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Mar 17, 2023

Book Details:

Billy Balloon by Jack Payton
Page Publishing
All Formats; March 2023
ISBN: 978-1-6624-6918-3 (paperback); 978-
1-6624-6920-6 (hardcover)
$24.95; 8 x 10; 38 pages; Ages 2-9
Press contact:
Kourtney Jason
Pacific & Court P

Book Description:

Meet Billy Balloon, your family’s new favorite children’s book

Billy Balloon was born in a little balloon factory on a little hill with hundreds of his brothers, sisters, and friends. The balloons are getting ready for the Great Balloon Race, which takes place on the first sunny day of spring. The kids at school write cards to attach to their balloons, with hopes the note is discovered by another child who would become a pen pal. The balloon that travels the furthest and the note that receives a response from another kid will be declared the winner!


Review By LAWonder10:

What this book lacks in style, it is more than compensated in creativity!

This is a colorful, fun, and beautifully illustrated book with a fantastic idea for elementary students and for a wonderful Spring activity!

This book is based on a real experience the author had as a young boy.

I offer a Five Stars rating.

This book was gifted me with no pressure to post a positive review. This is my honest review.

A Great Opportunity!

Through the Billy Balloon website, families and readers of all ages are invited to submit ideas for future books and storylines in the series. If your idea is selected by Payton, you will be compensated with a percentage of royalties earned from the profits of that book.

“It’s an invitation to readers to co-author additional books in the series, which makes it unique and special,” Payton said. “Imagine Curious George or Thomas the Train, but instead of all the books being written by the same author, the books in my series will be co-authored by me and readers from around the world.”

Payton’s goal is to encourage kids always to be curious and adventurous–to wonder what happens to things once they leave your sight. “I’m a dad who wrote a book with his family and hopes others will join me on this adventure,” he said. “I want others to become adoptable–a creative word that means ad-venturing with joy and intent.”

Adoshable /əˈdôʃəb(ə)l: Adventuring with joy and intent.

Meet the Author:

Payton created Billy Balloon in the fourth grade for a class assignment. “The story stayed with me ever since,” he said. “I’d revisit it and think about publishing it, but it never went very far.

During the pandemic, I started to think of Billy again. With the help and support of my family, I was ready to launch this book into the world.”

Learn more at billyballoonadven- and follow his adventures (@billyballoonadventures) on Instagram  and  Facebook.



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One Lucky U.S. Wonner wi receive a Hardcopy of Billy Balloon! 

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