Dragonkyn By Nathan Smith Jones Book Tour!

February 25, 2017

This is a fantastic series your young adult or older elementary child will love!

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About the book:

Marc used to think he was pretty ordinary, but he also used to think ice cream trucks didn’t sell ice cream and dragons were just fairy tales. Now he knows better. With skin that can’t be burned and strange powers he can’t explain, Marc soon discovers the truth: he is part dragon. And as he joins his fellow dragonkyn, his closest friends could quickly become his greatest enemies.

Book Depository:https://www.bookdepository.com/Dragonkyn-Nathan-Smith-Jones/9781462119783


This is an amazingly entertaining series youth will love! While the story gradually builds momentum, establishing the foundation, it does so in a manner which keeps the reader interested. By the time the tale’s pinnacle is reached, the reader is “hooked” and ready for more! This epic is certain to become a teen favorite!

Marc is a devoted son to his single mom. He is “from the wrong side of the tracks” so has only one close friend who is not socially accepted in school, either. He avoids bullies by keeping to himself and not doing anything to draw attention to himself…that is until one particular girl was dealt with unjustly.

The characters are cleverly and realistically developed. An individual would have to have a hard heart not to become totally endeared to Mark and his friend Luke.  The Book Cover and Title are perfect “fit” and will surely “catch the eye” of the “browser”.

This is definitely a Five Star Book!
^Although this was gifted me, I am under no obligation to give a positive review. This is my honest review.

About the author:

Nathan Smith Jones graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in English Literature. The fourth of eight children, he is the author of the Children’s book, “The Boy Who Ate America,” and several other novels and screenplays. He lives with his wife and five children in Utah..

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