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Feb 7, 2023

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Book Details:

Book Title: Standing Strong: The Real Life Story of Overcoming Adversity and Becoming Unstoppable in Life and Business by Tina Brandau
Category: Adult Non-Fiction (18+), 154 pages
Genre: Memoir / Self-Help / Inspirational
Publisher: Red Sky Publishing
​Publication Date: May 3, 2022
Formats available for review: print-softback (USA only), ebook (EPUB, PDF)
Tour dates: Feb 6 to Feb 24
Content Rating: G: no bad language no sex etc

Book Description:

Is it possible to stand strong regardless of what life throws at you?

Standing Strong is a vulnerable, candid, and dramatic look into a forty-year-old woman’s journey when she found herself in the midst of a long healing process after a sudden and unimaginable accident. The doctors said she would never again function beyond that of a young child. Tina shares the story, the steps she took, and the life lessons she learned, including the unique view of the world she experienced along the way. No one gets out of this life unscathed, everyone faces stresses, challenges, setbacks, and adversity. Can you stand strong regardless of what life throws at you? Yes! Let Tina Brandau share with you the system, principles, and practices she used to help you see that anything is possible.

​Become unstoppable . . . and stand strong!

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Guest Post:

Why Does It Matter If We Stand Strong?

Life is not easy. We all hit rough spots. We all have tough patches. It is how we weather change that matters most. How we come through change determines so much about life.

You may not literally need to stand strong but you will certainly face change. I literally needed to learn to stand strong again. After a sudden and unimaginable accident, I found myself having to learn to walk, talk, think, and so much more. I had re-learn much of life.

One day, after needing help to stand for what seemed like an eternity, I had the balance to hold myself up. My husband asked if I was okay, if I needed help. I looked at him and said the only three words I could put together in my mind and speak at that moment – “I stand strong”.
While your functioning my not be that of young child like mine became, you will certainly face unchartered territory, unexpected change, and even amazing new opportunities that can all shut you down.
Isn’t it interesting how adults overly-complicate life? I choose to write this story to walk reader through my journey so they finally have steps to take are easy to understand and simple to apply. After all, what I did had to be simple, my brain wouldn’t let me do complex.
In the fifteen years since my accident, I have healed far more than expected and have gone on to do some really amazing things. But I have never let go of the simple steps and principles I used to get through my healing process. I had taught thousands of people similar steps before my accident. Afterward, during my healing, I was not capable of doing the steps. Instead, I needed to adjust them. I simplified them. And those steps are now being used by thousands more to chase their dreams in life.
So, I’ll end with where we began, “why does it matter if we stand strong”? Because the biggest challenge we all face in life to become all that you have the possibility of becoming. Standing Strong helps you become unstoppable at becoming what’s possible.

Author Tina B

Meet the Author:

Tina Brandau is the premier life, leadership, and business “Success Coach.” She is an author, international speaker, coach, and founder of Success Coaching Solutions as well as a business executive of thirty years, wife, mom, lifelong learner, and serial entrepreneur. She believes the biggest challenge in life is to become all that you have the possibility of becoming.

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