Soso and The Kako Leaf by Bella Disu Book Tour, & Guest Post!! {Ends 7/1/23}

Jun 13, 2023

Book Details:

 Soso and The Kako Leaf by Bella Disu
Category: Children’s Fiction (Ages 6-12), 78 pages
Genre: Children’s Book
Publisher: The Good Work Company
Release date: June 19, 2022
Tour dates: June 12 to June 30
Content Rating: G. Children’s Book.

Book Description:

Follow the life of young Soso as she encounters mysteries and unearths traditions that have existed long before she was born.Be part of her adventures as she gains confidence, self-esteem, and an understanding of her deep cultural heritage.
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Review By LAWonder10:

Soso and the Kako Leaf is a bright, new reading experience. 

This book introduces the folklore of  Nigerian culture to a broader audience. This s a fun, well-written story that can add variety to the average elementary library. It is an oversized book with large illustrations so that a larger group can easily see them.

Soso is turning nine. The strange occurrences will change her life forever!

There is a great glossary at the end of the book which shows how the unfamiliar names are pronounced.

I was distracted by the occasional bolded word which was drastically enlarged. I never discovered why the author chose to do that. Other than that, I thought it was a refreshing new book! The illustrations by Awele Emili were defined, and colorful, plus the characters’ faces showed realistic, clear expressions. The illustration was great!

I highly recommend this for Summer reading programs.

I offer a Four and a Half Stars rating.

*This book was gifted me with no pressure to post a positive review. This is my honest review.

Guest Post:

Lessons Learned from Writing My First Book

For many years, I nurtured the dream of writing a book, and the moment I found the courage to do it, I embarked on a thrilling and transformative experience. During the writing and revision process, I successfully navigated many challenges that left me with my first book and valuable lessons that have shaped me as a writer and individual.

One of the most significant lessons I relearned while writing ‘Soso and the Kako Leaf’ was the importance of discipline and consistency. In all my endeavors, I have seen the value of perseverance and the power of showing up, and this creative pursuit was no exception. Writing a book requires commitment and dedication, even on days when time seems elusive. So, I established a writing routine and stuck to it.

Thankfully, technology made it easy to write anytime, anywhere.

Another lesson that resonated deeply with me was the significance of embracing vulnerability. Good writing is an intimate act of self-expression that involves baring one’s thoughts, ideas, and emotions for the world to see. I had to let go of my fears and insecurities to be genuinely vulnerable on the page. This vulnerability not only enriched my writing but also connected me with readers on a profound level.

As I delved into the intricacies of plot development, character arcs, and crafting engaging narratives, I witnessed firsthand how stories can inspire, educate, and ignite the imagination. It reaffirmed my belief in the transformative power of literature and its capacity to shape perspectives and change lives. Yet, it was not a solitary endeavour. I saw how feedback and openness to constructive criticism are enriching.

Engaging with beta readers and participating in book readings allowed me to receive valuable feedback that helped me refine and strengthen my book. Indeed, the perspectives and insights of others were beneficial, teaching me that the characters I create are not my own—every reader has an ownership stake in making the characters come to life.

What an incredible reminder of the power of storytelling and the need to continuously improve my craft! By the time I held the first copy of ‘Soso and the Kako Leaf’, my writing journey had brought me to a deeper understanding of myself as a writer and given me a renewed passion for the craft. As I embark on more writing projects, I carry these lessons with me, knowing they will continue guiding me on my creative path.

Meet the Author:

Bella Disu is a mother of two wonderful children. She is an enthusiastic lover of art as well as an avid reader. From a young age, she has been enamoured with rich cultural folktales. Now, she channels her love for art and her passion for reading into writing stories. Her stories use new forms to pass on the tales she heard growing up to the next generation.

Bella is also a renowned business leader who is committed to corporate governance and business innovation. In December 2019, she became the youngest ever recipient of the French National Honor – Chevalier dans L’ordre des Arts et des Lettres in recognition of her efforts at promoting French culture in Nigeria.

She is married and lives in Lagos, Nigeria, with her family.

Connect with the author: website ~ twitter ~ instagram

The Tour Schedule :

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