‘Quiet’ by Mary Martinez – Book Review by LAWonder10

September 4, 2013


The third book, ‘Quiet’ of the Beckett Series, is baffling to me.  I cannot truly relate the title to the story plot.  It could refer to a small portion of the story but not to the main content.  If you missed reading Book #1 of the series, you have missed the main foundation of the characters.  Although, this book briefly describes the other characters and situations, the reader will not get the full impact of the story unless the other previous books are read.

“Quiet’ centers on Christine and her law practice.  It also delves into the past situation vaguely referred to in the other books of the series.  She is a career-centered woman with no time or desire for a serious relationship.  The family has “adopted” the police detective who assisted them so much with the criminal situations of the other siblings.  He is, annoyingly, invited to all their family occasions.  He seems to enjoy irritating and teasing her.  It seems her family is trying to play match-maker, of which she has no interest in pursuing.

The story continues where ‘Innocent’ left off, then evolves into a murder investigation which involves both her and the detective, making it impossible to keep the distance between them.  Each time they are forced to be together they have an argument.  He seemed to bring out the worse in her.  He couldn’t believe she actually shared the same genes as the rest of the Beckett family, who were always so nice and congenial.  All the times they were together,  “fireworks” combusted – both the good and bad kind of “fireworks”… How can that be possible?

The mystery and suspense holds the reader to the very end.  Although this novel is full of profanity, the sexual content isn’t as explicit.

Main topics: murder, courtroom drama, mystery/suspense, romance, single parenthood, career-minded, deceit, abuse, & family unity.

I do hope there is a Book#4.  I think Matthew’s story could be very interesting and unique.

The author allowed me to receive  the whole series for an honest review, of which I have given.

I review this book giving it a solid Four Stars rating.


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  • Karin Wakefield September 9, 2013 at 1:03 am

    How do you accept books to be reviewed? Do you have an agreement? I am asking on behalf of a writer of international thrillers. Thank you. Karin Wakefield

    • LAWonder10 September 9, 2013 at 5:24 am

      Karen, After I am contacted by the Author I simply give the address to send a print copy of their book(s).
      I am at present getting backed up. I do not want to make my authors wait several months for their reviews.
      I do, however, read & review as I receive the books. If they are willing to wait that is their prerogative.
      Thank you for inquiring. I will email you a letter of my book review policies.
      Thank you.
      Lu Ann