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Apr 21, 2023

“…a provocative science fiction novel featuring the union of two unrivaled, intelligent technologies.” (Foreword-Clarion Reviews)

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Book Details:


Date Published: Sept. 20, 2022

Publisher: Nonlinear Publishing

Narrator: Veronica Pace

Run Time: 11 hours, 44 minutes

Book Description:

Dr. Keira Stetson has two passions: ethical artificial intelligence—AI with a conscience—and creating technology that improves children’s lives. Trapped in an earthquake-flattened building with a half-dozen panicked five-year-olds, she fears the worst. When billionaire Roy Brandt leverages his mysterious nanite technology to rescue them, she’s both grateful and intrigued.

Impressed by his prototype technology but alarmed at its potential for exploitation, Keira merges her company with Brandt’s. The merger gives Keira access to much-needed funds for the development of her own tech, and access to Brandt’s powerful minuscule robots. In turn, she and her AI assistant, Elly, embed Keira’s trademark Moral Operating System in Brandt’s nanite SmartDust to rein in its power.

But Brandt’s technology has been kept secret for a reason. Though he’s adamant about using the Dust to improve life, not destroy it, corporate raiders and the military have other ideas. They want to weaponize Brandt’s nanites. Suddenly, everything Keira has worked for is in jeopardy. Exposed to the worst humanity has to offer, she and Elly must fight to use this newfound tech for good and keep it out of the wrong hands…before it’s too late.

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Review By LAWonder10:

Moral Code is a well-written story with several controversial subjects that would ensure interesting discussion points. Although I disagree with some of the reasoning, there were also many good ideas suggested in this futuristic tale. 

This is a story if intellectually advanced individuals involved in realistic futuristic advances.  After surviving an earthquake with six special needs children, scientist, Kiera Stetson, and her small team, along with her intriguing invention, received the opportunity of a lifetime. While amazing, new advances occurred, so did the challenges. The lines of the moral code she had always been a strong believer in, now a\nattled between what is legal and what is right. 

The story was interesting and contained a couple of unexpected twists. There was a slight cliffhanger at the end. 

The characters were portrayed well and were very realistic. The scenes were described quite well and could be visualized by the reader/listener. The Book Cover and Title were chosen well and would appeal to most “browsers”.

The book would have been more profound had it had a more “seasoned” narrator. However, the narrator improved in the last half of the story.

Her diction was slightly slurred and difficult at times to understand, especially in the first half of the book. She definitely does not have a “voice” for the male population. The “voices” she used for men were squelchy. She did not have a decipherable variation between character “voices”. She did very well in emphasis and the female “voices”, although not always consistent with them.

I offer a Four Stars rating on the book and a Yhtrr Stars rating on the narration.

This audiobook was gifted to me with no pressure to post a positive review. This is my honest review.


Meet the Author:

“Moral Code” is not the first collaboration for Lois and Ross Melbourne. Side-by-side, they grew their software business to a global award-winning organization, as CEO and Chief Technology Officer, respectively. Now Lois’ storytelling brings to life Ross’ deep understanding of the possibilities within artificial intelligence and robotics. Parenting and marriage have been the easy part of this equation.

Lois is now writing books, having published two children’s books about exploring careers. “Moral Code” is her first but not her last novel. Ross’ current work includes artificial intelligence and robotics.

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Meet the Narrator:(via Silverton Agency)

Zak Forsman describes her as a “fearless artist with boundless enthusiasm for doing good work.” Veronica’s consistent work on independent films, national commercials like Ameriprise and Comcast (alongside Amy Poehler) and most recently in Roswell, Walker, and other productions solidify her as an actor with range, vulnerability and a profound understanding of her craft and instrument. She is also a talented as a singer/songwriter, and her sultry voice will bring life to any audiobook she narrates.

Accents: American, Spanish (Fluent in Spanish)

Vocal styling(s): Sultry, professional, news reporter, announcer, valley girl, young adult, animated, magical, and fairy tale characters.

Preferred Genre(s): Thriller,‌ ‌romance,‌ ‌sci-fi,‌ ‌and‌ ‌children’s‌ ‌books.

Contact on: Goodreads ~Silverton Agency

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