Spilled Ink & Coffee Stains by M.K. Standby Spotlight Tour!

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Book Details:

 Spilled Ink & Coffee Stains by M.K. Standby
Category: Adult Fiction (18+), 158 pages
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Yorkshire Publishing
Release date: Mar 2024
Tour dates: Mar 21 to Apr 10
Content Rating: PG

Book Description:

Spilled Ink & Coffee Stains is a debut poetry collection, exploring the impact of connection, both romantic and platonic, on self-perception and identity. Blended with an appreciation of nature, particularly that of unkempt or abandoned spaces, the collection draws parallels between the natural and emotional facets of life. Spilled Ink & Coffee Stains is non-traditional prose, using a free­ verse structure and a unique voice to redefine the boundaries of modern poetry.

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Meet the Author:

M.K Standby is a free-verse poet from Melbourne, Australia. She notes that her poetry helps her to focus on the beautiful, often overlooked details of life. In 2020 she launched an Instagram page – originally posting under the name ‘Confessions of a Lily’, a childhood nickname. As the page grew, a decision was made to change the pseudonym to M.K. Standby – paying homage to her great-grandfather, a prolific writer in the 1950’s.

M.K. Standby shares her writing in the hope that it supports, connects, and empowers others.

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