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March 26, 2017

How to Become a Pirate Hunter by Marty Reeder

Paperback, 208 pages
Published March 1st 2017 by Sweetwater Books
ISBN: 1462119808 (ISBN13: 9781462119806
Not everyone is special. Or at least that’s what Eric believes. But when the new girl Charlotte tells him he’s a natural at hunting pirates, and offers to prove it, Eric can’t resist the adventure. Thrown in the middle of the Spanish Main, Eric must quickly accept his skills, or else succumb to the horrors of the dreaded Willard Pirate Twins.

Have you ever doubted yourself? Do you feel you don’t really have any notable talents? Do you struggle with school assignments? Then this book is for you!

This is a story about a young man who dreaded talking to his counselor or anyone else who asked about his future goals…he had none!

At school one day, he was rescued from a chalk board assignment, to give a new student  tour of the school so she would know where her classes and lunch area were. She was an unusual girl and actually seemed to like him.

Through trust in his new friend overcame his skepticism, he went on a journey with her to discover who he really was… A discovery, he may never return from.

I really liked this book for the fact it addresses a few issues many individuals have. It invokes the realization that nobody exists who doesn’t have individual worth and purposes.

The downside is, the first part of the book was hard to connect to and part of the story was difficult to blend into the tale. It lacked a smooth flow and transition. The book improved as it went on but slightly lacked energy in the ensuing adventures. However, it continued to build and ended with a abrupt , yet solid, ending.

I would give it a Three and a Half Stars rating
This book was sent as a gift and in no way am I asked to give a positive review. This is my honest review.

About the author:

Marty Reeder lives in Smithfield, Utah, with his wife and five children where he teaches Creative Writing and Spanish at the local high school. Though not a natural born pirate hunter, he taught sailing at Scout camps for many years and uses his history degree to fuel worlds of piracy and compensate for perhaps being born in the wrong time and place for his passions!

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