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December 19, 2016

Seasons Within by Lele Iturrioz
(Acorn Publishing)
Publication date: December 15th 2016
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

Most teenage girls know their name, where they came from, who they are. Not G, a beautiful redhead with unusual markings on her wrist. She gets her name from a silver locket she keeps around her neck, unaware the engraved letter “G” on its front holds the secret to her past.

G’s life before the age of six has been a mystery to her. Each night for the last twelve years she’s been haunted by the same nightmare—a war. Horrendous beasts, warriors able to wield the four elements, and a boy who saves her by means of blue fire taunt her memory. But on her eighteenth birthday, G’s life begins to unravel. When she meets her new Chemistry professor, a man with an uncanny resemblance to the boy who saves her, she knows there must be more to her dreams.

It’s dangerous not knowing who you are, what you’re capable of, and what future awaits you. Especially when the darkness that slaughtered your entire world, just found you.

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DUST. Everything was covered in dust and ashes.

Nádúr Noc, the main city of Terra was once beautiful and full of life. Not like that night, the night the darkness descended from the far land of Ifreann.

Now, the round city of Nádúr Noc was dark, burned, and destroyed.

Trees were no longer big and full of different green and golden, bright colors. The river Enosi, a river that surrounded the city with its peaceful crystalline water was now a rapid of blood and death. As for the sky, once bright and blue, it was now filled with dark smoke so thick, it made it nearly impossible to see the remains of the Zansèt Palace; a magnificent castle in the middle of the city made of pearls, flowers, rocks, and vines.
On that night, there was no music and laughter. The only thing anybody could hear were screams and the desolate pleas of the in-habitants. Fear, pain, and unimaginable loss.

This city wasn’t the ruins of any ordinary war, it was the ruins between the light side of nature and the darkest of evils. Beasts and other horrendous creatures destroyed everything that they came across. Killed everyone in their sight. Soulless creatures who lived to torture. Answering to no one, no one except Him, the one who owned the darkness. The one who hell itself was afraid of.

Author Bio:

Major geek by day, hermit writer by night! Love books, sugar gliders and everything that comes in a delicious taco.
I’m the author of the YA fantasy  series, Seasons Within

I spend my time writing,  planning on  writing, reading, drinking coffee like there was no tomorrow, MMA and chilling with my friends and loved ones.

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The Five Fables of Terra

Nature has its own will
Never take more than what you need
We are not one but many
Not everything good comes from light, not everything evil comes from darkness
Balance is Nature’s true freedom.
Nádúr Noc
“The Round City”
Center of Terra, inside the river Enosi and its ten creeks.
Main city, circled five times by the river and separated by its ten creeks, home of the castle, parliament, library and the Arena where the “Compos Mentis” games are held.
Main House: The Castle
Temple: None
Hometown Of: Edan and Willow
Main Characteristics of Habitants
       * Politics                               * Knowledge
       * Logical                              * Perceptive
  • Each year, every child of five years old needs to present his/her element before the Queen.
  • Every element wielder needs the Parliament’s approval before passing the Temple of their element.
  • Every 1st of the month, the plaza will hold the Five Cities’ Market Day.
  • They hold the “Compos Mentis” tournament at the arena.
  • Education is a priority.
Food: Mix of food from all the cities, sweets, more extravagant food.
Name of Natural Resources:
  • Lake Enosi
  • Ten Creeks
Dress sandals  
Shirts buttoned
Elegant vests
Fitted pants
Dress sandals
Hip version of Greek style dresses, always elegant, golden belts
Hair curled and styled, jewels in hair
   G                               ??                                         Symbol: Birthmark on wrist
Name                  Last Name                             
Age: 18                                                                    City on Earth: Truckee
Birthdate: December 15th (Her real one is unknown so Priyam choose this day)
Eyes: gray
Hair: natural bright red, long wavy.
Body type: small
Element: ?
Always getting into trouble, stubborn, curious, sees good in everyone, constantly trying to figure out who she is and how no to disappoint her loved ones.
Edan (sometimes), chocolate, nature, her new family, her best friend Priyam.
Edan (sometimes), lies, doctors, the feeling of not belonging and unanswered questions.
G was found at the age of 6 pacing around the forest of Truckee. She was taken to the children’s home where she met her best friend Priyam. Before that day she has no memory of her life or identity. She wears an old silver locket with an engraved “G” and two birthmarks, a Five Fold symbol on the bottom of her wrist and a triple spiral on the back of her neck. Every night she has the same nightmare.   
Edan                               ??                                       Symbol: The Three Markings’ scars
Name                  Last Name                             
                                                                                 City on Terra: Nádúr Noc
Age: 21                                                                     City on Earth: London
Birthdate: December 16th
Eyes: green
Hair: light brown, messy
Body type: toned
Element: Fire (Blue. Rare thing, even in Terra)
Greek shaped nose, perfectionist to the core, responsible, smart, alpha male, trust issues, tormented, deep problems with his past, wears a leather forearm cuff to hide his Three Marking scars from humans.
G, cooking, nature, alone time, plans and lists.
G’s talent on getting into trouble, his secrets, his past.
Edan takes a teaching job on Truckee’s high school where he meets G. Everything about his past is kept a secret but G is sure their pasts are connected somehow.
Willow                   Thénardier                                       Symbol: Sakura tree tattoo
Name                  Last Name                             
                                                                                  City on Terra: Nádúr Noc
Age: 19                                                                    City on Earth: Quebec, Canada
Birthdate: September 1st  
Eyes: amber
Hair: pale blonde, long, most of the times it’s held on a messy ponytail
Body type: sporty fit
Element: Earth
Freckles on her straight nose, Sakura watercolor tattoo on her ribcage, constantly wearing yoga pants and cropped tops, Shui is her best friend, she collects all kinds of flowers, seeds, etc. and has a circular tribal mark with a tree and a leaf on the top of her left wrist.  
Edan, nature, flowers, making Veter mad, collecting seeds and flowers.
G’s lack of concentration, her one sided feelings for Edan and the Marked One.   
Klog                               Mor                                    Symbol: Corona beer
Name                  Last Name                             
                                                                                 City on Terra: Moonstrand
Age: 224                                                                 City on Earth: Traveled across CA
Birthdate: August 1st
Eyes: blue
Hair: grey-white, long, and messy, with braids and flowers
Body type: normal
Element: Fire
Very direct, owns a potpourri/crystal/glass molding shop, sees Hunter and Edan as her own children and has a circular tribal mark with a flame coming out of an infinity symbol on top of her left wrist.  
G, Edan, and all the Six, beer, and how life changes
Watching G going through so many problems, warm beers, intolerance, ignorance, narcissism and the Marked One
The Twins
Pink                             Morrissey                            Symbol: pink Mohawk
Name                  Last Name                         
Floyd                          Morrissey                            Symbol: dirty blond Mohawk
Name                  Last Name                         
Age: 17                                                                          City on Terra: None – HUMANS
Birthdate:  June 20th                                             City on Earth: Katoomba, Australia
Eyes: light blue
Hair: PINK- short pastel pink Mohawk
          FLOYD- blond Mohawk with double braids on his sides ending in small ponytails
Body type: slim
Element: None                              Talent: Experts in close combat and all weapons
Traits: Damn crazy,
Likes: Love swords, guns, anything that is sharp, worthy adversaries, and Doritos.
Dislikes: The Marked One, the death of their parents, wooden swords.
The twins always grew up in combat. Their parents Cooper and Alice loved oldies songs, teaching martial arts and close combat. After the death of their parents, Pink and Floyd met Veter and the rest of the Six. Their talent on fighting was so incredible, that even without belonging to Terra, the group invited the Twins to join them.


Height: 12” from head to tail.

Physical Traits: Half spider, half scorpion. They have thick spikes all over its body.

Fighting Traits: Fastest beasts in Terra. No one can outrun them. They are bloodthirsty beasts that kill everything on their way, even other beasts.


Height: 6” standing up.

Physical Traits: they are blind creatures that resemble werewolves but walk on fours like regular wolves. Instead of hair, they have needles. They have rotten skin and long spikes coming out of their elbows.

Fighting Traits: they are excellent trackers. Their needles vibrate when they detect the scent of their victims. They hunt on packs and like hiding in shadows.


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