‘The Gypsy Thief (The Talisman Trilogy)’ by Kellie Bellamy Tayer – Book Review by LAWonder10

March 7, 2014

16247654Either one of these hunks could be a thief of my heart! Gypsy Thief is the first of the Talisman Trilogy for YA. It gets slightly sensual in parts but I would be willing to let my YA read it. I would then discuss certain situations with them afterwards.

Laura is an ordinary student beginning her Senior year of High School. She feels it will be lie every other year..boring. However, this year is definitely different. There is a new boy at school. He is no ordinary boy but an English Prince! But wait!.. There is another new boy arriving on the second day of school..a gypsy? Laura is normally unimpressed with titles or prestige, but finds herself drawn to both the Prince and the “under dog” gypsy. This confusing triangle is dangerous. Lara is confused and uncertain who she can trust. What has she gotten herself into?

This is a well-written story in which the past is brought to fruition in the present. The plot is built on possible love of more than one person, plus, different types of love one experiences and one’s willingness to sacrifice for that love. It is also built on the impact traditions have on one’s family, no matter when they began, and seemingly silly superstitions. There are several unexpected twists in the plot. Once one picks it up and begins to read, it is difficult to put it don for any length of time.

The characters seem so real. The Surrounding background scenes vividly come “to life”. The title is very fitting. Although the book cover is eye-catching and done well, it would be even more appealing with two male images slightly shadowing the girl.

My review of this book gives it Five Stars. Other than taming it down more, I could not think of a way to improve it. I will suffer from anxiety until the time I can read/review the next two.

I was sent this book to give an honest review of it, which I have given.




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