The Astounding Conclusion to the Talisman Trilogy, ‘The Shadow King: The Talisman Trilogy, Book Three’ by Kellie Bellamy Tayer ! – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / March 31, 2014

The astounding, climatic impact of this final book of the Talisman Trilogy, will have an overwhelming affect on its readers! This is an unsurpassed trilogy! The unequaled trilogy continues. The hate that flows between the two men Laura truly cares about comes to “a head”! Will one, in fact, die? One must die in order that the 300 year old curse will end!  Andrew’s evil father – the Duke of the House of Hanover – is determined to have his way. Laura’s pregnancy progresses, she adjusts to living in a new country where she does not know the language, she misses the country in which she was raised and her family and friends there. This final book in the trilogy is very biter-sweet.  The reader will cheer at times, question the character’s actions and motives at other times, then grieve along with the grieving.  It is a very emotional conclusion to the final dilemma.  There are questions the reader is left with in the end, which makes one feel the trilogy is not complete. The title, in this reader’s opinion, is not the best. The cover page is perfect. The background scenes and description is done well.  The added character’s…

Review/Interview ‘The Heart of Elvis’ by Robynn Gabel – Book Review by LAWonder10 – Interview Introducing Robynn Gabel on April 3rd, 2014!

  Excellent collection of memoirs from experiences between a woman and a very special horse. Robynn relives her association with this very unique animal, trough fondness, frustration and much humor.  This is a story all will enjoy…from elementary age to “baby boomers”!  Join with Elvis’s interaction, through the years, with Robynn and her family.  It matters not if one is involved in horsemanship or not, one can still enjoy and learn from the years of learning together – man/woman and beast! The separate situations is humorously depicted and portrayed by the author. Although it is written of occasions spanning years, it still captures the readers continual interest. Many will “fall in love” with Elvis all over again… Perhaps not the same Elvis most knows! The Title is perfect as well as the book cover. My review offers a Four and a Half Stars rating of this book. This book was sent to me by the author for an honest review, of which I have given. PURCHASE THIS BOOK FROM AMAZON HERE. [raw] [/raw]

‘The Catastrophic History of You and Me’ by Jess Rothenburg read by Suzy Jackson – Book Review by Sabrina
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / March 28, 2014

I was looking for something that I could listen to on the way to work and came across this book. First, I must give props to Suzy Jackson, she did an amazing job reading this book, though I must admit it took me a bit to get used to the over annunciation at time. I have so many mixed feelings about this book. There are times that I loved it and there were times it annoyed me almost more than I could bear. So I will just write the things I liked and didn’t and leave it at that. *I liked that the author threw in some wit and humor. *I liked that even though it was about death and drama issues it was pretty “light-hearted” through most of the book. *I really love the relationship between Patrick and Brie, especially the kind of person Brie is with Patrick. * I didn’t like that Brie was so whiny and selfish for most of the book and that everything was kind of “woe is me” with her. *The whole middle section was just dark and I really got annoyed with the way Brie and Larkin were all about themselves. Basically the…

It Is My Pleasure to Present Author – Christine Keleny – As My Special Guest This Week!

       Christine is the Author of the Remarkable New Rose Series!  If you enjoyed ‘the Hunger Games’, then it is most certainly a book you will truly enjoy! 1. When you were very young, did you enjoy reading?  What do you feel planted the desire to read within you? I liked reading mysteries but I didn’t read much as a kid. When I was forced to read other types of books in middle school, I kind of rebelled and dropped reading altogether until after college when I had some free time again. Now I read whenever I can. Funny how things can change. The key is for educators/parents to make reading fun and not a chore…easier said than done. 2.  Did you keep a journal/diary growing up? Is this something you feel is helpful to one desiring to become a writer? Why or Why not? I was a diary girl, even more so as I got older. I’m not sure if it’s needed to be a writer, but I know many writers who journal. I think it’s more about learning about yourself. That helps with a lot of things 😉 It surely aids in helping children and YA if…

‘Rosebloom (Rose Series)’ by Christine Keleny – Book Review by LAWonder10 – Meet the Author on this Site 03/28/2014!!

Feeling like a burden on her family and seeking adventure, Rose hesitantly – but determinedly – leaves home under the guise of spending the night at a friends house. Rise quickly learns how dangerous this can be. This experience changed her  whole life and she continues to see how unfair this world can be.  Raised in a country town with by a good family, Rose never realized the color of a person’s skin can make a difference in one’s life. This story’s setting is during the late 1920s and early 1930s…A time when The United States was experiencing devastation and other countries were in a terrible war the US would soon join. It is a time when old prejudices still dominated a large portion of individuals.  Interracial association was still frowned upon by both Black and White cultures. Rose’s tale is very entertaining and full if adventure. There is only one brief area it felt a little too prolonged. However, the reader’s attention was captured and enticed to eagerly await the next event. There are a few sexual situations which are not explicit but require the supervision of a parent for younger YA readers. The characters were very realistic with numerous…

Intense, Captivating Novel – ‘Shadowed’ by Stephanie Black – Book Review by LAWonder10

  Stephanie Black captures the reader’s complete attention throughout this suspenseful, enthralling novel! A wealthy young woman is led to a small. economically depleted town to offer free music lessons for anyone interested. Her sole desire is to bring meaning to and develop talent in the participants who could, otherwise, never afford.  Invited into the community her former college roommate is principal over a school there.  After arriving, Catherine finds the community holds many unsettling secrets…secrets that evolve again after lying dormant for two years.  Catherine finds herself caught in the middle of a haunting situation which flares into an inferno of problems. In this thrilling, suspenseful tale, the reader continues to question, “Who did it?” until the very end of the story! The characterization is defined well and the atmosphere is set producing a visual clarity.  The scenes and chapters smoothly progress from one to another.  Th book cover does not do the book justice and although acceptable, the title is vague in its relationship to the storyline. My review of this book offers a strong Four and a Half Stars rating. BUY THIS FROM AMAZON HERE. [raw] [/raw]

‘Walking into the Wild’ by Nancy Means Wright – Book Review by LAWonder10

This is hilarious! It is the comical tale of two girls and a brother who was forced to move in with an aunt during the Revolutionary War time period. The three siblings “set out” with a cousin to meet with 16-year-old Rachael’s betrothed and the siblings Pa, several days journey away. “Murphy’s Law” ensues them on their journey and they are forced into many delays.  The story is told by 13-year-old Deborah who grumbles the whole way. The reader, however, cannot help but chuckle at her rebellious yet submissive obedience in doing as her determined sister instructs. One’s attention is captured from the beginning and is captivated to the final conclusion of this tale. It allows a YA to have a sense of the difficulties most experienced during that time in history, but in an entertaining way. It is an ideal book for the middle school grade year student. It is entertaining to the older YA and Adult reader, as well. The author portrayed the scenes well, “flowing” easily from one scene to the next. The reader could easily picture himself/herself there.  The Characters seemed real.  There was a variety of very interesting and diverse characters who added appeal to…

Children’s Author – Marvin Mayer – Interviewed by LAWonder10
Uncategorized / March 20, 2014

     Marvin Is A Wonderful, New Children’s Author Who I Am Elated To Have As A Guest On my Site Today! His Books Are So Well-Written and Delightful. Each has a very profound teaching element to it.  1.  Marvin, where were you raised? Is that where you feel is your “Home Town”? I was born, reared and educated in Louisville, KY.  Although I’ve been gone from Louisville for more than 50 years, that’s still my “home town.” Well that is certainly a beautiful place to call home! 2. In your brief Bio on your website, you have stated, you never enjoyed books as a child? Why is that? Do your children/grandchildren enjoy them? Unfortunately, although my mother tried to interest me in books, I didn’t enjoy reading. I was a slow learner throughout my school years, and never learned the joy of reading. To this day, I’m still a rather “lazy” reader, but I definitely read more today than I did as a youngster.  Through my writing, I’m trying to influence children to take advantage of the world of books. My daughter was an avid reader, but my son was more like me, reading only what he had to…

‘The Day X Ran Away’ by Marvin Mayer – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / March 20, 2014

Have you ever felt unimportant?  Does it seem like others with more talents, more money, more “everything” are much more valuable? That is the way X felt, also, but one day he discovered that was not really so. Join X in his discovery in this delightfully written story of one letter’s venture in discovering his worth. The book cover and illustrations are marvelously done. They are bright, colorful and with much detail. X’s tale was very creative and original. The inspiration of the author in its use accentuated an important point while getting his message across to those reading ad listening. It did miss  few points I felt would have increased it’s relevance even more. This is a tremendous book for educators use and for Summer Reading Programs. My review of this book offers a Four and a Half Stars rating. This book was sent to me by the author for an honest review, of which I have given. PURCHASE THIS BOOK FROM AMAZON HERE. [raw] [/raw]

‘Ferdinand Frog’s Flght’ by Marvin Mayer – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / March 18, 2014

Young children will be delighted with this fun, creative story of a Frog who wanted to accomplish an impossible feat.  He was not satisfied with his “lot” in life. However, when he got an opportunity to venture in what is would be like if he were able to accomplish his dream, he decided he was satisfied with what he was destined to be. The story is full of well-written rhyme, creativity, successfully making a valuable point in a child’s acceptance of themselves. The characters are developed in a delightfully friendly way. They seem to be real!  They background description is picturesque. Stephen Macquignon’s illustrations were splendid and colorful. This book is perfect for parents & teachers use for ages 2 through 9.  It is an easy reader.  It is a perfect book for use in summer reading programs. My review of  this cute, educational book gives it a Five Stars rating. This book was graciously sent to me for an honest review, of which I have given.   PURCHASE THIS BOOK FROM AMAZON HERE. [raw][/raw]

‘The Dark Prince: The Talisman Trilogy, Book Two’ by Kellie Bellamy Tayer – Book Review by LAWonder10
Uncategorized , Young Adult Books / March 17, 2014

Well, Kellie has once again captured the reader’s complete attention in Book Two of the Talisman series!  This was a little dragged out but written in a manner the reader was still unable to put it down for any length of time. The peril of Laura’s disconcerted life continues. She is transported from her beloved Rhode Island to a royal estate in England. How can she endure this new way of life?  Is there no escape?  Every encounter with the duke is a nightmare! Laura can see no way out. She somehow must make the best of this new avenue her life has taken.  Will she ever see Miguel again? Does he truly hate her? Will he ever forgive her? The experiences she had in England, plus her efforts to develop a sincere relationship with Andrew was frequently interrupted by the duke. Tristan was her one “life line”…but then, Tristan’s life took a painful turn which Laura feared would pull him from her. The drama continues until midway through the book more suspense and action increase. The machination of the plot thickens until the climatic conclusion of book two ends, enticing the reader to quickly obtain the third and final…

Meet Mystery Writer, Nancy Lynn Jarvis, Author of the Humorous ‘Mags and the AARP Gang’!
Adult Books , Mystery/Suspence / March 17, 2014

         Nancy, It is such a pleasure having you on my site for this Interview. I have not had the Privilege of reading your Mystery Series, but this was such a humorous tale!  It reminded me of the ‘Over the Hill Gang’.  1.  Nancy, were you raised in California? If so, what cites/towns have you lived in?  If not, what other places have you lived?  I’m one of a rare few who can say my family’s tenure in California goes back several generations. I grew up just outside of San Francisco, moved to San Jose for college, and then to Santa Cruz so long ago that I tell people I’m a born-again Santa Cruzan.  LOL! Then, I am sure you are very familiar with California! 2.  You earned your BA in behavioral science, yet worked in newspaper advertising, as a librarian and in realty… Now a writer! How has your degree assisted you in these other fields ? You forgot my stint as business manager for Shakespeare Santa Cruz. My degree in behavioral science combined anthropology, psychology, and sociology, and I had a minor in advertising. You can see that even in college I didn’t want to…

Mags and the AARP Gang’ by Nancy Lynn Jarvis – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / March 17, 2014

Are you among the “Baby Boomers”? If so, you will love this book! If not, you aren’t, you may still enjoy this tale of old folks desperate to “save the day” without being totally dishonest or cause anyone harm. This is a humorous story of “old folks” desperate to save their homes and what dignity they have left. Their plan seemed to outrageous at first but soon appeared to be the only way.  Four unlikely candidates felt they had nothing else to lose. What appeared to be a well thought-out plan soon turned out to be disastrous! The plot was entertaining, seldom dragging.  The events “flowed” smoothly, one into another. The characters were well defined and easily pictured. The scenes were clearly portrayed. The only problems I encountered with the book, is it did drag slightly in places. The cover was okay but needed a little more background image to attract the reader to the storyline. The typographical error were very minimal. The title as cute but perhaps could have added Caper to the end to fit the story better.  Still, it was a very enjoyable take. Anyone closely acquainted with the elderly can truly appreciate this adventure! I heartily…

‘Notes and Comments on Robert’s Rules (Fourth edition)’ by Jim Slaughter, Gaut Ragsdale, & Jon Ericson – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Non- Fiction / March 14, 2014

At present, Robert’s Rules are under conflicting debates, however, this book supplies Noes and Comments on the proper procedures when conducting and participating in any formal meeting.  This is a very good reference book on key points without all the Robert’s Rules details. It simplifies the procedures. For any one conducting/attending a political, school board,or any other similar meeting where Robert’s Rules are implemented, I recommend this book for frequent reference. This is clearly stated and does not drag or confuse the reader. It is well-presented. My rating of this book offers Four Stars. This was sent to me by the author for an honest book review, of which I have given Buy This Book From Amazon Here. [raw] [/raw]

In Celebration of Blogger Ellen Wookey’s Very First Blogversary, we, also, want to introduce to you her new blog site!
Uncategorized / March 13, 2014

  Okay, Ellen…You Now Hold the World in Your Arms! What are you going to do with it now?!!  I have truly enjoyed all of your little questions you have issued for votes. I always thought that was quite clever. I am still trying to come up with an idea to make my site more unique but have not yet succeeded. 1. Ellen, have you always enjoyed reading? What are a few of your favorite genres? I didn’t always love to read… Well let’s say I didn’t always know how to read. It wasn’t until I was in sixth grade before I was comfortable reading. Once I began reading I was hooked. When I entered high school I made it my mission to read at least one book by every author. Of course I didn’t succeed but I sure tried. Some of my favorite genres of books are Fantasy, Ancient History – Fiction, Young Adult, Apocalypse and Dystopia. I see we share some of the same interests, yet wonderfully different also. 2.  When did you begin reviewing books and why? I began reviewing books because of a guest post on my friends’ blog. I was interested in a book and…

‘Pelican Bay’ by Jesse Giles Christiansen – Book Review by LAWonder10

“Hang in there”…It gets better as the story progresses! I restarted this book a couple of times, trying to give it a fair review…I am very glad I did! The Prologue and the first chapter were so vague and did not do the rest of the story justice. There were a few grammatical errors and one contradiction, but it was a tale worth reading.  It is definitely unique. This novel is a combination of Mystery plus Fantasy with a slight Historical fiction element. The story pulls the reader into it more with each page.  The mystery thickens as it progresses. The characters are truly unique. They are very real in the manner they are portrayed…Although, often annoying.  The background atmosphere is depicted in an intriguing way. This would have been a great book for YA as well as for adults, except for the last portion of the book has some profanity and other crude words. For all the above conjectures, my review of this book offers a Four Stars rating. I was sent this book by the author for an honest review, of which I have given. PURCHASE THIS BOOK FROM AMAZON HERE. [raw] [/raw] My Thought: Once again an…

‘Short, Sweet & Sassy:Romantic Short Stories’ by Carrie Padgett – Book Review by LAWonder10

If you want light, romantic stories you can read in a very short period of time, this is the book for you! However, this is difficult for me to rate because there a 16 short stories, some better than others. A few are quite “cheesy” and not very feasible, but most are very good and will lighten one’s mood. It is a perfect book for Valentine’s Day or to give to someone who is discouraged. It is definitely a “Chick lit”. It is “cleanly” written for even the younger YA ages. The tales are about chance meetings and romantic beginnings.  It can offer hope to some where love feels lost to them. For the most part, the accounts are very well written and clever. My review of this novella gives a Four and a Half Stars rating I was sent this novella for an honest review, of which I have given. PURCHASE THIS FROM AMAZON HERE. [raw][/raw]   My Thoughts: It is fun sometimes while waiting in line or for an appointment to have a light novella to read stories which only take 5 to 10 minutes to read, to pass the time. This would also be a great gift…

‘The Doctor’s Mission’ by Debbie Kaufman – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Historical Fiction / March 9, 2014

Entwine yourself within the historical Liberian jungle adventures of early missionaries, sacrificing much to bring a knowledge of God to the Native tribes within. William, still grieving over the horrible deaths of the aunt and uncle who raised him, plus , more recently, the lass of his newly married wife….all to the uncivilized jungles of Liberia, awaited his newly assigned companions. He was not allowed to return alone to the depths of the jungle to reestablish a church and school there, but must be accompanied by another for safety reasons. He had enjoyed the hospitality of a missionary couple in an established compound, but he feared what would happen to his small compound if he didn’t return shortly. His new shockingly ill-fitted companions finally arrived. Surely this was a mistake! The Mission Board would surely see the impropriety of their mistake.  Dr. Mary O’Hara and Clara Smith would not be deterred. The could not possibly endure the vastness and wiles of jungle life saying nothing about the impossible journey in getting there! Adamantly refusing at first to take them, William, reluctantly capitulated after realizing their stubborn determination to go without him…He must at least see to their safety before causing…

It Is My Extreme Pleasure to Introduce to You the Founder of Pen & Publish, Inc., Paul Burt & His Lovely Co-Owner & Wfe, Dee.
Uncategorized / March 9, 2014

          It is indeed a privilege to have you both a part of this Interview.  I have only recently become acquainted with Paul but his honesty and willingness to assist authors in any way, is inspiring!  1. Paul, you founded Pen & Publish, Inc. in 2005.  Before that, you had been in book publishing for another company for six years, is that correct? What led you to leave your former employer to develop your own company? I started in the early days of POD. I was fired for trying to help an author. I had gone to top management and made a special arrangement to help him, and when the order came through, the company reneged and left me to deal with the fallout. I did everything I could for the author before they fired me a few hours later. It is a shame companies try to create a brand image they fail to live up to.  My Word..!  At least you had the integrity to do all you could! 2.  I understand your wife is an author and encouraged you in this endeavor. In what ways was she an asset in developing this company? Dee created…

‘The Gypsy Thief (The Talisman Trilogy)’ by Kellie Bellamy Tayer – Book Review by LAWonder10
"New" YA Books / March 7, 2014

Either one of these hunks could be a thief of my heart! Gypsy Thief is the first of the Talisman Trilogy for YA. It gets slightly sensual in parts but I would be willing to let my YA read it. I would then discuss certain situations with them afterwards. Laura is an ordinary student beginning her Senior year of High School. She feels it will be lie every other year..boring. However, this year is definitely different. There is a new boy at school. He is no ordinary boy but an English Prince! But wait!.. There is another new boy arriving on the second day of school..a gypsy? Laura is normally unimpressed with titles or prestige, but finds herself drawn to both the Prince and the “under dog” gypsy. This confusing triangle is dangerous. Lara is confused and uncertain who she can trust. What has she gotten herself into? This is a well-written story in which the past is brought to fruition in the present. The plot is built on possible love of more than one person, plus, different types of love one experiences and one’s willingness to sacrifice for that love. It is also built on the impact traditions have…

Presenting Gifted Author, June Caedmon! It Is Certainly a Joy to Have This Interview You, June!

You are a mystery to many of us. There is little information on you throughout the Internet. I am excited you agreed to this Interview so we – your readers – can get  to know you better. 1.  You became June Caedmon in July of 2002. Did you write other books under a different name?  If so, were they this same genre?  What inspired you to become a writer? Please elaborate some. I never really aspired to become a writer. Heart’s Desire was born out of a dream. I wanted to know how the rest of the story went – – so I wrote it. After that, the stories kept coming. So I kept writing. My inspiration comes from God. He is involved in every story I write, because He is our story, real or imagined. I find that fascinating!  Many authors writings began with their dreams. I would just as soon my crazy dreams were never written, 2.  Since 2002 you have written seven books but only four are published. Why is that? Will the others be published soon?  There is a lot that goes in to publishing a book. Right now, I can’t spend 100% of my time…