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I am excited to introduce you to three great authors and books, plus give one LUCKY U.S./Canada resident + one LUCKY International WINNER the opportunity to WIN ALL THREE BOOKS! There is a book for the child, the woman and the adults in your house!

This First Book Will Be A Delight For Toddlers and Early Elementary Age, donated by the author.


When Chuck the Rooster lost his voice, life on the farm began to go wrong. In an attempt to deal with the situation, the animals try to find a replacement from amongst themselves, to fill the sick rooster’s place. So they organize a singing contest. Will someone be found to take Chuck’s place? How will the rooster react to the idea? And will there be another “Farm Idol”? “When Chuck the Rooster Lost His Voice” is Dr. Sigal Haber’s children book. Its Theme was inspired by the world of organizational management in which she specialized for many years.

The story describes, with humor and wit, what happens when an employee in the imaginary animal farm has trouble functioning or is absent from work. The farm animals, who are amusingly anthropomorphized, are exposed to issues such as duty, cooperation, and dealing with the unexpected.

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(The Hebrew version [right] is available if the Winner prefers!)

A short bio about the Author: 

Sigal Haber is a mother of three children with an extensive experience in education and teaching.
Her love for literature and kids led her to the quest of writing for children.
As a University Prof. Sigal has taught and studied entrepreneurship for many years and had been involved with young entrepreneurs’ educational programs. Creativity and innovativeness, considered the core values of entrepreneurial behavior, are rooted in her thinking and writing.
In her books she brings her life experience and knowledge in a creative and humorous way to create a great reading experience for young readers.


JUST IN TIME BEFORE MOTHER’S DAY! A Book about A Mother Who Created Her Family Thru In Vitro Fertilization brought to us by:

Westwind Communications

One Mother’s Journey: Creating My Family Through In Vitro by Jennifer Prudenti

Blurb About the Book:

A book finally gives a voice to the untold thousands of women who quietly suffer the shots, hormone treatments, painful procedures, the emotional roller coaster, and the stress that goes along with In Vitro Fertilization.

“There are no other books written on this topic by an actual woman who used IVF,” says Prudenti. “There are clinical books, but no one has written a book about their personal journey.”

Until now.

Since her book came out, Prudenti, an advertising executive in New York, has been fielding calls and emails from women around the country  who want to know more.


About Jennifer Prudenti: Jennifer Prudenti is a senior advertising executive who has worked with the nation’s top publications including, Family Circle, Marie Claire, Essence, W Magazine, Self and others owned by Conde Nast Media. She is an author whose passion lies in helping people, particularly women. When she decided to conceive she knew that In Vitro Fertilization was her only option, but she and her husband had no idea how difficult a journey they faced. She hopes this book about the details of their long journey will truly help others considering the IVF process.

She lives in Albertson, N.Y., with her husband, Marty, their children, Sophia and Michael, and the family cats, Smudgie and Sabrina.


Are you – or do you know of anyone – in the market to purchase your first Home? Top Mortgage Expert Tells How To By Your First Home!

Another Book brought to us by:

Westwind Communications

My First Home: A step-by-step guide to achieving the ultimate American Dream by Shashank Shekhar   

Blurb About the Book:

After years of helping first-time homebuyers purchase a home, top mortgage lender and author Shashank Shekhar has taken what he’s learned and compiled it into his new book. My First Home: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving the Ultimate American Dream is an easy-to-understand and comprehensive guide that is a must-read for anyone who wants to someday have a place to call their own.

The book is already in the top ten of best sellers in multiple business categories in the first few days on Amazon.

With the housing market heating up nationwide and first time home buyers chomping at the bit to get a piece of the American Dream, this is the time when a book of this type is needed most.


Author Bio:

First time home buying is a special occasion in everyone’s life. But because of the complexities around it, most people approach it with a mix of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. This book was written with the sole purpose of making the process easier and more predictable. 

The book has tried to demystify the entire process by avoiding the jargon as much as possible. The book first helps you in deciding whether you are ready to buy or not and then gives a step by step instruction on what you can expect along the process should you decide to buy.
The book takes it a step further and even advises you on steps you can take to remain a happy home owner.
It’s broken down into 5 sections.
  • Section 1 is titled “Getting Ready”. It helps with the preliminary work you need to do to even consider home buying. 
  • Section 2 provides all the information you need to find your first home and get your offer accepted. 
  • Section 3 teaches you about different financing and down payment options. 
  • Section 4 details the loan process and the blunders to avoid. 
  • Section 5 is all about life after home ownership. From decorating ideas to how to pay off your mortgage faster, you will find invaluable tips in this section to stay a happy homeowner for years to come. 
    • U.S.A. and Canada Residents enter below for your opportunity to WIN ALL THREE BOOKS (Print copy)

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 International residents, enter below for the opportunity to WIN ALL THEE BOOKS (e-copy)

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