‘The Sky Devil’ by L. Ron Hubbard – Book Review by LAWonder10

September 7, 2013

18079018‘The Sky Devil’ was the main novella, however, included in the book on CD were also: ‘Buckley Plays A Hunch’ and ‘Medals for Mahoney’.

‘The Sky Devil’ was a good action drama.  It portrayed Vic Kennedy as an American pilot who helped a group fight a war in Greece.  He chose the losing side.  The French refused to let him land and the British refused to let him stay.  He was able to get enough fuel to go part way to Libya.  Over the Sahara desert he thought it was the end of him… but then…is that a mirage or is it real?

This began a new experience and “journey” he hadn’t thought possible.  Again he had to face life threatening situations.  Would he prevail or face the final end.

This has intrigue, romance and some violence in it.  Otherwise, it is great for the whole family.

The next, ‘Buckley Plays a Hunch’ is of a sailor who has searched many months to find a stranded group of researchers.  When he sees the pre-set signal he finds all three to be insane.  There is plenty of adventure as Buckley finds his life threatened several times and fears he now is stranded as well.

This was also written quite well and kept one’s interest.  The last one, ‘Medals for Mahoney’, however, lacked in a clear story-line.  It was OK but took awhile to “get into it”.  It was unpredictable, though.  It is hard to rate a book when it has multiple stories.  The CDs would be very entertaining while you travel. The narration was very good on all three stories so I am still inclined to review this book with a solid Four Stars rating.

This is an early review  This book or book on CD will not be available for purchase until October 21, 2013.  However, Pre-orders are being taken.

I won this through a Giveaway by The Library Thing with a request for an honest review, of which I have given.


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