‘The Pastor’s Wife’ by Jennifer AlLee – book review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / April 30, 2014

My Synopsis:  What a clean, delightful story. It puts a different angle on how some view a Pastor’s life. While recently married, a graduating student of theology received an opportunity to move to a small town where an ailing Pastor need an assistant. When barely moved in – and overwhelmed with a welcoming community-, the previous Pastor got worse and soon the full ministry fell on the very young Pastor. Wanting to show his commitment, he poured himself in serving their congregations need. Feeling overwhelmed and ignored, the Pastor’s wife had a final issue she had to endure alone, because he was unavailable to her, so left and went back to live with her father. She had lost her mother to cancer when she was sixteen and when she returned home to her father she discovered his health was failing. She soon ended up running their failing deli business alone. She never expected her honeymoon would be traveling to a new state and a small, dull town. She never had any alone time with her husband who put everyone’s needs before her own.  This is not the life she expected. A mutual friend died and she was called to meet…

Join Us In My Interview With Talented Author, Annette Francine!
Adult Books / April 29, 2014

I am pleased to visit today with talented author, Annette Francine. I mostly enjoyed reading her book – ‘The Eye’s of a Stranger’. It was very well-written and even the “shady” scene was well done.     1.  Annette, Very little information about you is given in any of you Bios on the Internet. We know you reside in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Were you raised there all your life? If not, where do you call your “home town”? If so, in what parts of the Metropolitan area did you live? I live a very uninteresting life. As an author, one never wants to bore the reader, so why post something that doesn’t engage? But since you asked; I don’t consider any place my ‘home town’. I’ve lived in the Phoenix area far longer than I’ve lived anywhere else, but it’s feeling more and more congested than I like, so change may be on the horizon. Traveling can be very interesting.  Many people in this day and age do not really relate to one place as their “Home Town”. 2. Tell us a little about your life growing up. Were there any experiences that had a profound impact on you. I…

‘Eyes of a Stranger’ by Annette Francine – Book Review by LAWonder10

Melanie Harris’ car is forced off ye road by someone determined to kill her! She had went for a quick visit to Las Vegas to visit her Mom. Who would try to harm her? She wasn’t dressed for the cold, snowy weather she was in. She had to flee her wrecked car before she was caught by the madman. She had frostbitten feet and hands …she just could not go a step further.  still an inward voice told her she must get up or she would die…Next she knew, she was in a cabin with a fire and a kind stranger was trying to get her warm and her frostbite, scrapes and cuts cared for. With a concussion and her brain confused, she couldn’t make sense of her thoughts. Should she be afraid? How long would they be stranded there?  These questions and more constantly penetrated her mind. The day finally arrived that Mark was able to flag down a copter and get her the needed help. She had not gotten his phone number or address.  She finally decided she would never see him again.  However, it soon became apparent her life was sill in danger – but why? This…

‘All My Belongings’ by Cynthia Ruchti – Book Review by LAWonder10. Meet the Author on this site May 1, 2014!

All My Belongings is a great book, with a very controversial topic! Jayne Dennagee was very grateful for Geneva – a woman who had befriended her during her teenage years. Without her, Jayne would never have endured the death of her mother.  She had quit nursing school to care for her ailing mother. But it wasn’t the ALS that took her mother’s life…but the “Dr. Kevorkian” method of her father. Her name was branded by her father’s sins and few would hire her to work nor accept her into the nursing program. Geneva helped where she could and finally offered her an escape. Jayne became Becca and accepted a position, over a thousand miles away in California , as a caregiver to Isaac Hughes dying mother. Isaac was surprised and pleased when his Aunt Geneva’s recommended care-giving friend was not elderly but a beautiful, young woman he soon began to care for. Everything seemed to be going well when suddenly their lives were tragically discombobulated. Would everything Jayne/Becca tried to free herself of turn against her…lose the trust of Isaac and her new associates?  If this wasn’t bad enough, she ended up facing an even more upsetting dilemma. The Title…

‘Fortune Cookie (A Culinary Mystery)’ by Josi Kilpack – Bok Review by LAWonder10

This is a continued Sadie Hoffmiller adventure/mystery.  The story plot steadily moves forward and thickens. However, the long awaited marriage between Sadie and Pete is on very “shaky ground”.  Perhaps her wedding day will have to be postponed or cancelled after her and Pete experience the attractions of this historical city. Sadie dreads opening a mysterious letter which eventually leads her to San Francisco where she meets a nephew for the first time and becomes involved in a deadly murder investigation. This may be the deadliest yet! Sadie is once again drawn into a captivating mystery. In this case, it is very difficult to limit the suspects. As always, Kilpack developed the characters in a realistic manner and portrayed the background scenes very well. This story was entertaining and kept the reader guessing at “Who did it?” yet, was largely similar to her other sleuthing antics. The title was perfect and the book cover attractive and eye-catching. I listened to the book on CDs very well read by Diane Dobczynski. My review of this book on CD offers a Four and a Half Stars rating PURCHASE THIS BOOK FROM AMAZON HERE. [raw] [/raw]

‘The Madera Murder’ by Deanne Blackhurst – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / April 25, 2014

  What was supposed to be a week’s vacation in Mexico with her recovered alcoholic father, Ashley Delgado was furious to find she was deceived! It was only after boarding the plane en-route to a dilapidated hacienda that she discovered the truth…She would just have to make the best of it.  It did help her situation when she discovered the hacienda owner had also allowed a. archeology group of a professor and four college students to dig on the property.  At least she would have students her age near by to occasionally associate with.  It wasn’t at all negative that the two young men were both “hunks”. It would make it interesting until she could get back home where she could develop a real relationship with someone. She longed to text her best friend and share her dilemma and her discovery but there was no cell service in the barren area she was forced to stay for a week…A week that was extended because of a shocking tragedy! The characters were cleverly developed and felt real. The humor within the main character was enamoring and the reader could not help but feel a connection to her.  The background scenery was…

Win the Amazing Cozy Mystery – ‘The Bali Mystery/Amelia Moore Detective Series’ by Linda Weaver Clarke – Book Review by LAWonder!

Read the information below then leave Linda a comment on this blog, with your name & e-mail included, to be entered into the drawing to receive your own e-book of ‘The Bali Mystery’ by Linda Weaver Clarke. Giveaway Runs from Thursday, April 24th – Friday, May 2nd, 2014.  Must respond within 48 hours. For even further insight about the author refer to my Interview/Review on 12/28/2013. Learn about Linda’s exciting new series and be certain to Read my Review and rating below! Synopsis:  In this *cozy mystery Amelia Moore, the founder of the Moore Detective Agency, specializes in missing persons. Her cases have taken her to some very interesting places and put her in some dangerous situations, but she always solves the case. With the help of Rick Bonito, her business is flourishing. When Mrs. Brody hires Amelia and Rick to find her missing brother, they find themselves in Bali, Indonesia. They are mystified why her brother quit his job, put his home up for sale, and ran off to this mysterious and exotic island without telling a soul. —   —   —   — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —…

Attention! “Check out this ‘Still, At Your Door: A Fictional Memoir by Emma Eden Ramos Blog Tour April 21st – 25th & April 28th – 29th!
Uncategorized / April 24, 2014

    About the Book:    Still at Your Door: A Fictional Memoir by Emma Eden Ramos Genre: YA/Contemporary Publisher: Writers AMuse Me Publishing Published: February 22nd, 2014 Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18849022-still-at-your-door Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Still-At-Your-Door-Fictional/dp/1927044944 B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/still-at-your-door-emma-eden-ramos/1118670496?ean=2940148213307 YA — Sabrina “Bri” Gibbons has only a few short minutes to pack her things and help her sisters pack theirs before running with their mother to the bus that will whisk them away from Butler, Pennsylvania, an abusive relationship, and a secret that none of them wish to acknowledge. She was not prepared, though, for her mother to drop them on the streets of New York with the promise that she would be right back. Haunted by the sight of her mother running back to the cab, Bri, with Missy and Grace in tow, settles in with their grandparents. Thoughts of her present and her future collide with memories of her past, her dead father, and her mother’s bizarre episodes. She watches her sisters struggle with school and acceptance, all the while knowing the lack of any sense of security will make it impossible for them to carry on as ‘normal’ children. She finally lets her guard down enough to allow someone else in and…

Meet Emma Eden Ramos, Author of ‘Still, At Your Door: A Fictional Memoir’- & Read LAWonder10’s Book Review of it!
Adult Books / April 24, 2014

    I am anxious to have Emma on my site today to learn more about this new, upcoming author! After reading my Interview/review visit the Tour site for the Summary, Excerpt and other wonderful thoughts and reviews. 1.Emma, were you raised in New York City? If not, where were you raised? How many siblings an what were their gender? Yes, I was born and raised in NYC. I am very much a New York girl. As for siblings, I have one younger sister and three older step siblings. You are the first person I have interviewed who actually grew up in New York City! 2. What was your life like while growing up? I struggled growing up. New York City is difficult for anyone to navigate. When you’re sixteen you find yourself in situations you are not quite ready to handle. I was lucky enough to have a supportive family, though. I spent my seventeenth year in Saratoga Springs, Utah. That experience really helped me turn my life around. WOW! That is an incredible location switch!  Strong family support is truly a blessing and is becoming a rare situation. 3.  In what ways can you relate to the main…

‘My Fingerpaint Masterpiece’ by Sherrill S. Cannon – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / April 22, 2014

This is a delightful story that will surely capture and keep the interest of all elementary age students. It is also a great easy-reader for those students in beginning reading. Like many young students, this young boy began his finger-painting artwork but never finished it before the bell rang. On the way home the storm brewed, the wind blew, and his painting was whipped out of his hand and landed on the bench of s building a man was sorting artwork for display. This is a humorous account of the results of this unfortunate situation. The wondrous rhyming tale is a wonderful book for story time. It is certain to captivate the entire audience. The Title and book cover are perfect! The cover is eye-catching and colorful. The illustrations done by Kalpart are outstanding. This book earns a Five Stars review rating. *This was sent to me by the author for an honest book review, of which I have given. PURCHASE THIS BOOK FROM AMAZON HERE. [raw] [/raw] My Perspective:  Once again talented Sherrill S.Cannon has created a very entertaining story full of fantastic rhyme! This is a great book for summer reading programs.

‘Touched With Fire’ by Christopher Datta – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books / April 21, 2014

This is a tremendously amazing story for all of you who are History lovers! Christopher Datta does an outstanding job in bringing the horrible act of slavery and the Civil War to life… too vivid. Based on the true story of Ellen Craft makes it even more interesting. Read the story to discover how much is accurate…even better, read my Interview with Christopher Datta on http://rockinbookreviews.com and discover much more about this story and the outstanding author. Ellie was raised a slave by her biological father, who had raped her mother, and her mother was sold to another within a short period of time after Ellen’s birth.  Ellen was very white skinned with dark hair. The father insisted on keeping her and raising her as his legitimate daughter’s companion. However, Ellie was forever reminded she was a slave and refused education or equal treatment.  Rejected by the Negros because of her color and fine hand me down clothes, and not allowed to associate with the whites other than a slave to her half sister, Ellie was bitter and determined to not encourage association with either but to remain single and a slave in her father’s house until she could perhaps…

I Am Delighted to Introduce a Talented New Author, Christopher Dtta, and His New Hitorical Novel, ‘Touched With Fire!
Uncategorized / April 21, 2014

       Christopher, you are an amazing man, having accomplished many other talents and achievements before adding becoming a successful author to your profile!  I am in awe of you! 1.     Very little is posted about Christopher Datta – the person.  Where were you raised? Were there other   siblings? If so, how many sisters? Brothers? I was born in the early 1950s in Washington, DC, and I live there today, about fourteen blocks from the Capitol building, the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress.  I also spent many years in Minnesota and graduated there from high school and the University of Minnesota.  My father was an American diplomat and I also spent time overseas as a child in Thailand, Korea and the Philippines.   I have two brothers and a sister, and I’m the eldest.  I also have a son, a war orphan I adopted from Sierra Leone in West Africa.  He is now in his 20s.  That must have been an incredibly interesting childhood! I am certain you gained much insight on many levels. You have, no doubt, been a wonderful role model for your younger siblings.  That you adopted that young man states a lot about your…

Angelfall by Susan Ee – Book Review by Sabrina
Adult Books / April 20, 2014

As I was scrolling down the reviews this book had a ton of 4 and 5 start ratings and I had heard good things about it so I was a little disappointed that the book didn’t really entertain me as much as I’d hope. To be fair, I thought Angelfall was well written. It portrayed angels in a completely unique and new way (at least to me) which is always a positive when you read as many books as I do. As I was reading it I kept thinking that it had all the elements of a great book, such as its uniqueness, I think Penryn was both a very strong and a caring female character, Raffe was all that one can hope, and there was some  action. That being said I really was kind of bored with the story. I felt very disconnected from the whole setting and the characters. I felt that the world building was half done. Its very vague in many ways. The angels are there and no one no why, all the cars are gridlocked and empty but they work, etc. I feel like we got a view of what the present scene was with…

“Ricki” by Lou Honderich – Book Review by LAWonder10

Ricki is a touching story of a hearing impaired girl, her love of horses, and her desire to be treated as a normal girl.  The story covers over a year in this young girls life, including having to change from her comfortable school setting to a school setting not as accepting of others who are different. A brief insight into others silent world is beneficial to all. The author adds a page of the American Sign Language Alphabet we would all do well to learn. This is entertaining, uplifting and simply, but well written. A great chapter book for early readers. The Title fits the story well and the book cover is simple but effective…who isn’t attracted to horses! The characters seem real and the background scenes are portrayed well. This is perfect for older mid to older elementary age children as well as for middle school age students to read. Also a great book for Book Club perusal. Recommended for all the family. My review rating of this book is a Four Stars rating. *This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review, of which I have given.   PURCHASE THIS BOOK FROM AMAZON HERE. [raw]…

‘The Bali Mystery’ Book Release Celebration and Book Giveaway April 17 – 24! Watch for my Review of this book on April 24th!
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / April 17, 2014

Very talented author, Linda Weaver Clarke, has just released her amazing new Mystery series Book One, ‘The Bali Mystery – Amelia Moore Detective Series Book Release Celebration and Book Giveaway April 17 – 24! You have a chance to win a cozy mystery: The Bali Mystery – Amelia Moore Detective Series. Amelia Moore, the founder of the Moore Detective Agency, specializes in missing persons. Her cases have taken her to some very interesting places and put her in some dangerous situations, but she always solves the case. With the help of Rick Bonito, her business is flourishing. When Mrs. Brody hires Amelia and Rick to find her missing brother, they find themselves in Bali, Indonesia. They are mystified why her brother quit his job, put his home up for sale, and ran off to this mysterious and exotic island without telling a soul. Author:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Linda Weaver Clarke travels throughout the United States, teaching a “Family Legacy Workshop,” encouraging people to write their family history and autobiography. She is the author of the historical romance series, “A Family Saga in Bear Lake, Idaho,” which includes: Melinda and the Wild West – a semi-finalist for the “Reviewers Choice Award 2007,” and a new mystery…

‘Switchback’ by Clair M. Poulson – Book Review by LAWonder10

Private Investigator, Rocky Revada, takes on a missing horse case which ends up to be a deadly one…the most deadly he had ever encountered. A fast-paced story which includes not only a lot of action but also a little romance.  Former acquaintances, Glen and Sharise Grisley, interrupts Rocky’s much needed vacation wish urgent pleas to save  their ranch from ruination by finding their stolen horses. After much debate he gave into the delicate pleadings of a beautiful woman he once cared for. Soon he discovered it wasn’t simply theft but murder as well…a murder which led to other threats- including his own possible demise . The plot is slightly stretched out, yet through Clair Poulson’s talents, the reader’s interest is always kept alive. The characters seem real and the background scenes are clear. It is especially entertaining for Christians and others who do not approve of bad language and sexual situations. Totally “clean”! The title is okay but not totally fitting to the “meat” of the tale. The book cover fits the title well and is eye-catching but not totally. The voice of Jason Tatom was effective in reading the book on CD. His narrative talent in  made it sound…

‘Mirror Image’ by Clair M. Poulson – Book Review by LAWonder10

  A very young woman felt she was finally safe – fleeing with a handsome man from the frightening, abusive situation she endured with her cruel father and brother. They were married in Las Vegas and she was now protectively pregnant with their child.  While traveling on a highway in Utah, one snowy night, something dark rushed onto the highway and stopped. Unable to stop the vehicle in time, it skidded into the object then all went black. When she awoke, she was alone with strange people in a hospital and her husband was never seen.  She was in severe pain and was rushed to the labor room where twin boys were delivered by C-Section…Twin boys she would never see, never hold. When seven years old, Rafe witnessed his adoptive mother get murdered at a robbery of their local bank. Although for years following he suffered frequent nightmares, he lived a productive life on a ranch and riding in rodeos where he gained fame. Greg was a dynamic basketball player in High School, and gained much public attention. Lyndsay had a crush on him but their lifestyles were very different. She one day noticed in a newspaper Greg’s picture on…

‘Blind Side’ by Clair M. Poulson – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / April 12, 2014

  Noletta Fahr was enjoying a nice autumn day with a hike in the mountains. She had only began her hike with her adopted dog, Taffy, when she heard a gun shot then froze when she happened upon a man lying on the ground with red flowing out of his chest. Just beyond him, through the branches and with the bright, blinding sunset behind him, stood a man. As light glinted off the object in his hand, a shot was fired and struck Noletta in the head and all went black…It remained black. Although Noletta miraculously lived, the bullet severed the optical nerves and she would remain blind for the rest of her life. Taffy, had become a trained guide dog. Having suffered abuse as a pup, the dog always growled at men. Embarrassing as it was, Noletta had not been able to break Taffy of that habit. Could she be able to identify the killer? This was apparently a concern because a year and a half later, Taffy was stolen and Noletta was now alone in her dark existence.  Detective Martin Atkinson was assigned to the case. New situations arose and a few twists to the plot occurred which…

‘In Plain Sight’ by Clair M. Poulson – Book Review by LAWonder10

Donte Noble is living a nightmare, wandering from town to town, hiding in plain sight,until somehow he can clear his name. His own fiance’ believed him guilty of a serious crime an d only one person still believed in him…but can that one person stay safe and somehow help him?  When all hoe and prayers seemed in vain, he unexpectedly came into contact with one other person who believed his story and was determined to help – Clive Granger.  What Clive thought would be a little insight for the police to investigate in the correct directions, ended up futile. He was determined to see justice done at all costs. Although this had some interesting twists and was written well, it was very predictable and a little cheesy but still a good story. The title fit ell and the book cover was done well. The character development was very real and the scenes depicted well. I was somewhat undecided on the rating but concluded, though my review of this book, it earned a weak Four Stars rating. PURCHASE THIS BOOK FROM AMAZON HERE. [raw] [/raw]

‘Seeking Wisdom From God: A Quest for Truth’ by Thomas H. Walker – Book Review
Adult Books , Spiritual/inspiring / April 10, 2014

  Author Thomas H. Walker brings out some very important points in this literary work. It is well-written and many situations and examples are used to strengthen his views.  However, as he indicates, he is not a theologian and has missed several important parts of the bible in stating his beliefs. Still, this book is worthy of applaud.  The Title is very fitting and the book cover is equally applicable. Although I disagree with some of his views, and can refute some of his statements through biblical scripture, its message is effective. My review of this book offers a weak Four Stars rating. This book was sent to me for an honest review, of which I have given. Purchase This Book From Amazon Here. [raw] [/raw]

‘The Turning’ by Davis Bunn – Read My Book Review Below! – LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / April 9, 2014

    ..A very realistic drama of opposing forces that will certainly catch every Christian and even non-Christian’s attention!Several people are brought together without knowing why. Other individuals are set on their “course” unwilling to let anything or anyone interfere. The two will certainly eventually interact with each other.This novel was very difficult for me to “get into” at first while the author was establishing the foundation for the story. Once the foundation was set, the story became captivating. It inspired the reader to contemplate what his/her own position would be in similar circumstances. This is n ideal book for YA and Adult Book Clubs. There are some very good discussion topics prevalent to today’s world.Written under a similar idea that “Taken” was written, this tale addressed a different aspect of what has been prophesied of the “Last Days”.The character development was well “thought-out” and very real. The readers was able to easily visualize the background scenery. Although somewhat intriguing, I felt the Title could have been more eye-catching. However, the book cover fit the story well.My review of his book offers a strong Four Stars rating. Highly recommended to YA and Adults, as well.* I received a complimentary copy…

‘Deadline’ by Clair M. Poulson
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / April 8, 2014

Dallas was ecstatic when he was hired directly out of Grad School by the El Paso Chronicle as a journalist. He didn’t much care for one of his co-workers but Heather was a good journalist and had been very helpful and pleasant. His boss was a great Chief Editor until something went terribly wrong. Dallas had nobody to turn to that he trusted except for Heather and the man who persuaded him years ago to become a journalist – Mike. This is a fast-paced mystery/suspense story of deceit, blackmail, criminal activity, discovery, trust, integrity, friendship, self-preservation. The Title did not seem like a good “fit” and the book cover was passable, but the story itself was action=packed and never dragged. It was wonderfully “clean” ! The Characters were very real and easily visualized. The background scenes were descriptive enough they were portrayed to the reader . My review of this book offers a strong Four Stars rating. PURCHASE THIS BOOK FROM AMAZON HERE. [raw] [/raw] My Perception: This is, once more, evidence that mystery/suspense novels do not need profanity or sex scenes to make them truly interesting. I have enjoyed all of Poulson’s books and not once has he found…

JOIN THIS DAVIS BUNN SWEEPSTAKES PROMOTION OF HIS NEW BOOK ‘The Turning’ Anytime between April 1st to the 15th! Enter daily!
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / April 8, 2014

About ‘The Turning’ ISBN (Trade Paperback): 978-0802411686 304 pages April 1, 2014 from River North, a division of Moody Publishers http://theturningbook.com/ SYNOPSIS: The message was unexpected but instantly recognizable. A voice resonated from a distance and somehow from within.  Against all earthly logic, it carried a divine command.  And five very different people knew they were summoned to obey. Their actions were demanding, but not particularly grand.  Only later would they see a pattern emerge – one that links their tasks together and comes to challenge the cultural direction of the nation.  They realize that one small personal response unveiled a new realm of moral responsibility.  And this affirmation of everyday hope captures the attention of millions. But power and money are at stake.  Malicious elements soon align themselves to counter the trend.  To succeed they must also undermine its source.  Can we really believe that God speaks to people today?  Surely this must be dismissed as superstition or delusion.  These well-intentioned but misguided individuals should not be allowed to cast our society back into the Dark Ages. The public debate and media frenzy place an unprecedented spotlight on knowing and doing God’s will.  The five encounter threats, but try…

‘Austenland’ by Shannon Hale – Book Review by LAWonder10
Adult Books , Young Adult Books / April 7, 2014

An intriguing story of a fickle woman dissatisfied in life and love, gifted an opportunity to experience a living fantasy in Austenland. It is written in an unusual manner but easily followed. The story is somewhat predictable but is well written and a clean, entertaining book to enjoy. The characters were portrayed well but many were actors so it was difficult to discover which were acting and which were genuine until the end of the tale. The scenic background could have been more descriptive so the reader could have better envisioned it.Still, for light reading with little need of concentration, this was a great book too relax by.My review of this book offers it a Four Stars rating. PURCHASE THIS BOOK FROM AMAZON HERE. [raw] [/raw]  My Perception:  I think many of us get caught up in our fantasies and sometimes let very real opportunities pass us by.  Some are so eager to “fall in love” that he/she rushes relationships or “fall into” them hoping for that fantasy to be fulfilled. Relationships need to build steadily and requires work on both individuals part. Although a genuine relationship only works when there is loving respect by both individuals, it requires sacrifice and…

Introducing the Amazing Multi-talented Author Clair M Poulson! There is much more to the man than one is aware of!
Uncategorized / April 6, 2014

          Not only is Clair M. Poulson a talented author but he also farms, ranches, raises unique animals, and is a former Law Officer and now a county judge! I have been a fan of Clair M. Poulson’s books for years and am eager to have all of you join me in getting to know him better ! 1.               Clair, you were raised on a farm and ranch and your mother was a librarian. In what ways do you feel this setting had an  impact  on your love of reading? For the formative years of my life we did not have a television. I had lots of chores to do on the farm, but my free time was spent reading. I formed a love of reading early and it has never left me. I read scores of books a year but watch very little TV.  I am sure this had an influence on you.  My parents were among the first to get a TV yet I was still a bookworm. 2.  You were born and raised in a small community of Utah. Were you ever anxious to leave? What influenced  you to return to this area to  raise…

‘Checking Out’ by Clair M. Poulson – Book Review by LAWonder10

  Keene Tempest was, regrettably, temporarily leaving his dreams behind to accept his position assigned him by his family at the unexpected death of his mother.  He was the youngest, smallest, and had been the most devoted to his mother.  It wasn’t because he was always bullied by his older siblings that he was putting all things he was working for aside in Los Angeles to run the family hotel in Hardy, Montana, but because of love for his mother and his honor.  He was going to take leave of his education and reserve position as a police officer to make sure the hotel is managed and secure efficiently, then he would hire someone to continue running the hotel. He, then,  would return to Los Angeles to finish his degree and return to being a police detective. He had worked hard for this and he was not going to let this setback keep him from obtaining his dreams. What he anticipated would be a dull, quiet country town, quickly became a rapidly increasing crime-ridden place…crimes directly affecting him and his family! The author opens with an action packed prologue and never allows the adventures and suspense to slow down. From…

‘The Darkest Minds’ by Alexandra Bracken – Book Review by Sabrina
Adult Books / April 5, 2014

I just finished a book called The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. I really like it but in full disclosure there were a few F bombs and GD but not much. It would definitely fall under pg13. Anyway here is the review if you want to read it. This book was really well written and the title fit the book quite perfectly I think. I really liked the premise and though sometimes I felt the entertainment value kind of slacked at times it was so good that I couldn’t put it down. The characters were so well developed that I felt I could describe them as well as I could my good friends and I really liked the characters. There was a little romance but I like that there was no forced hurry to make them madly in love with each other and it really didn’t come into play until the last quarter or so of the book. I am really excited to see where this book goes in the next two books.  I gave The Darkest Minds a book review rating of 4.5 stars  PURCHASE THIS BOOK FROM AMAZON HERE. [raw] [/raw]

‘Sammy Squirrel and the Sunflower Seeds’ by Marvin S. Mayer – Book Review by LAWonder10
Children's Books / April 4, 2014

This tale was of a curious, adventurous little Squirrel who craved Sunflower seeds. He was warned against harm that would happen if he tlet temptation entrap him.  One day he just couldn’t resist…but then came the consequences. This is a chapter book for mid to older elementary age students. It is an easy reader. The book cover depicts the story plot well. The black & white illustrations done by Dick Johns are adequate. The story’s key points are: obedience, perseverance, overcoming trials, grief, joy, and unity. The characterization of the animals was well defined. The background scenes were portrayed well. My review of this book offers a Four Stars rating. I was generously gifted this book in exchange for an honest review, of which I have given. PURCHASE THIS BOOK FROM AMAZON HERE. [raw] [/raw]

Jennie Hanen’s Action/Suspence Novel – ‘Where the River Once Flowed’ – Book Review by LAWonder10

  The setting of this historical novel is in the late 1800s, after the Mexican/American War. Unrest still existed and flare-ups by the Mexicans and by Indians occasionally occurred. There was often much resentment by the Mexicans toward the Americans, but this was not the case in a small New Mexico town where the Sebastian Hacienda was located.  Therefore, it was upsetting to some when Don Sebastian sold the land to an American – Ross Adams – with a stipulation he marry Don’s granddaughter, Lliana, and their son become heir. The bordering neighbor – Ben Purdy – was especially angry..He must have that land or be destroyed! Travis Telford was a cowboy who headed round-ups of horses to sell to the Americans. He discovered the Sebastian ranch to have some of the finest horses he often included in the round-up. He soon became friends with Mr. & Mrs Adams and soon after, he became more involved in their family than he ever dreamed possible. This tale has a lot of action and suspense. The author effectively intertwines the lives and individual situations in her usual well-written, smooth manner.  This book will not disappoint the reader! The Title has a definite…

Join me in this Interview With Talented Author – Robynn Gabel!
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     Robynn, I am delighted to have you join me today for this personal interview to learn more about your writing and about you.        1.      On your websites, you often mention your childhood. Where did you grow up as a child? Give us a brief synopsis of your childhood experiences and memories which had a definite impact on your life. I lived a ‘gypsy’ life. My father moved around a lot seeking always a better paying job as a machinist. Though born in Ohio, I attended schools in Golden, CO, Riverside, CA and various schools later in CO and WY. Most of my memories are of Wheatridge, CO where I spent the longest part of my childhood. Since my father worked nights, my mother was our primary care giver. I remember she loved to tell stories of her childhood of growing up on the edge of the Great Depression and life on her grandparent’s farm. She could spin a fascinating story and her skill at rhyme and meter in poetry was amazing. The greatest impact of my childhood was attending a parochial school. Being a geek and constantly having my nose in a book made me a target for…

‘Windswept Hearts’ by Robynn Gabel – Book Review by LAWonder10

Can one believe this is a first novel of an author?  It is very hard to believe but it is true! In Windswept Hearts, Anna Sanchez has experienced a bittersweet year. She left the city to go to “settle things” in the country Where her maternal grandparents had lived  and raised her mother. Now it was up to her to set things in order before she began her new job in the city. While deciding what she should do,a couple of men ca,e into the scene but not really a love triangle, just competition. Although the story was somewhat predictable, it was written very well and had enough twists and adventure to captivate the reader’s attention…Each chapter left one eager to leap into the next! This was a good example of life – with its dangers, grief, heartaches, schemes, adventure, trials, joys, fears, and changes. The title reinforcement is made clear a couple of times in the tale so is a good fit. The book cover emphasizes the key points and is eye-catching as well. It is safe for parents to allow their YA to read. My review of this novel gives it a Five Stars rating. This book was…

Happy Anniversary To My Precious Husband!! I Offer My Heartfelt Review of This Family’s Story – Eight children & 27+ grandchildren, we have experienced many challenges and blessings!
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                   We have had years of trials, happiness, fun, sadness, adventure, separation,  closeness, but the most painful so far is the loss of our precious Katie! At least we enjoyed almost 21 years with her. This is joy and the true meaning and value of life. With all the ups and downs in life we grow in spirit, character, compassion, fortitude, unity and all the other many qualities gained from working together to move forward and overcome the tribulations. Now after 47 years of persevering, I feel I have a near perfect, husband and father and grandfather to our children. My review of this family is a strong Four + Stars. We aren’t totally successful yet but we are very near.