‘If Only We Knew…Remarkable True Stories of God’s Intervention.’ by John Murray – Book Review by LAWonder10

This is a collection of remarkable experiences and Divine Interventions the author acquaints the reader with. Coincident’s? Delve into these pages and you be the judge! John Murray makes several good points within these pages. One particularly I applaud, we (collectively) allow prayers to be taken out of our schools yet question God in allowing criminal things to happen within the walls of schools.  One of many questions he addresses is the question of why a loving God would allow terrible things to happen to good people. He also includes personal experiences behind the “iron curtain” and of experiences after the “fall” of the “Iron curtain”. Many strong valid points are accompanied by examples. Do miracles sill exist? How blind mankind is if in fact they d not recognize daily miracles of invention, medical discoveries, technology, etc.  These are not mere mortal “brainpower” but are truly “God-inspired” miracles! At the end of each chapter are questions for personal  thought or for group discussion. This is an inspired book for all to read. Regardless of your personal belief or sect, there is simple truth and inspiration to be found within the impressive cover of this short book. It slightly lacked  in…

‘Sakura’ by Harlan Hague – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Contemporary Romance / January 29, 2014

Kenji felt slightly excited to be attending the  college where he was to be the professor Dr. David Dana’s assistant. Dr. and Mrs. Dana led a peaceful fulfilling life together. However, life cannot always be peaceful without problems…They will son discover this to be true. This is a stirring tale of past meeting the present. It is fairly predictable but the writing is done quite well. The characters seem real and the scenic description is passable.  There are a few twists. The author does jump to much between time periods without the proper clarification. The reader is left to determine the story flow for a few seconds before discovering where the new scene came from. The book cover is eye-catching but does not strongly relate to the story. As for the title,,,I have no idea where that came from. There are a few sexual situations that aren’t very explicit but enough so that I, therefore, I would not recommend this for younger YA. I fluctuated between a three or four stars rating. I finally decided a weak Four Stars s fair. Although predictable, it keeps the reader’s interest. I was sent this book by the author for an honest review, of…

Attention all! Acquaint yourselves now with Karla Akins – a humorous and multitalented author.

         I am delighted to have author – Karla Akins – join me today! She has graciously consented to do this Interview and discuss her new books!  1.      You were an avid “bookworm” all your life. You stated, by the  end of elementary school you had read all the fiction books, history & biography sections plus a few science books . How large was your school library? Approximately how many books did you read there?   My elementary school was Freeman School in rural Haysville, Kansas. I can’t remember how many books there were but it seems to me there couldn’t have been more than 300-500 books. I could be wrong. Our childhood memories are sometimes eschewed.  That is still a large number for such a young age.   2.   After entering many writing contests as a child, you won and had your poem read over the radio.  How old were you then? Did you submit writing other than poems? What were a few of the items you submitted? The contest was a contest on the radio asking kids to write in and tell the station why their dad deserved to win a new tie for Father’s Day. So I wrote…

‘The Pastor’s Wife Wears Biker Boots’ by Karla Akins – Book Review by LAWonder10 -Interview with the author on 01/28/2014
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / January 27, 2014

  This was an incredible, fun, fast-paced novel! Trying to be a good Pastor’s wife, having an autistic son and a younger teenage son challenging values his parents has tried to teach him, Kirstie is totally stressed out! Her good friend, Reba, entices her to do the unthinkable! Her other friends – Opal & Lily – join in on the persuasion…they will be a team! How will Kirstie’s husband, Pastor Aaron, respond to this drastic change, (even worse, the members of his congregation!)  Will her marriage and family survive this crisis? Join in the antics of the crazy life and experiences of Kirstie, friends, family, and dog.  Meet the new characters introduced in this unusual tale, as well. This can be a slightly controversial book.  Some may question the validity of a Pastor’s wife appearing to be “wild and free”, yet others will embrace her choices and applaud her self-expression. Are motorcycle clubs all full of ruthless gang members? There are stigmas that are not fair or accurate. There are also images one must adhere to in certain occupations and situations. You be the judge! This was so well-written and constantly developing new situations and experiences. It is great reading for…

‘Murder in Mystic (Liz Adam’s Mysteries)’ by Marilyn DallaValle – Book Review byLAWonder10
Adult Books , Mystery/Suspence / January 27, 2014

Murder in Mystic’ is a fast paced, romance/mystery novel.  It is the first in a series and well-written. Liz and Garrett Adams left their busy careers to enjoy life aboard their boat Sloopy. Their first stop was at Mystic, Connecticut seaport. What they thought would be a relaxed, peaceful, atmosphere soon changed. Along with Liz and Garrett were others in the dock who also lived in their boats.  Liz and Garret had become fairly well acquainted with each of them in a years’ time…Could one of them possibly be a murderer?? A Naval officer’s body -washed to a hidden shore – had been discovered by Liz and Garrett. Soon strange occurrences began to happen. The adventure increases as do the questions. Because of Liz’s some times psychic verve, her and Garrett become much more involved in the crime than they would have liked. Will Liz’s ability draw the killer toward her? Many more questions arise before the plot ends. The reader is left with the question, “Who IS the guilty one”? Until almost the very last page. This is very well-written. The characters became alive in the reader’s mind. The scenes could be clearly pictured. the intimate scenes too intimate….

‘Diary of a Teenage Fairy Godmother’ by Kathleen Baldwin & Andrea Sisco – Book Review by LAWonder10/ Meet the Authors here on 02/4/2014
Fantasy , Young Adult Books / January 26, 2014

 What a fun, stimulating YA fantasy book this is!! It is one Adults will enjoy reading, too! Just as the title sparks one’s interest, the novel begins in one direction then makes a couple of unexpected twists. A young half human/half fairy is given to the “fairy Godmother training school”  to learn to be a Fairy Godmother. Lilliana graduates the top of her class then given her first assignment – one who ONLY she can be a Godmother to. The assignment turns out to be much more difficult than she expects. Lilliana has had  very difficult time growing up. Her mother died when she was born, her grandmother kept her for a very short while before sending her to the “school”. She was different than the others in several ways and never fit in and was always belittled. Now she feels she is just isn; qualified…but he mentor will not put up with her questions and fears. There are several humorous situations. At times the reader totally agrees with the hopelessness of Lilliana’s assignment. Yet, other times the rejection, confusion and pain of growing up is all too familiar. At times the reader determines what the tale’s outcome will be…

‘No More Tears’ by Dr. Margaret Aranda – Book Review By LAWonder10
Adult Books , Non- Fiction / January 25, 2014

This is – by far – the most difficult book I have received for review. It is written by an educated, intelligent doctor who has suffered a trauma since being in a car accident. This has affected her abilities in many ways , including in her writing ability. She is aware of this but has not allowed it to be edited out in order to express a point. However, because of the merit of her message, I must put aside my normal review/rating procedures. She had an amazing experience in the early stages of her accident, a message she shares with all who read her story. Within these pages, Dr. Margaret Aranda, presents critical information for doctors and patients alike to apply in their professional and personal lives..Information all should be aware of. Are you familiar with the term dysautonomia? Did you know some universities no longer require doctors to take the Hippocratic Oath? A few even allow the Doctors to create their own!! I have obtained a new respect for Stanford University as I have for the Good Samaritan Hospital in California, as well. Had Margaret not been a doctor, she would not be alive today…As it stands, she…

Uncategorized / January 23, 2014

     I am pleased to have very talented author/educator Florence Byham Weinberg as my guest today. She has graciously agreed to do this special Interview with me.         I was mesmerized by her new, unusual mystery novel – Anselm: a Metamorphosis -. I just had to know more about this amazing author. Now, without further adieu…     1.      You had an outstanding beginning to your life. You learned to read at four years of age and at that young age submitted a poem to be published locally, correct? How did you learn to read and write so young? I was born in December, 1933, during the Great Depression. My father, a civil engineer, had been laid off his job building highways through New Mexico, and turned to teaching.  In fall of 1937, the only job was in a desert valley, Cienega, where he and my mother were to teach. There was no one to babysit me—I was 4 years old—so my mother, teaching first through fourth grades, took me to school, sat me in a corner with crayons, while she taught the other children. I simply found listening and learning to read more interesting than crayons. She taught writing, formation of…

‘Anselm: a Metamorphosis’ by Florence Byham Weinberg – Book Review by LAWonder10

When I began reading this book, I felt I would be disappointing the author… But, amazingly, it began picking up in intrigue, then a mystery began, then downright injustice!! I was hooked! I no longer could put it down. It holds the reader in suspense until the very end! The story begins with Professor  Eric Behrens in the Deans office for an appointment not made by him. He soon discovered the reason and was furious! As he met with his best friend and colleague, soon after, he shouted a declaration to the sky he lived to regret.  From there he began a humbling, disheartening, desperate plight. Can he really accept this as his life? There must be a way to change it! The author was very successful in capturing her audience. The subject matter was nothing like the first few pages appeared to be. However, the book cover portrays the story very well. At first I was very skeptical when I saw the cover. It didn’t appear very interesting of a book…I was certainly mistaken! A  “roller-coaster” chain of events play havoc on ones emotions. The development of the characters are so precise that the reader feels he/she knows them. …

‘The Seven God’s of Luck’ by David Kudler – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books , Inspirational / January 22, 2014

Present a Japanese New Year’s custom to elementary age student’s! This is a fun tale of a brother and sister who when faced without the expected celebration, decided to do put forth effort to make it better. When all seemed hopeless, events took an unexpected turn. There is a few valuable lessons that are presented on unselfishness, service and perseverance. The illustrations were nicely done by Linda Finch. The are slightly dull and simple but depicts the story well.  They definitely give the audience a flair of the Orient. The story was written simply, presenting the main points clearly. After the story is told, the author ads some follow-up information which can be used for further enlightenment and discussion. This is short and perfect for children’s story time. It can be purchased in a large paperback, enabling a group to easily see the pictures. It is book worthy of recommendation. My review of this book gives it a Four Stars rating. This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review, of which I have given. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAON. [raw] [/raw] My Thoughts: I think it is interesting to learn of others traditions and beliefs….

‘1929: Jonathan’s Cross (Book One)’ by M.L. Gardner – Book Review by LAWonder10

1929 is a tremendously informative novel about the stock market crash and delves into the great depression. It centers primarily on three couples….. Jon made it very big on Wall-Street and contacted his two childhood friends to join him in the great success. Jon’s father and those who knew him well also became a part of his firm and were all very confident in him and his uncanny talent in buying and selling at just the right time. They were all living in High Society and doing well until – in a matter of minutes one day – everything crashed and many lost everything they had ever worked for, including Jon, Aryl & Caleb. How could life so completely fail so quickly? Because of the deep love they each had for their wives, they had to somehow do something. The each were very different yet their personalities and skills complimented each other in a way they fit together like a strong unit. Jon divided responsibilities according to individual strengths and set a time for them to meet together later that day. This resulted in letting go of Jon’s very devoted and beloved staff and friends, and Caleb locating apartments –…

‘A Heart Divided’ by Kathleen Morgan – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / January 21, 2014

I read this a year ago but felt inclined to read it once again. I truly enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time. What a delightfully ‘clean’ story! Although, written about in an earlier era of time, this tale portrays how we must often make difficult choice of the heart. Many times we have to alienate those we love for a higher purpose. One often has to decide where their true loyalties must lie. In this great story, prejudices are put aside in part, and the characters are made to see how unjust prejudice often is. Still, where love is involved, it is still difficult to sometimes know of a certainty which path to choose. I enjoy the diversity of the characters. Their individuality is clearly defined. part of me wants to lean toward Nick and another part of me cheers for Cord. At times I am so frustrated with Sarah and other times my heart goes out to her with compassion. The author has created reality in her development of characters of that time period. They are much like real families and individuals living then. It is a little predictable, although there are a few twists to the…

Uncategorized / January 20, 2014

    BEFORE I GET INTO THE MAIN SUBJECT OF MY POST TODAY, I WANT TO PAY TRIBUTE TO MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. AND FOR THE PRINCIPLES HE STOOD FOR.  HIS “DREAM” OFFERED SENTIMENTS MANY OF US TODAY SHARE!!! HE TRULY WAS A GREAT MAN OF HONOR.    =======       =======      =======       ======= I also want to honor my daughter whose birthday is today. She was killed in a car accident two weeks before her 21st  Birthday. She was an advocate of acceptance and peace. She looked beyond the “surface” of individuals and always found good in their hearts.   She accepted others for themselves. At her viewing, I marveled at the variety who passed through in the family line-up. Young and old, varied races, religions, attitudes, conservatives, liberals, etc. They all said basically the same thing. She was a good friend and accepted each for who they were. She encouraged but never tried to change them into someone else. I try each day to live by her legacy.  She was an example to me also. I pray each day, I can become Christ-like in these ways, as she was.      OK…. After a lot of meditation, I have decided to make these few brief changes. I still will…

‘Murder in Newport (Liz Adams Mysteries)’ by Marilyn DallaValle – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Mystery/Suspence , Uncategorized / January 17, 2014

Liz and Garrett had enjoyed a year together sailing the seas since he declared his semi-retirement. Suddenly, Garrett surprised his wife in setting sail in a new direction…One which he had been longing for – or so she thought. The adventures begin from the very beginning of their arrival. Old memories arise to gaunt them. Could their relationship withstand the developing events? Can a marriage of 28 joy-filled years crumble with these unfolding events? What first appeared as an enticing, glamorous object, soon became a menacing,  horrendous nightmare. This fast-paced novel keeps the reader anxiously turning pages. It was one I could not put down until it was finished. The reader was kept in suspense until almost the last page. There were intimate scenes but not intimate enough to place it past a PG rating. The novel was very well-written. It defined the characters in a way one felt one knew them.  The various surroundings and scenes were described in a way the reader could easily place himself/herself as being there. The title and cover portray the story quite well. The only problem I had with the story was in the way a scene sometimes came to a sudden stop…

‘Yuri’s Brush with Magic’ by Maureen Crane Wartski – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / January 16, 2014

   Tammy and Ken’s world seemed to crash to a sudden end when their father first asked, the told them they would be going away to spend the summer at the beach with “mean Aunt Yuri”! They had never met her, only heard how her parents and she had disowned and never communicated with their Nana again once she eloped with the children’s grandfather. Their Nana had told them often of her family, especially, of her younger younger sister, Yuri. She gad died without ever hearing from her family again. Now, out of nowhere, Yuri appears.  They had never even seen a picture of her! They did not want to leave their father, their home, and their mother, who lay in the hospital bed. Shortly after they arrived at the beachfront house, Ken devised a plan. Tammy did not really want to consent to his plan but he was older and she did not want to make him mad. In her efforts to assist him, she discovered intriguing things.  Ken, soon became occupied in helping a neighbor man, while they both detested Halsey and his irritating grandmother! The tale swiftly heightens the reader interest from the beginning. As characters and events are added,…

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Uncategorized / January 14, 2014

  Win a Kindle Fire HDX, Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash ($229 value)   This is a joint AUTHOR & BLOGGER GIVEAWAY EVENT! Bloggers & Authors have joined together and each chipped in a little money towards a Kindle Fire HDX 7″. All New Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Giveaway The winner will have the option of receiving a 7″ Kindle Fire HDX (US Only – $229 Value)   Or $229 Amazon.com Gift Card (International)   Or $229 in Paypal Cash (International)       January Sponsors I Am A Reader, Not A Writer Feed Your Reader The (Mis)Adventures of a Twenty-Something Year Old Girl Author Kimber Leigh Wheaton Author Inger Iversen NESSAROX Author Carol Davis Luce The Reporter and the Girl Author David Pandolfe Bella Street Writes Author Bonnie Blythe Author Elizabeth Seckman MyLadyWeb: Women’s History and Women Authors Just One More Chapter Author Donna Fasano Author Lia Fairchild Author Linda S. Prather Author Heather McCoubrey Author M.A. Comley Jessica Loves Books Fae Books Author Cidney Swanson Lori’s Reading Corner Author Jennifer Laurens Allergic to Life ~Owl Always Be Reading Author J.L. Weil Buku-Buku Didi Barb’s Wire – eBooks & More Author Jennifer Gilby Roberts Another Head Full of…

‘Heartland’ by Warren Bull – Book Review by LAWonder10

 This is a delightfully entertaining yet, inspiring novella. Warren Bull is a talented writer/story teller. The YA adults will love this light story of a youth, Tom, trying to adjust to his parents divorce and a new step parent. His grandmother was hospitalized so gifted him with keys to a very special hidden treasure… One that will help him see life differently and discover what real treasures lies within. He shares this adventure with his best friend, Pat, who soon is caught up into the adventures they experience. The Title and Cover does not do justice to the story. They do not depict the subject matter fittingly, although both do have an element of portrayal. However, this will not detract from the rating. There was never a time the story dragged. It was fast-moving and fluctuated between events expertly. The characters were developed well and the background scenes described well. This is definitely worthy of the Five Stars rating my review gives to this book. This book was sent  to me by the author for an honest review and rating, of which I have given.   Buy this book now from Amazon. [raw] [/raw]

‘The Colony’ by Cami Checketts – Book Review by LAWonder10

Once again, Cami Checketts has created  an exciting mystery/romance novel, delighting YA and Adults with her usual style of intrigue. Brinlee Trapper fled her home town, leaving past mistakes behind. She settles in to a secluded community in the mountains. She is determined to start  a new life with her young son. What she thought would be an uninterrupted time with her son soon takes an unexpected twist.  The last thing she wants is another an in her life! Will anything or anyone change her mind? She soon is confronted in new situations with her protective neighbor, Lance, across the street and Jed, who is equally appealing. Both men have their secrets. Will she be able to trust either one or continue, as she had planned, as a single parent. There is action, adventure, intrigue, suspense and romance in this fun, fast moving novel. The characters feel very real and the scenery is depicted well. The reader can almost smell the mountain air and foliage. I feel the book cover lacks in portraying the true story line, although, it is colorful and eye-catching. I, also, felt for a period of time the story seemed to drag slightly with repetition. I, therefore, cannot…

‘Secrets of the Realm’ by Bev Stout – Book Review by LAWonder10

Who can resist a fun, historical story involving ships and the ocean? Secrets of the Realm was a very well written historical novel. It starts out briefly with an orphaned girl given to the care of a cruel aunt. Her slightly older cousin fears for her safety so helps her escape to the city where she might be able to find work. She soon fears she will die of starvation and exposure.  If somehow she could be hired at the docks…she so loves the sea! This is a cute tale with action, adventure, intrigue and some romance. The reader’s interest is captured with the first paragraph and from that point on it is very hard to put the book down for anything.  Oh, and grab a box of Kleenex to have on hand towards the end of the story. There is never a dull moment. The heroine is a sassy, determined young woman.  So many in that time of history had to be in order to survive in a man’s world. I do hope this is only the beginning of other sequels. Although the ending was complete, the reader was left with so many questions concerning the future of various characters….

‘Pure Love; Pure Life: Exploring God’s Heart’ by Elsa Kok Colopy – book review by LAWonder10

This is an outstanding book not only for Youth but for parents and Youth Leaders as well. It is wonderful more religious leaders are speaking out concerning the immorality in society, but particularly with the youth. Elsa has presented this topic with a light, refreshing but down-to-earth approach. The youth can follow the guidelines and record their thoughts feelings and actions as they follow along with the instruction and scenarios. I won this in a Goodreads giveaway. I am very appreciative of the opportunity to own this and recommend this to others. (Goodreads Summary): I crafted every portion of you and I am delighted with my work. I have a purpose and a plan for your life, and I will walk with you every step of the way. Will you trust me? When you think of purity, what comes to mind? Perfect behavior? Impossible standards? Everything focused on waiting for that special guy? If so, you’re not alone. The good news is purity isn’t just a list of don’ts—don’t think that way, don’t look that way, don’t act that way. It’s a God-designed plan for a happy life. Honest, humorous, and real, Pure Love, Pure Life provides practical tools to help…

‘The Merchant’s Daughter’ by

What a wonderful story set in the 1300’s! This was a little predictable but was so well written with interesting events that it was worthy of five stars! The story is of a maiden whose family fell on hard times because of the death and demise of the father and his wealth.  Her two lazy sibling brothers refused to work. Her mother convinced herself she was too feeble to work.  A man Anabel felt to be despicable and old enough to be her father, sought for her hand in marriage which her elder brother granted against her wishes.  In her community, a brother didn’t have the power to force a sister to marry. However, her two siblings and her mother felt this was the perfect solution to their problems. When their tax debt came due, Annabel volunteered herself to the new, feared Landlord as an indentured servant to pay for their debts. The events began to unfold. There are a few twists and the suspense is there. Many will be encompassed in various emotions. I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway and am very grateful to them and the author and publisher for the opportunity to read this and…

‘The Anxious Hipster and Other Barflies I Have Known’ by Brian Clarey – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / January 12, 2014

When I receive this book I won, I thought “Oh, No! I don’t even want to read this!” I had read the last part of the title’..and Other Barflies I have Known. Relax. It isn’t that offensive. His entries are very interesting. They  cover a large variety of events that will make you laugh, shiver and cry. It is done very tastefully which only exemplifies profanity and explicit sex is unnecessary in the real literary world. (There were only a few instances profanity was used at all so needed to be eliminated totally.) The entries a short and to the point but yet very interesting, funny, informative and touching. I would love to add this to my collection but instead will donate it to the library because I cannot loan or recommend literature that I find offensive at all, therefore will not keep it in my collection. I did, mostly, enjoy reading it, though. A strong Four Stars rating is what I give to this book. I did win this but my review of this book is voluntary and honest. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAON. [raw] [/raw]  

‘Some Rivers End on the Day of the Dead’ by Eileen Clemens Granfors & Martha Rodriquez – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / January 12, 2014

Marisol is a Mexican-American citizen but circumstances has forced her to live in poverty. Her peers think she is an illegal immigrant. She strives to get a good education to honor her father and other family members. She takes this opportunity very seriously. She strives to learn the American words and ways. After trying circumstances, she is given the opportunity to return to her home in Mexico to celebrate “The Day of the Dead.’ While there she is faced with new conflicts. Normally I would not add it to my library because of a couple of words of profanity but this is a literary jewel. The profanity is scant and suggestive sexual situations also very limited. By voiding out the profanity, this is a great book for Adult and Young Adult, also. It is a great discussion book for Book Clubs. My review of this book gives it a strong Four Stars rating. I won this book in a giveaway.Thank you to the author and publishers who offer this opportunity to us avid readers. I have offered an honest review of this book. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘Fate’s Needle’ by Lawrence Sylou-Creutz Ojermark – book review by LAWonder10

This is the second in a trilogy. This picks up with one sent to eliminate another who almost succeeds but fails to do so. They are both helped by someone who is neutral and wanting to help both. More adventure await both key characters leaving the reader wanting to delve into the third book of the trilogy. The drama and action are continual. The intrigue leaves the reader wanting more. Great for older elementary or Young Adults. Adults may also find it fun, clean reading. I do feel, although the cover image is good, that given a more colorful cover, it would be much more eye-catching and intriguing.  Perhaps even a couple of human images could be added. I really feel the cover detracts from the book. This book review give it a strong Four Stars rating. I won this and am anxious to add it to my library collection. This book review is voluntarily given and it is an honest review. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘The Fire of Dawn’ by V. V. Aku – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Paranormal , Young Adult Books / January 12, 2014

This was a very well-written vampire story with a unique view of what vampires really are. It was written in a manner that would be fit for Young Adults and Adults. The main point was a little overdone but with enough action and intrigue that it wasn’t objectionable. (Goodreads summary): It’s the last day of the summer holiday in The Hague when Leah Koopmans’s carefree life as a teen is brutally flipped upside down. Her pale skin turns a dazzling gold, her senses heighten, and her muscles possess an uncanny strength. But with these exhilarating new powers comes a thirst that can only be quenched by one thing: human blood. While her body craves for fresh victims and her heart drowns in guilt, she meets inhumanly handsome Max Machiavelli, who claims that Leah is immortal like him. Infatuation ignites into blistering passion when she joins his coven in Amsterdam. But as the mysteries shrouding her sudden change to immortality unravel, Leah quickly learns that her aversion to taking life isn’t the only thing that sets her apart from this group of herculean strangers. From the picturesque canals of Amsterdam to Corsica’s limestone cliffs and the untamed Siberian wilderness; from first…

‘Great From the Start’ by John B. Montgomery – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / January 12, 2014

A great book on starting a successful corporation. Many easily understood and terrific ideas are given. This is a book one needs to keep and refer to often not only in regards to creating a new corporation but in working with people in general to stir enthusiasm and commitment. My rating of this book offers a Four Stars rating. I won this in a giveaway and thank the author and publisher for offering this tremendous book in becoming successful. It is one I will personally keep and refer to often. I have offered an honest review of this book.   BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAON. [raw] [/raw]

‘Murder on the Rocks (Gray Whale Inn Mysteries, No. 1)’ by Karen MacInerney – book review by LAWonder10

What a delightfully, cleanly written mystery! This story held the intrigue and suspense to the very end then rewarded the reader with a few recipes for scrumptious treats! In an Island setting, Natalie buys a Bread and Breakfast only to discover it may be lost due to the planning of a new resort next door. Murder and mayhem breaks out and she is one of the prime suspects. All but two friends determine her to be guilty. She alone must prove her innocence but the other suspects are many. How will she prove her innocence -or will she? Clean for all ages and a fun book for Book Clubs to review. The review of this book is given a Four Stars rating. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘Broken Things’ by Andrea Boeshaar – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / January 12, 2014

A wonderfully ‘cleanly’ written book about challenges and choices we make in life and the directions they often lead us. All though this is slightly Utopian in nature it is more uplifting than depressing. It would also be a good book for book clubs with a variety of discussion topics. Allie has an opportunity to reconnect with others from her past and re conciliate any wrongs. This review of the book offers a Four Stars rating Goodreads summary of this book: Favorite Heartsong author Andrea Boeshaar takes us into the world of a woman who comes face to face with broken relationships of the past. Returning to her hometown, Chicago, Allie Littenberg learns her actions had worse repercussions than she realized. Especially for Jack Callahan, the handsome Chicago cop she loved, but left. She finds Jack is now a bitter shell of a man, his tenderness erased by years of anguish. Can God use Allie to not only mend the hurts in her own family, but also bring peace to Jack, his son, and estranged wife? Allie is compelled to find out. BUY THIS BOOK NOW FROM AMAZON. [raw] [/raw]

‘The Phantom Patrol’ by L. Ron Hubbard book/audio review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / January 12, 2014

This audio book was quite ell done. The book was written well.  For those who wish to reflect back to “the good ole’ days”, it is a delightful story of ships, Coast Guard, Gangsters, and some slight romance. The setting is during early part of the 20th century It reminds one of the nostalgia of radio broadcasts just before TV infiltrated most homes. A time when the excitement of narration and sound effects over the radio penetrated each home during an evening of relaxation. This is a novella about some men of the Coast Guard answering a distress call of another ship during a storm. The story goes from there to piracy, abduction, framing of victims, violence, romance, and suspense. Especially , the story will be  enjoyable to those who can relate. I am not certain a younger audience would appreciate the book but perhaps the audio book. I think it would be fun for a YA Book Club to read or listen to this and offer their input. I won this through A Library Thing giveaway. I give thanks to them and L. Ron Hubbard for this opportunity.  I did enjoy the audio and the story. This review offers a rating of Three and 1/2 Stars for the audio…

‘Larry the Liger – The New Friend’ by Fergus Willson & Rachael Phillips – book review by LAWonder10
Children's Books , Uncategorized / January 12, 2014

The illustrations on the cover were fantastic! The rest of the book was wonderfully illustrated having the text next to the pictures. The story lightly touched on repressing negative attitudes, being selfish, and discourages listening to gossip.  The subject matter, likewise, applauds a positive attitude, also, cajoles the  reader/listener into being brave, loyal, and not prejudging. This tale emphasizes the importance of serving others and in developing friendships.  There is also a warning given that sometimes those we trust, will be led to falsely accuse us. This is a great story for discussion and reading groups.  This is an easy reader. It is directed to the toddlers up through early elementary. I was very impressed with the illustrations and the delightful story to entertain yet teach young children My review of this book offers a Five Stars rating  

‘Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child’ by Maria T. Lennon – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books , Young Adult Books / January 10, 2014

‘Confessions of a So-Called Middle Child’ is truly humorous!  It is an ideal book for the very young and older YA, too.  This story centers on the second child in a family of five…you are correct – the middle child! Having been expelled from one school, her family moves to a different location where her father was able to get a job he enjoyed and Charlie was to cause no problems and visit a therapist every week.  When the long summer ends and a new school year begins, Charlie will agree to almost anything to discontinue the therapy.  Will she live to regret it?  The therapist’s requirement was almost more than she could bear! Can she really succeed in such an impossible task? The reader will experience the “roller-coaster” of events that evolves. It will be especially enlightening to any of you “middle” children.  Charlie tries to “walk a middle line” but soon discovers it is not at all easy to do that. I personally have seen this scenario actually happen in my life in two separate occasions. It isn’t at all a “far-fetched” tale. The book cover is delightful and very fitting to the story line. It is colorful…

‘Night’s Mistress (Children of the Night)’ by Amanda Ashley Book Review by LAWonder
Adult Books / January 9, 2014

This is the first have read of Amanda Ashley’s books.  I was totally impressed with her writing style. Although I would not recommend this for YA reading, the sexual situations and intimate scenes are not detailed enough to call them explicit. Mara, the Queen of Vampires, takes on a different role in this fast moving, endearing, fantasy novel.  The author , cleverly, throws in a different twist to this Vampire novel which is very intriguing. Mara is very torn between major complications throughout the story…torn between two loves – Logan or Kyle.  Which would you choose – Logan  from her past or Kyle, a more recent lover?  The reader will have to decide if Mara is truly evil or if she deserves compassion. Key points: Power struggle, mystery, romance, family unity, violence, humanity. The book cover is a great portrayal of the main character and her serenity. The title is fitting, as well. Amanda is very talented in portraying the individual characters and in captivating the reader into the various scenes. The story never drags in the least, yet artfully fluctuates between several supporting characters and scenes. Because of the terrific writing style, my rating of this book is Five Stars. Although it…

‘Aloha Joe In Hawaii’ by Joe Holt – Book Review by LAWonder10

Aloha Joe In Hawaii is written as a memoir but it is too light and fun to be listed as a memoir but I am not certain how else to classify it!  Although it touches on Joe Holt’s childhood and briefly on his teen years, it centers on but a few very interesting years of his life. He was forced into a very early retirement. After a few odd jobs, he as talked into going to Hawaii by a friend.  He took a “leap of faith” and just did it! No he shares what has been a learning experience in his life.  You will relish reading the things he has done and viewing the photos which he has included. Joe is an amazing man, having overcome a tremendously vexatious childhood, failed marriage, coping with injuries and PTSD, and more. I hope this will only be a “teaser” of a more complete biography yet to come. The book cover is a great portrayal of what is inside. The Title, itself, is fitting to the memoir.  Joe introduces his reader to his surroundings and other people in his life through description, plus, photos. It is well written, the flow from one event to another is done…

Aloha Joe! Exciting interview with the amazing Joe Holt – Author of ‘Aloha Joe in Hawaii’ !
Uncategorized / January 8, 2014

                 I will be having a very “open” interview with Joe. He has also volunteered to answer any other questions that you readers may have!  It is not often, one meets a person who claims to be so “open” about his/her life.  I feel very honored today to be privileged to delve further in the life of this amazing man! I will leave it up to you – our reader – to decide whether he truly is as “open” as he claims.                                I do encourage you to read his memoir and come up with your own questions. You can submit them on this site or contact Joe directly on the blog address at the bottom of this page. 1.  Joe, you stated you had intended on writing your book for decades. That was before you even began your family.  When did you actually begin to write this book?  This book that is now in print, was started when I moved back to Hawaii in August 2012.  2.  Is it written the way you originally intended?  If not what did you do differently than…