‘For Love or Loyalty’ by Jennifer Hudson Taylor – Book Review by LAWonder10

October 30, 2013

13125054For Love or Loyalty is a good title for this touching historical romance novel.  It relates to more than one instance.

The serene appearance of the cover is also a good choice.  It is very descriptive of the female main character and the background hints at the storyline. It is light enough to be eye-catching and dark enough to set the verve of the story.

The characterization was solid and the reader felt a definite connection to each.

I love “highland” type stories. I find Ireland, Scottland, Wales contries to be so fascinating with a sense of mystic lore. However, only part of the story is in Scotland but is very much a story of early colonization before the Revolutionary War.  It reminds us there were many, other than black people, who were cruelly treated and made slaves of under the ruse of “indentured servants”.  Many of the “indentured servants” were never freed and many died under the deprivation and cruel treatments of slavery.

This is a story of a family clan severely wronged by another family clan.  The eldest son of a widow is determined to seek revenge and tries to get even in a partial way by implementing a hasty act to give him leverage against the other…It backfired!

Attitudes change and new adventures arise.  It is never dull in the experiences the main charcters of this novel encountered. Events steadily take place to keep the reader’s interest – on land or on sea.

This story’s contents include: change of heart, illness, violence, cruelty, slavery, “indentured servitude”, colonization of America, deprivation, reconciliation, family unity, love, selfishness, power & prestige.

I hesitate to give it a full Five Stas rating because, although well-written, it was quite predictable.  At the end, the “flow” was interrupted and lacked a little energy which left the reader slightly “deflated”.

I, still,  review this book giving it a strong Four and a Half Stars rating.

This book was generously sent to me by a publisher in exchange for an honest review, of which I have given.




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