‘We’re Done’ by Judy Irwin – Book Review by LAWonder10

September 5, 2013

13745080I have “mulled’ the title over in my mind and cannot come up with a relationship to the book’s content.  I am sure the author had her reasons but I have not been able to cipher them out.

The novella, as a whole, was quite good. The main subject line was bullying in school and different types of bullying.

Thirteen-year-old Luke was best friends with Jon since grade school.  They both attended a private school. This was a private school Luke’s parents were very involved in and were large supporters of.  Luke was well-established in his school. He was captain of the soccer team, on the championship swim team, and knew many of the students. His older sister was also popular and was a Junior in High School.  Luke often had fun at other people’s expense but it was just fun…Right?

However his life took a turn in a different direction and Luke had to  reevaluate a few things.

This was a good story while it lasted.  It ended abruptly and left the reader searching for the rest of the book.  I am not sure if this is a prequel to another book but I hope so.  This is an important issue which needs to be addressed more thoroughly.  I also felt the resolution of the situation was too easy and not realistic.

It would be the author’s and my hope you would read this and draw your own opinions and conclusions.

This is ideal for ages 10 to 20.  It is a great topic for book club discussions and discussions between parent and children.

Because the content was good, although not complete I give it a very weak Four Stars rating.





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