner-Man’ by Sherrill S. Cannon – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / November 1, 2013

Everyone prepare to meet the fantastic “Manner-Man”! He is someone badly needed and needs a lot of dedicated, exuberant followers.  He is someone to “call on” when situations seem alarming. The cover is very revelatory, bright, colorful and eye-catching. The theme is carried well through this rhyming, delightful book, teaching children to be mannerly and to bravely speak up when conflict transpires. This is a great early reader teaching tool for ages 4 to 10 years of age.  Kalpart has beautifully illustrated most every page. The author will provide a Manner-Man badge sticker for those who contact her at the website at the end of her book for each one of Manner-Man’s devoted, brave followers. Sherrill is a very talented children’s book writer. This is her sixth book to date. This is  well-written book.  It is sure to delight most early elementary age students. This book deems a Five Stars rating from this review. This book was generously sent to me by author for an honest  review, of which I have given. * Be Sure to View my Interview With Sherrill S. Cannon on Saturday, November 2, 2013 on this site http://www.rockinbookreviews.com PURCHASE THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw] OTHER BOOKS…