About Me

Where it All Began

I grew up with a mother who loved books. She instilled in me a desire to learn, through books, all I could on any subject.  I learned of many places I could visit, both real and imaginary, simply by reading about them.

I had a father who taught me a love of mankind, regardless of their religious belief or the color of their skin.  He taught me a person’s honesty and integrity were among the most important aspects that form a strong character.

Through these life lessons, I strive to accept others for who they are and try to see the world through others’ views. It is important to me to give credit where credit is due even if the person’s values are not the same as mine.  I strive to be objective and honest and go the extra mile in aiding others to succeed.

This is my dream job!  I have always wanted to work for a publishing house – reading, reviewing, and editing books. Now, online, this can partially be accomplished. I love most genres of books. There is much good in most genre types.

Why I Review Books

 I  suppose you are wondering, while there are so many terrific reviewers available, what makes me think I can add anything effective to what has already been said about the book. The only response I have is:  

  • There are almost as many opinions as there are individuals in this world.
  • This has been my lifelong dream job.
  • Reading and Reviewing has always come naturally to me. I have always been strong in my English grammar and reading skills, I loved debate, and I craved learning about almost everything.       

I have worked in libraries, substitute taught, I began a degree in English and debate but never was able to finish my degree. I have a wonderful husband, and eight almost equally wonderful children, plus, 52 grandchildren – Hey, but I am not old!

I am honest and strive to be fair and objective.  My reading preference is for books that are more conservative. I still strive to be fair in my reviews even when the authors thoughts values are different from mine.

I hope you will join me on this site and leave a  comment. Also become a follower through Facebook and the other media icons on this site.


Lu Ann Worley