‘Bandit The Chubby Chihuahua’ by Pat Postek – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / December 30, 2013

This is a short simple book for pre-school and young elementary school children.  It has a few good teaching elements – animal adoption, proper eating habits, exercise, friendship even when it is with a stereotyped “enemy”. The illustrations by Brad Davies are simple, colorful and well done. The writing by the author is easily understood for the young child.  It is also an early reader of which can be read by an older sibling to younger ones. It can be purchased in a large hard backed book with quality pages for durability.  Perfect for a group reading book. My review of this book offers a Five Stars rating. This book was sent to me by the author for an honest review, of which I have given. PURCHASE THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘Sweet Dreams’ by Carla Stewart – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Historical Fiction / December 29, 2013

This s a delightfully clean story of a couple of young women raise in the nineteen  fifties and sixties. Many “baby boomers” can truly relate to much of tis story. Dusty and Paisley were first cousins who felt more like sisters until tragedy hit Dusty and her family while she was still very young. After that, her aunt fled Texas with her young daughter. Through the following years, the two cousins mostly kept connected by letters and an occasional visit usually ending in conflict between their sibling parents.  Dusty’s dad “”hit it big” so finances was never an issue. Paisley’s mom was a different issue, of which Paisley preferred not to dwell on. When the two girls graduated from High School, Dusty’s dad insisted they go to finishing school before they could  pursue anything else. Dusty didn’t have much choice but Paisley fought her mother’s objections and won!  This is the only consolation Dusty could feel. She would finally get to spend time with her beloved cousin. ‘Sweet Dreams’ is the story primarily set around the two girls experiences and the emotional, plus, personal growth that resulted from that year of their lives. Many lessons are learned other than those of…

‘The Alliance of Isian’ by Serena Clarke – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Fantasy , Young Adult Books / December 29, 2013

Serena Clarke has once again captivated her audience with her new fantasy novel of  ‘The Alliance of Isian’. This is a stand alone sequel to ‘The Treasure of Isian’. The youngest daughter, Gabrielle, of Isian was dismayed at being wedded to Prince Alec of Tandori. T andori was the mortal enemy of Isian. The cultures and customs were very different.  This was the only way war between two strong powers could be prevented.  If Tandori joined with the other enemies,huge bloodshed and devastation would result. If Isian prevailed the cost in lives lost would be immense.  Gabrielle had only met Prince Alec once before. It was not a good experience for her, plus he was much older. How could she possibly endure thus union? How could two bitter enemies sway their people to accept the other. Prince Alec had never seen the face of his betrothed under the veil she wore. Would she be repulsive to look upon? However, he was duty bound and had no choice. There were many Tandorian women who sought him out.  Would he be faithful to his new bride? This is an impressive tale of the struggles of two people trying to blend two opposite…

‘Bedtime Stories: Shadows in My Room & What’s That Noise?’ by Linda Weaver Clarke – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / December 28, 2013

    Linda Weaver Clarke’s new bedtime stories is truly a bargain…there is two stories in one book!  It is an ideal book to ease bedtime fears of little ones. ‘Shadows in My Room’ gives a new perspective to children pertaining to those “creepy” shadows one sees at night that sometimes seems to move.  It will ease fears and assist in developing a child’s imagination in a positive way. ‘What’s That Noise’ addresses the other key problem in settling little ones bedtime worries. It , again, directs the imagination in a positive manner to cease to be worried about strange noises one often hears in the quiet of the night. The first book is full of colorful illustrations depicting the flow of the story. Although the second story has good illustrations, they do not depict the story as well. I feel it needed a few more extensive illustrations to hold a child’s attention. However, they were both very good helpful bedtime stories. Theses stories would be good for children ages 2 to 10. I offer Four and a Half Stars rating for the book as a whole. I was gifted a pdf of this book for an honest review, of…

‘Desert Intrigue’ by Linda Weaver Clarke – Book Review by LAWonder10
Uncategorized / December 28, 2013

 Linda Weaver Clarke has once again blasted her readers with mystery, intrigue, romance plus more! Set in the mysterious stage of Superstition Mountains with added details, she has once again captured the readers interest. It was hard to put down. It was so refreshing to have such a book written without foul language or degrading sexual situations. This is a great book for the whole family to enjoy. The only imperfection I could detect would be a little less perfection and a little more suspense. Love is great but not all couples find total bliss and capability in relationships although there are a rare few. It would be wonderful to believe it is so as often as portrayed. For the above mentioned reasons, my  review of this book.gives it  Four and a Half Stars rating. I won this book in a drawing but I would have still willingly purchased it as I have purchased her books in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

It Is Exciting for Me to Introduce, Author/Publisher, Linda Weaver Clarke! She is the mother to Serena Clarke whom I Interviewed last week! Both have new books for readers to devour!
Uncategorized / December 28, 2013

Linda has written a wonderful children’s book which is two marvelous books in one – ‘Bedtime Stories: Shadows in My Room & What’s That Noise?’  Also, soon to be released is the first book of her exiting new series – ‘The BALI Mystery’ !! I loved her children’s book and I am very anxious to read her new mystery series!!!                                                                                      I was fortunate enough to win Linda’s giveaway of  ‘Desert Intrigue’. I loved it! I had read ‘Melinda and the Wild West’ years ago, yet, I never knew she had written more books since then…I am still trying to get all the ones I missed read!   Just when I thought her writing could not get better, I read ‘The Rebels of Cordovia’ and it “blew me away”! It was really excellent, especially for YA.     1.  Linda, your family founded Red Mountain Shadows Publishing, is this correct? What led you to do so? I heard a lot of authors talk about how they left their publisher and went…

‘The Treasure of Isian’ by Serena Clarke – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / December 26, 2013

This was a very adventurous and exciting Fantasy. There was seldom a slow moment.  Young men will most likely enjoy it as much as the young women. A servant set out on a journey for treasure with her prince and with a guard of several soldiers. Within days they were overtaken by giants and separated from the palace guard, as they fled for their lives.  They worked together for survival until they could get help.  The were forced into confrontations with different types of  varmints in various situations. In the end will they find the treasure? Will they, finally, give up for the sake of saving their lives and the Kingdom? It is a very suspenseful, action packed, and romantic story. Very cleanly written and will be great for YA and adults alike. Great for book club discussions I won this in a blog giveaway on Linda Weaver Clarke’s blog.    It was already on my wish list. It earns Five Stars rating with this book review. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘Island Of Regress’ by Lee Thompson – Book Review by LAWonder
Adult Books / December 20, 2013

In this amazing story, talented writer Lee Thompson, exhibits still a new level of writing genius. This is a very unique tale, keeping the reader guessing on the residuum of the plot to the very end.  In the beginning, the reader feels he/she is in the “Twilight Zone”. In this new novel, Lee begins the story in a vague manner – which is often a disaster for writers – yet, is able to keep improving on the momentum of the story as the plot unfolds. This is a circumstance of finding oneself alone and abandoned on an island…at least she thinks she is alone.    In what locale and circumstance would normally be a docile and slow moving story, the author successfully adds discovery, desperation, adventure and more, never allowing the story to drag. The Cover is eye-catching and deceiving. I feel the man and  woman on the cover needed to be more accurately portrayed, better relating to the main story line.     I also feel the titles is weak.  For the most part I didn’t get a feeling of “regret”. These are the two reasons I could not offer a full Five Stars rating in the review of…

‘Nugget & Fang: Forever Friends – or Snack Time?” by Tammi Sauer & Michael Slack – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / December 18, 2013

    Nugget and Fang were great friends and played together constantly. Would they be “Friends Forever”?  In this colorful simple illustrated story, it portrays the answer. Many times, the innocence of children is ruined by fear instilled in them by well-meaning adults and peers. If someone is very different or if they appear “scary”, that does not mean they are. Too often, people and other things are stereo-typed. This is wrong. It is important to teach basic principles but be trusting until a genuine reason is given not to trust.  There is usually safety in numbers. If a group befriends one who is different or frightening in appearance, the danger of mischance is lessoned. Too often, peers are prejudged, or warnings against them are wrong. Our world could be a better place if others were viewed innocent until proven guilty. It can “backfire” but so can friendships with “normal” friends one feels is trustworthy. If correct principles and warnings are taught and groups with solid ethics are encouraged, chances of positive outcome are increased. This is a great book for toddlers and very early elementary age children. It is easily read. The illustrations are bight and eye-catching for “little ones”….

‘Land of Promiscuity’ by Sherryle Kiser Jackson – BookReview by LAWonder10
Adult Books / December 18, 2013

The Land of Promiscuity is a story of a very confused woman called home from her uncomfortable  job position to attend her mother’s funeral.  She wrestles with conflicting thoughts and memories of the relationship with her mother and past memories. Her best friend – only real friend – was the nerdy son of the local pastor. When she fled the town Fifteen years ago, she left all relationships behind, including her best friend, her “auntie” and her mother (for the most part). With her being an only child, she was sure to inherit it all and perhaps she could escape somewhere far away. This is a story of a woman needing some stability and direction in her life. She is forced to face “who she really is” and make several startling discoveries. There is a time all must “grow up”… Is this her time? Self discoveries are made by more than one person. When situations begin to arise, everything seems to mushroom out of proportion. The story takes some unexpected twists and surprising revelations. It is very much like life in an average community. The book is directed at a Christian audience, yet the title  would tend to drive those…

I Am Excited To Introduce Serena Clarke! She Is A Very Talented New Author!!! We Also Have A Special Treat This Week And Next… We Will Be Sharing Exciting News With All Our Readers!

Serena Clarke! This Interview Will Hopefully Introduce You To A Wider Audience.  We will also be discussing ‘The Treasure of Isian’ as well as your newly released sequel, ‘The Alliance of Isian’  …  I can hardly wait to read it!!                                                      Serena, I was so amazed when I read ‘The Treasures of Isian’  to discover this was your first published novel. It was incredible!! What was the inspiration you received to develop such a tale? Thank you!  I actually received my inspiration for this book from a dream I had!  My dream was just a couple of scenes, but in the morning I couldn’t stop thinking about it and by the end of the day, I had most of the plot figured out in my head and I just couldn’t resist turning it into a book.   I feel “gipped” sometimes!     It seems several incredible authors have created incredible novels all from a dream! I am still waiting for my “dream” to occur!!  2.  What, if any, research did you do before writing this tremendous novel? I did not have to…

‘He Came For Me’ – C.M. Brown – Book Review by LAWonder10
"New" YA Books , Fantasy , Young Adult Books / December 14, 2013

What a delightful story of intrigue, adventure and romance this was! It reminded me of a different popular series but with a few different twists – of course, any weird fantasy with two romantically involved beings would have the same affect on me. This tale was centered on a young college girl- Jazz – drawn into a totally different type of friends group… so different than her current one. It includes a mysterious young man -Seb – who quickly captures her attention and romantic interests. He is a total stranger, yet she feels safe and comfortable in his presence. Strange things are happening all around her. Her once safe, normal life suddenly no longer appears as such. Confused and engulfed in a myriad of conflicting emotions, her curiosity takes her into life-threatening circumstances. Can she possibly survive this? It begins to seem highly doubtful This is a fast-paced, moving, and romantic story. Jazz, unable to “sort things out” with all the confusing contradictions, and Seb, battling with unfamiliar feelings and his sense of loyalty two separate entities yet to his solemn duty. The story ending left the reader aching for the next book of the Protector series. The cover was…

‘Under the Rainbow’ by Catherine Campbell – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Non- Fiction / December 14, 2013

This s a well-written, true story of a couples struggles with a devastating, continual challenge of their faith in God. Like so many of us, Catherine and Phillip Campbell felt they were truly trying to live Gods will, when suddenly they had huge trials occur, causing Catherine to question herself and all she had fervently believed in. This is a story of the faith and courage Catherine had to find within herself to face a world which claimed what little time she had outside of each work day. How can a loving Father do this to her and her husband? How could He do it to other, blameless individuals? Could their marriage survive this? Who was to blame? Was it her? These are only a few questions which developed in Catherine’s mind. She shares her inner turmoil and reliance on others in learning to cope with devastation, pride, fatigue, anger, love, gratitude, bitterness, anguish, inability to pray, trusting others, etc. This is a very touching a profound tale of Catherine’s whole family and the importance of a strong support system and in accepting God’s ways. I agree with a statement made by Catherine that without a faith and trust in…

I Am Excited to Introduce Deborah Heal, Author of the Fabulous ‘Time and Again’ Trilogy!! Discover How You Can Get the Whole Collection Now at an Incredibly Discounted Price For Christmas Giving- But You Must order within TWO DAYS ONLY, For them to arrive by Christmas !!!
Adult Books , Uncategorized , Young Adult Books / December 11, 2013

                   It is such an honor today, to introduce Deborah Heal!    1.  Deborah, I understand your first book was in the making for eighteen years. WOW! Why so long? Time and Again began as a short story in my college creative writing class. I knew right away that I wanted to develop it into a novel. The first hurdle was to find time. As a high school English teacher grading tons of student writing, I had very little time or brain power left for my own writing. It took two and half years to complete the novel, and then I faced the next hurdle–finding a publisher. I can certainly relate to that! The general public do not realize the time a High School teachers spends on preparations then correcting papers. 2.  Becoming an author for you was a difficult process, wasn’t it? Will you share with us some of the challenges you experienced? It took much time and effort to learn how to approach publishers, prepare the information packets, and mail them out. That itself was a challenge when my time was so limited. But I found the endless rejections to be an even greater challenge mentally…

‘Rufus and Magic Run Amok’ by Marilyn Levingson
Children's Books / December 9, 2013

Rufus was a kid who belonged to a family of witches..White witches. He wished he could belong to a regular, “normal” family! He still loved his family, though. Thank goodness he was a boy. Only girls became witches. Day by day strange things begin to happen…very strange. Rufus was tired of being bullied. He determined not to keep being afraid of Big Douggie. He and his best friend, Billy, hd a lot of fun. Billy had a big secret…a secret he was driving Rufus “nuts”with! Along with the strange happenings, some good things began happening as well. Is it natural ability or is it something mysterious? The story takes some different avenues yet is tied together well. It is very well written. It describes temptations children can fall into. The most important message of the story, I believe, was if one has confidence and is not fearful, one will accomplish much greater feats. I didn’t like the way it ended – leading into more series, I am sure – by not only acknowledging personal abilities but the conclusion he may do more uncouth things in the future. I would recommend an adult discuss the pros and cons of the tale…

‘Born of Persuasion’ by Jessica Dotta – Book Review by LAWonder10

I generally do not post on Sunday, but this was so uplifting and amazing I decided I could not wait until midnight. ‘Born of Persuasion’ is remarkable work of art! It keeps the reader”on edge” the whole book! As I read, I kept waiting for the sleazy scenes to enfold – it is published by Tyndale, so of course it can’t be that bad! It wasn’t! In fact, it was a remarkable historical tale of a “foursome” who were close childhood friends and were now Young Adults.   This was a story of monstrous challenges they had to deal with. It was a tale of hard lessons learned, difficult decisions made, and enormous fears to overcome. there were moments of pridefulness, daring, adventure, danger, humility, spitefulness, mischief, tenderness, romance, self-discovery, deceit, and much more. What is there not to like?   The storyline brings to one’s attention, how perception is often one-sided and incorrect. It proclaims desires and attractions can be masked in cunning evil. An important point is made that, although we differ greatly in opinions, we can still maintain friendship and love. Born of Persuasion is definitely a “page turner”. It never ceases to amaze with its twits…

‘Quest for the Nail Prints’ by Don Furr – Book Review by LAWonder

  ‘Quest for the Nail Prints’ was a very-well written novel, mixing contemporary with historical Sci-Fi.   The story mainly centers around three individuals’ experiences – Elizabeth (a physician),  Dr. Van Eaton (a Professor of religious history), and Paul (a pastor).  Beginning as total strangers, their lives are “tossed together” through a miraculous turn of events.  What began as a venture to Israel, through various reasons, sends them into a Sci-Fi escapade. Somehow each knew they were bound by a secret nobody else would believe – if they even survived. Would any of them ever return to their “real” lives? What would become of the skeptical Dr. Van Eaton? ….Every story must have at least one obstacle.  This story has several. This is a fast paced tale with a few unexpected twists.  Although not totally correct as far as biblical points go, it is close enough to add to the adventure enveloping the reader into the situations.  It is at times, annoying, frustrating, tender, emotional, exciting, enraging, fearful, and sentimental.  It never loses the reader’s interest and leads into the next part of the series very cleverly. This is especially written with Christians in mind. However, I feel many non-Christians would…

Interview with an outstanding author, E. M. Tippetts!
Uncategorized / December 6, 2013

I am delighted to have this opportunity to have E.M. (Mah) Tippetts join me today and to awesomely agree to do this Interview!                   These are some of the wonderful books written by E.M. Tippetts.   Along with this Interview, we are featuring E.M.’s exciting new book just released last month, ‘Break It Up’ !  Emily, I and my daughters have been a fan of yours since your first book! Your first chic lit novel was published in 2008. That is when I first became aware of your writing. We were hooked from then on! We were equally excited when ‘Paint Me True’ & ‘Someone Else’s Fairytale’ were published. Please do not discount them as anything but wonderful! They were all so very well-written! They were fun books to read by us girls! The next book you published went in an entirely different direction. 1.   What ideas or events inspired you to write ‘Castles in the Sand’?  ..Then the sequel, ‘Love in Darkness’? I was not in a happy place when I wrote Castles on the Sand. Two people I’d grown up with had passed away, one was the dedicatee of Castles, Jared…

‘Every Hill and Mountain’ by Deborah Heal – Book Review by LAWonder10

‘Every Hill and Mountain’ is a fast-paced drama which is partially Contemporary and partially Fantasy/Historical Fiction. It is the last of Deborah Heal’s exciting trilogy. This final book mostly is centered on Abby, John, Kate, and Ryan and their efforts in discovering Kate’s missing ancestor to complete het “Family Tree”.  It is presently very lopsided.  Will she be able to find her missing ancestor? She has two clues. If these clues do not culminate, she will have to leave that side of the tree asa mystery. They experience unique and intriguing instances. This escapade will either draw them closer together or may prove to be disastrous to their friendships. I enjoyed this novel as much as the other two.  However, I felt there could be a better title to fit the storyline. The book cover, also, could have been more creative. The character development was very well done. The description of the surrounding area “brought it to life”.  The ending was OK but felt slightly incomplete. It was clean, well-written, fast paced, and a quite fun adventure. The few things remiss were minor. This review of Deborah’s final book of the series offers a Four and a half Stars rating….