‘Starlet’s Web’ by Carla J. Hanna – Book Review by LAWonder10

June 1, 2013



This was a difficult book for me to “get into”.  It seemed very repetitive and  to drag through most of the book.  Carla Hanna generously donated it in exchange for an honest review and this is.  I really hate when I cannot lend a firm support to new authors. This is my “take ” of the story.

One:  This is meant to be a Young Adult book. I suppose it would be listed as a “New” YA book. (I think that “new” genre is ridiculous. Does “more mature” mean many who object to profanity and sexual explicitness are not mature?)  I feel it would benefit all, if we put more emphasis on the importance of Literary language and a more moral society.  We cannot accomplish this by applauding the use of crude words and descriptive, explicit sex.  If we want a better society for future generations we need to precipitate our education and literature to a level of moral integrity.  With that said, I would not recommend this novel for YA. It contains profanity, and obsessive sexual thoughts and promiscuity.

More than a story, it seems like a dairy of a Starlet.  Marie was a child star who will soon be turning eighteen.  She is unsettled with the way her career is moving.  Hollywood publicists has forced the breakup between her and her boyfriend and present co-star. The boy she is truly in love with has been her best friend since childhood.  She can’t let him know how she feels about him or he will surely stop being her best friend.  She is so lonely she cannot stand that thought. Her parents are divorced.  Her mother is filming in another country and her Father lives too far away to be of any help.  She has people controlling her life: her physical trainer, her wardrobe and make-up assistants, her mom, her directors, her producers, and the many other agents and publicists.  She loves to act but hates the interviews, social engagements and the awards ceremonies. Her dad persuades her to spend her Senior year at High School at an actual school so she can graduate with others instead of just having a GED.

Complications and some drama arises. Marie has some big challenges to face and decisions to make.

It was fairly well-written although it isn’t my idea of a YA Novel. I can honestly give this book a Three Stars (***) rating for writing and the sharing of this young Starlet’s “web”.  This is my honest book review.


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