‘Why Kimba Saved the World’ by Meg Welch Dendler – Book Review by LAWonder10

September 10, 2013

Kimba-BookCover-FullCover-CS2For cat lovers everywhere, you must read this book!  This is a very cute story of how Kimba an Hiro had to decide with whom their loyalties should lie and with whom were they to trust  This decision could change the world.

Kimba & Hiro were found in an alley nearly dead.  Their eyes were not even open yet.  They were taken to a warm place and given nourishment to sustain them.

This story continues into the care they were given that helped them survive.  Then, a year later, Kimba and Hiro were accosted by an important individual from their past, with an important request, for a very important mission.

The author has added a few actual photos to aid in the enhancement of her story…makes it more realistic .  This is a delightful fantasy.

The dialogue is primarily from Kimba’s point of view but the other character’s in the book also, occasionally, have their thoughts and views interspersed with Kimba’s.

Key points are: family life, compassion, love, rebellion, and choices.

This was a complimentary copy given for an honest review of which I have given.

This review gives this book a Four Stars rating.



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