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May 22, 2017

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  Shatter by Nikki Trionfo

Published May 9th 2017 by Sweetwater Books
146212013X (ISBN13: 9781462120130

About the book:

Sixteen-year-old Salem knows her sister Carrie’s death was no accident-it was a conspiracy. But no one else at her high school believes her, and all she has so far are theories and clues. With Carrie’s killers still out there, Salem’s not sure who she can trust. If she can’t she prove she’s right before it’s too late, Salem might end up sharing Carrie’s fate.

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Having their mother “disappear” when Carrie was ten and her sister, Salem, was nine. Since Carrie was older, she took on the “mother role” in the family, that is, until her life was suddenly ended at seventeen-years-old. Salem reflected on several conversations with Carrie and on the change of behavior over the summer and concluded Carrie was murdered, yet nobody would believe her! Carrie was in advanced classes at the High School and involved in protests. She was confident and brave. Salem was quiet and reserved. She certainly didn’t feel brave, but she was determined some how she would get someone to believe her about Carrie’ death.

There was a battle going on within the community. Would more lives be lost?

Carrie was unsure who she could trust, even among those close to her, Shocking events, unfold causing her to realize she doesn’t really know what anyone would do under given circumstances.

The characters in the story “come alive” and the scenes are easily visualized. The Title is a good “fit” but the Book Cover doesn’t depict the content well, yet is eye-catching”.

The only problem I had with this very captivating tale, is the reflection between present and past in the first part of the book. It felt quite “choppy” and slightly  confusing. As the tale progressed, it smoothed out and had a good “flow” to it. The story steadily moved along with several “twists”.

This earns a strong Four Star rating,
  • This book was gifted to me but I was not pressured in any way to give a positive review. This is my honest review.

About the author:

Nikki is a published short-story author and serve as the social coordinator of the LDStorymakers conference and chair of Storymakers Tribe. Shatter won the grand prize for all categories in the LDStorymakers’ First Chapter Contest and first place in the League of Utah Writers’ YA manuscript category. Nikki works in online marketing and, as a start to building a readership-platform, hosts a writing webinar channel with over a thousand views on YouTube under the name Fifty First Chapters.

My Interview with Nikki Trionfo

Nikki, what was your favorite part of being raised in California?  ( Family fun, activities, opportunities, etc.)

Sunshine and a neighborhood pool, no question. I played tennis and walked to school. Soccer and baseball were big in my family. We were just outside a lot. Even in the winter, with thick blankets of fog hovering over the orchards, the temperatures weren’t super low, though the wet air chilled me pretty good. We biked and walked through hidden alleyways and parks that weaved through our neighborhood. Lots of good memories.

I really enjoy parts of California. It is a beautiful state.

You stated you had never experienced being in snow until you went to the University in UT. What was it like to experience snow for the first time?

I saw snow falling for the first time at BYU when I was eighteen. It was so beautiful, I almost liked it. Lol

I prefer sun. ☺

You and half of my children!

You became an eighth-grade science teacher after you graduated. What was your greatest challenge in teaching that age level? The best part of it?




The kids themselves. If you love a 13-year-old, he or she will love you back. They may not show that love always (or ever for that matter), but they are desperate for affection and inclusion. All attachments are a matter of identity to them. It makes their life stressful. But I loved them with all my 20-year-old heart!

I substituted in the Middle Grade School a few times. To me that was the most challenging age to teach! I agree, in most cases, if the students know you really care, they respond much better. I have a lot of respect for teachers who truly want to teach.

You have multiple websites. What is the purpose of

Oh, that’s not my website. ☺ That’s a site with info on all family activities in Utah. I advertised my Shatter launch party on that site for people looking for a place to land with their teens and kiddos.

That is interesting. It comes up under your media! It looks like a great site!

While developing a Playlist, were any of the lyrics to any of the songs used as an inspiration in your writing or were they all chosen later?

Some were inspirational. Desaparecidos by Mana is a song about victims of Argentinian political violence. I used to play it over and over again when I was in my teens, trying to learn Spanish. I used to think a lot about why my life was so good and other people’s weren’t. A lot of those thoughts went into Shatter.

We Used to Be Friends by Dandy Warhols is the theme song of the Veronica Mars Soundtrack. VM was my inspiration for Shatter! I had to put that song on my playlist.

My daughter and I choose other songs based on lyrics or a mood that went with the chapter. I had so much fun thinking over options with her.

That is so Kool you included your young daughter in that manner!

In creating your Playlist” for your novel, what process did you go through deciding which music to choose?

I really wanted Cordero to be represented. He’s Mexican and definitely listens to Spanish music. Plus, I love Spanish music, both the hip-hop sounding cross-over stuff with traces of English here and there and the more traditional salsas. Enrique Iglesias forever!

I also wanted the music to be very current. I see the story as being a slice of living history. I wanted teens to hear the rhythm of their own life as they listened to the music.

You did a Fantastic job!

With all your various projects, activities, writing, plus a large family, what is a typical week like in the life of Nikki Trionfo?

Ha! How much space do you have? I wake up when my kids do and help the older ones out the door to school. I call my 4-year-old my life partner. When he’s not at preschool or with friends, we do everything together. I even took him with me to hand out flyers at a high school for my launch party. He’s better at marketing than I am!  I write when the kids are at school and again once they are in bed, often staying up until midnight. I’m busiest after school is out and on the weekends. I’m a soccer coach, dance mom, piano-lesson chauffeur, Sunday school teacher and cook. I sometimes even clean.

Ugh! It “blows my mind” how you do it all!

What is your next big project?

You’re killing me! The truth is that I have nothing in the works with Cedar Fort because Shatter’s sales numbers will dictate everything. But I have a “comedic mystery of romantic proportions” that I’m dying to show it to the world. It’s like Austenland set inside a Spanish telenovela. It’s called My True Train Telenovela. In a few months, I’ll probably pitch it. Here’s the blurb for it:

Wanting to find her Argentinian roots, sixteen-year-old Zoya watches so many Spanish telenovelas that she falls in love with teen actor/singer Emilio Mirazza. She thinks her dreams have come true when she scores a trip aboard the train on which his band will tour the U.S. When a saboteur strikes Emilio, though, members of his fan club convict Zoya of the crime! In order to prove real love exists, Zoya must escape the detective’s son Felix, board the train as a stowaway, and save Emilio’s career by sleuthing out the real villain—all before Felix’s romantic lure ruins Zoya’s perfect affection for her idol forever.

Oo-oo-oo! That sounds really good! I can’t wait!

What tips would you give to an individual wanting to publish his/her writing?

Be kind in your thoughts to people who are establishing themselves in the art of writing and also in the marketplace of being an author. Rather than celebrate their failures to validate your own achievements, support them. Give them a hand. Love them despite their gaffs. Realize they are humans who hopefully someday will be great at what they do. That way, when you’re lucky enough to start establishing your own name, you have firm practice in how to see yourself. As a human who hopefully someday will be great at what you do.

Amen! I admire those you have the courage to write what is n their hearts and minds and dare to dream!

It has been a pleasure, Nikki! I look forward to reading more great books by you! I urge all our readers to visit your media sites and follow you closely.

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  • Anita Yancey May 22, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    I enjoyed your review of the book the most. It sounds like a fantastic read.

  • Anne May 22, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    I enjoyed reading about the author’s life in California. It sounded very special, memorable and beautiful.

  • Nikki Trionfo May 23, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    Lu Ann, you are a gem. Thank you for this wonderful review. I really enjoyed hearing your reaction to my interview questions, too! As a debut author, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking a chance on Shatter!! You have a great blog here!

    • LAWonder10 May 24, 2017 at 5:56 am

      Nikki, thank you for those kind words and for the Interview
      & Giveaway. I hope in the near future we can meet in a “live”
      recording…Perhaps a guest post?
      You had a wonderful book. I am sure we will be reading many
      more amazing stories from you in the future. I am looking
      forward to it.
      Lu Ann

  • Rachel Stones June 1, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    Can’t wait to read it!

  • Amber H June 1, 2017 at 10:02 pm

    I can’t wait to read Shatter! Love the tip you give to unpublished authors. I really admire authors who turn around to help other writers up that mountain.

    • LAWonder10 June 3, 2017 at 10:45 am

      Amber, thank you for your comments. Shatter was very
      enjoyable and I hope you get to read it soon.
      Lu Ann