Blog tour: ‘Courting Carrie in Wonderland’ by arla Kelly!

March 30, 2017

I really enjoy talented author, Carla Kelly’s, books!

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Courting Carrie in Wonderland by Carla Kelly

Paperback, 320 pages
Published March 1st 2017 by Sweetwater Books
ISBN: 1462118720 (ISBN13: 9781462118724)
Struggling through college and balancing her summer job in Yellowstone Park with the Wylie Camping Company, Carrie McKay simply doesn’t have time to consider romance.
  Spanish American War Veteran Sergeant Major Ramsay Stiles also isn’t looking for love, busy with his own complicated affairs. But as the magic of Yellowstone starts making its way into their hearts, both begin to see love move up their priority list.


Carla Kelly has done it again – created a delightful historical romance!

This was a cute, relaxing tale, based on facts. This is a story of the turn of the 20th century Yellowstone park and tourist activity. This had a lot of interesting, factual events intertwined with references to the Spanish-American War events, tossed with the right amount of romance and adventure.

Unlike other books of her, it took me almost half the book to truly get into it. I felt the foundation of the story was a little too drawn out, lacking in the activity or energy needed to make it a great writing. Nevertheless, I am totally glad I did read it. It had enough factual history – noted by author at the end of the book – and adventure, plus romance, that it stirred the reader’s emotions with, slight, suspense from mid-way through, to  the very end.

The Book Cover and Title were a perfect “fit”! The characters were well-developed and felt alive. The background scenes were very visually depicted.

I offer a Three and a Half Stars rating.
*This book was sent as a gift. I am not asked to give a positive review. This is my honest review.

About the author:

Carla Kelly is a veteran of the New York and international publishing world. The author of more than thirty novels and novellas for Donald I. Fine Co., Signet, and Harlequin, Carla is the recipient of two Rita Awards (think Oscars for romance writing) from Romance Writers of America and two Spur Awards (think Oscars for western fiction) from Western Writers of America. She is also a recipient of a Whitney Award for “Borrowed Light,” “My Loving Vigil Keeping,” and “Softly Falling.”

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