Rockin Book Reviews Policies

Introduction of Site Policies

Although I have been reviewing books for many years now; I opened up my book review blog on the first of June 2013. I have had many wonderful experiences (along with very painful lessons) causing my site to better promote wholesome authors for my “followers”.

Due to wonderful, yet, overwhelming support from various authors and media, I have become regrettably backlogged – as are most of us, serious Reviewers! Therefore, I find it necessary to set stricter policies for my blog! My average reading/reviewing is 3+ books per week. I promise to read/review your book(s) as quickly as possible!

NOTE: ** Due to a number of family health & computer issues, some very close friends and family members’ deaths, and other calamities I have been bombarded with these past three years, I am still very backlogged.

*Due to Amazon’s new rules and guidelines, I must set my Review Policies to match theirs as well. 


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