Then Came the Thunder by Rachael Huzar -Review by LAWonder10!

Aug 21, 2022

This is book #1 on the  Willow Tree series by Rachael Huzar. I listened to the audiobook which was great! It is a series that is slightly eerie, yet very inteesting and suspenseful.

Book Details:

Then Came the Thunder (Three Willows, Book 1) by Rachael Huszar’ Narrated by Jenn Lee

Audiobook 1 – Three Willows – 5.7 hours

Book Description:

Jessalyn Joy loves her husband, but she can’t help the feelings that arose when he volunteered for the Union army. When he comes back to her in a box instead of on his feet, those feelings complicate even more.

Jessalyn’s mourning period is cut short when something begins to attack the livestock in their small town, and greater dangers begin to threaten their provincial life. Thrown together with the new reverend, one of her own students, and a strange man somehow related to her husband’s passing, Jessalyn must find a way to stop the evils that threaten her husband’s first and ultimately last home.

Set in the Southwestern home front, Huszar blends a taste of fantasy into a startling down-to-earth world, creating a high stakes adventure for this strong female protagonist and her band of amateur sleuths.


Book Review:

The town seldom received visitors so when Sam came to town, he was met with surprised faces and various forms of welcoming. He had difficulty in finding his Army “buddy’s” hometown.

Jessalyn’s husband had brought her to his hometown to live, once they were married. She was the local schoolteacher of this small town. Shea had lived here for years and had many fond memories in this peaceful town.

There is something “dark” happening in this peaceful town. It takes an extraordinary event before anyone decides to discover what is really happening!

The intrigue begins from the first page then continues to build into further mystery and suspense to the last page. It isn’t a book the reader/listener will find predictable.

The Narrator, Jenn Lee, does a very good job narrating and she enhances the story.

Both the author and narrator did a great job.

The character s seemed so real and the scenes were depicted quite well. The Title and Book Cover were also well thought out and created.

The only negative was some crude language a few times and to me the story opening pages didn’t entirely match the final pages. It was slightly confusing.

Rachael Huzar is a new name to me and I will be looking forward to reading/listening to more books from her.

*This Book was gifted me with no pressure to post a positive review. This is my honest review

Meet the Author:

Rachael Huszar kept her life steeped in stories from a young age, and she began her own journey in story-making when she reached adulthood. In the time since, she has taken up swimming, roller skating, and consuming tabletop RPG streams. She spends the bulk of her time with her dog, Silo, and works full time as a designer in Dallas, Texas.

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About the Narrator:

I’m a passionate voice over artist, specializing in audio book narration and documentary work.

With a lifetime of acting, singing, directing and coaching behind me, I know how to tell a passionate connected story! My particular favorites are Thriller/Mysteries, Romance and Women’s Fiction… but a story is a story right? I love it all.

Things that might interest you:

I’m a classically trained actor and singer who comes from a LONG line of theater folk. My father holds the world record for Broadway performances and both my daughters are actresses!
I’ve been in ALL the unions for, well… Let’s say I’ve been working professionally in NYC for over 25 years. Broadway, National tours, Regional theaters, Original Casts… the whole nine yards.
My “other” job is as the Head of Casting for Silent Crow Arts in NYC, and I’ve also done my fair share of directing and coaching.
I stumbled into some documentary voiceover work for PBS in 2017 and from that moment on, I knew the trajectory of my career had been changed forever.
I adore narrating and doing VO. Every job feels like a gift.
I live in the Hudson Valley with my family and two cats. It’s a short jaunt to NYC where my husband works as a Broadway Stagehand.
When I’m not in the booth, you’ll find me sewing, doing yoga, gardening, hiking, spending time with my kids and (hopefully) travelling!

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