Delaware from Railways to Freeways / First State, Second Phase by Dave Tabler Book Tour & Giveaway! {Ends 2/2/24}

Jan 16, 2024 | 1 comment

Our tiny state continues to make an oversized impact on today’s America. Explore the mind-blowing facts that give Delaware a unique place in history.

Book Details:

Delaware from Railways to Freeways / First State, Second Phase by Dave Tabler
Category: Adult Non-Fiction, 110 pages
Genre: American History, Colonial
Publisher: Dave Tabler
​Publication Date: Nov 1, 2023
Tour dates: Jan 8 to Jan 26, 2024
Content Rating: G. Suitable for all audiences.

Book Description:

Want to know more about the historical depth of the Diamond State? Curious to learn the surprising background behind cypress shingles, Conestoga wagons, and Patty Cannon? Wondering about the origins of George Washington’s famous cherry tree story? Popular blogger and long-time Delawarean Dave Tabler relishes sharing his love of the past with hundreds of thousands of online readers. And now he’s here to celebrate the many fascinating details that make this small first state a real powerhouse.

Delaware from Railways to Freeways covers eye-opening information about the region and its residents from 1800 to 1907. Laying out a captivating journey through pictures and offering up little-known anecdotes, entertainingly educational stories, and a comprehensive deep dive, Tabler gives insightful commentary on inventions, contributors to society, and transformative technology. History lovers of all ages will immensely enjoy this trove of 19th-century lore.

In Delaware from Railways to Freeways, you’ll discover:

The illustrator responsible for the modern-day version of Robin Hood
Which innovative minds were behind Christmas Seals, RCA Victrola, and other cool contraptions
How roads were built, the iron industry rose up, and breakwaters and ferries expanded
Fun facts about the state fair, the founding of the A.M.E. Church, and a flying machine
The Civil War & Reconstruction era, The Gilded Age & Beyond, and much, much more!

Delaware from Railways to Freeways is the perfect combination of coffee table book and reference resource and is the second volume in the Delaware History Overview series. If you like photography from the past, engrossing regional tales, and adaptive teaching tools, then you’ll adore Dave Tabler’s fresh retrospective.

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Review By LAWonder10:

Many key people in Delaware are given background information. It is shocking how many key people had a place in the founding and maintaining of this small state. Little-known facts about people who preluded
others in inventive ideas but never received credit for them are mentioned. Many little-known, interesting instances are brought out into the open. It is an interesting book of information.

This book was gifted to me with no pressure to post a positive review. This is my honest review.

Guest Post:

It’s that time of year when smokers and obese people look in the mirror and admit that yeah, maybe this is the year to follow through on that New Year’s resolution.

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But who knows? Maybe I’ll casually pick up a new hobby this spring or set a few personal writing goals over the summer. No pressure or timelines, just whatever will help me develop at my own pace.

About the Author:

Ten year old Dave Tabler decided he was going to read the ‘R’ volume from the family’s World Book Encyclopedia set over summer vacation. He never made it from beginning to end. He did, however, become interested in Norman Rockwell, rare-earth elements, and Run for the Roses.

Tabler’s father encouraged him to try his hand at taking pictures with the family camera. With visions of Rockwell dancing in his head, Tabler press-ganged his younger brother into wearing a straw hat and sitting next to a stream barefoot with a homemade fishing pole in his hand. The resulting image was terrible.

Dave Tabler went on to earn degrees in art history and photojournalism despite being told he needed a ‘Plan B.’

Fresh out of college, Tabler contributed the photography for The Illustrated History of American Civil War Relics, which taught him how to work with museum curators, collectors, and white cotton gloves. He met a man in the Shenandoah Valley who played the musical saw, a Knoxville fellow who specialized in collecting barbed wire, and Tom Dickey, brother of the man who wrote ‘Deliverance.’

In 2006 Tabler circled back to these earlier encounters with Appalachian culture as an idea for a blog. today reaches 375,000 readers a year.

Dave Tabler moved to Delaware in 2010 and became smitten with its rich past. He no longer copies Norman Rockwell, but his experience working with curators and collectors came in handy when he got the urge to photograph a love letter to Delaware’s early heritage. This may be the start of something.

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Giveaway Details:

Win paperback copy of Delaware from Railways to Freeways / First state, Second phase by Dave Tabler (one winner) (USA only) (ends Feb 2).

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  1. Anne

    A fascinating historical which would be greatly enjoyed and appreciated. History makes everything come alive and is meaningful. An impressive and creative author.

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