Chasing Tarzan by Catherine Forster Book Tour & Giveaway! {Ends 11/6/22}

Oct 30, 2022

After Interviewing Catherine Forster, her book, Chasing Tarsan, was more meaningful and now the interview seems more complete. This is a book many children and adults of all ages will surely relate to.

Book Details:

Chasing Tarzan By Catherine Forster
Category: Young Adult, Non-Fiction, Publisher: WiDo Publishing (July 2022)
ISBN-10: 1947966618
ISBN-13: 978-1947966611
Print length: 278 pages
Tour dates: October 24 to November 18

Book Description:

In the 1960s, a relentless school bully makes Catherine’s life a living hell. She retreats inward, relying on a rich fantasy life––swinging through the jungle wrapped in Tarzan’s protective arms––and fervent prayers to a God she does not trust. She fasts until she feels faint, and she ties a rough rope around her waist as penance, hoping God will see her worthy of His help.

As the second of eight children, Catherine is Mommy’s little helper, and like Mommy, Catherine is overwhelmed. The bullying and the adult responsibilities together foment her anger. She starts smacking her siblings and becomes her younger sister’s nemesis. Spooked by who she is becoming, Catherine vows to escape for real, before she hurts someone—or herself.

Catherine finds salvation in a high school exchange program: new town, new school, new family, new persona. A passport celebrity. In New Zealand, nobody knows her history or her fears. Except for her Kiwi “mum,” who sees through Catherine’s façade and pulls her out from her inner safe house.

Exposed, her sense of self implodes. Catherine must finally rethink who she is.

Review By LAWonder10:

Chasing Tarzan is a very well-written Memoir by a very talented and remarkable woman. It is a very poignant tale and never boring. It is heartbreaking at times. Through her writing, the reader can feel the desperation she felt with bullying and being called upon to do so much at such a young age.

Her salvation came with an opportunity to be an exchange student. In preparation, she forced herself to evolve at school in order to fulfill the requirements for becoming an exchange student. Eventually, the day came and she was accepted to be an exchange student in New Zealand. There she discovered a person with insight and a family that actually enabled her to see herself and the world differently.

The story ends with her readjusting to life back in the States with her original family.

This is a story of so many topics, from a child’s feelings of insecurity to devastating, overwhelming anxiety. Much of the first part addresses bullying and faulty parenting. 

She complemented her story with sketches she created herself. She is a renowned artist, in addition to her many other talents.

Her verbal descriptions of the various people in her life and of events were very thorough and easily visualized.

I offer a Five Stars rating for this book.

*This book was gifted me with no pressure for a positive review. This is my honest review.

Meet the Author:

Catherine Forster honed her powers of observation early on and later applied them to artistic endeavors. Although it didn’t happen overnight, she discovered that seeing and hearing a bit more than the average person can be beneficial. As an artist, her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries across the United States and abroad. Her experimental films have won accolades and awards in more than thirty international film festivals, from Sao Paulo to Berlin, Los Angeles to Rome, London to Romania. Through her work, she explores the dynamics of girlhood, notions of identity, and the role technology plays in our relationship with nature.

In her capacity as an independent curator, she founded LiveBox, an eight-year project that introduced new media arts to communities at a time when few knew what media arts were. For the past four years, she has been a member of the curatorial team for the Experiments In Cinema Film Festival held annually in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She received a Masters of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a Masters of Business from the London Business School, and a fellowship in writing from the Vermont Studio Center. She is also included in the Brooklyn Art Museum’s Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art.


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