‘The Cutting Edge’ – by Ace Collins – Book Review by LAWonder10

October 25, 2013

17846018[1]‘The Cutting Edge’ is a great story of a model who finally “hit the Big Time” but at what cost?  Was it really worth the sacrifices she would be making? She decided to go back home where she would discuss it with her father,  realizing it was not only her life this decision would be affecting.

She arrived late at night, deciding to spend the night in a motel rather than awaken her parents…a hotel she never made it to.  The ensuing events changed her life forever!

This is a dynamic story concerning vanity, self worth, unconditional love, cruelty, violence, spiritual healing, dysfunctional families,

The cover is very profound and reflects much of the story. It succeeds in getting one’s attention.

The characters were very defined and the reader easily connected to them. However, the scene’s surrounding events could have been better described.   There were a few grammatical errors, as well.

There were times when the “flow” of the story didn’t go well and there was some repetition. The story, itself, was good and “clean” enough for YA audiences. There were also many good points made…ideal for Book Club discussions.

I fluctuated between giving a three or four stars book review rating and decided on a weak Four Stars rating.

I was sent this book by a publisher to read and give an honest review, of which I have given.


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