Guest, H.L. Wegley, and a Glimpse Into His New Series and a Special Giveaway! {Ends 7/24/22}

Jul 2, 2022 | Adult, Podcasts, Young Adult

It was such great fun meeting with Best-Seller, Award Winning, Christian Author, H. L. Wegley! He is so knowledgeable, strong, et gentle in ature. What he has accomplished is remarable. In his subtle manner of writing, he enables the reader to be aware of real problems in the world governments, in a fictitious format. He hopes to inspire the readers to contemplate behind the scenes wokijng of those empowered,who are using their power to wrong those they claim to serve.

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About H.L. Wegley:

H. L. Wegley provides to the literary marketplace products and services for both information and entertainment purposes.
H. L. (Harry) Wegley served 7 years in the USAF as an Intelligence Analyst and a Weather Officer. After leaving the military he worked for nearly 12 years as a research scientist in atmospheric physics at a national lab where he earned an advanced degree in Computer Science, then developed distributed computing systems for Boeing for more than 2 decades.

Since retiring in 2008 he has attended several novel-writing workshops, seminars, and conferences and published several contracted books, including a devotional work and a series of novels. He is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Oregon Christian Writers, and Christian Author Network.

Harry lives in the greater Seattle area with his wife of 48 years. When they are not enjoying grandkids, participating in church ministries, hiking the Olympic Peninsula beaches or occasionally traveling to snorkel tropical waters, H. L. writes inspirational thriller/suspense novels and continues to study the craft of writing fiction.

To learn more inspiratioal facts about H.L. Wegley, visit

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Watch H. L. Wegley’s Guest Post with LAWonder10 Here:

“After 2 years of researching COVID-19 and the “vaccines,” I’m including some of what I learned into my novel, Against the Darkness, releasing this summer.” Harry L. Wegley

Book Details:

Against the Darrkness by H.L. Wegley 

1 part of a 9part Suspense/Best Selling/Award Winning Auhtors’ colllection!

Pequel to his new series concerning virologist, vaccine.

Book Description:

Against the Darkness is the prequel to H.L. Wegley’s next series which will be about a private team of Americans—including a Chinese doctor who sought asylum in the U.S. and is leading this team—trying to counter the CCP and other nations’ biowarfare weapons programs.

I expect the prequel and first book to be available as soon as the 9-author project disbands and unpublishes the collection which will probably happen in early 2023.

The Collection releases July 11th, 2022, so  be sure to warch for it!!!

These are the Trailer highlighting H.L. Wegley’s 1st Book of his last series. You can see his writing is complete with action, adventure, and suspense. He the intermixes a “tad” of romance, making his writing appealing to most audiences.

Discover his other Award-Winning series’ on His Website!

Riven (Riven Republic 1, characters & settings) [Trailer #1]

Riven(Riven Republic 1) [Trailer #2]

With Old Glory riven and America fracturing along geopolitical boundaries—left against right, blueagainst red—can we ever recover what we once had?

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