Finding Ruby Draker/Shadows in the Aftermath by Marianne Scott Guest Post, Review and Giveaway! {Ends 7/8/22}

Jun 6, 2022 | 4 comments

Book Details:

Book Title: Finding Ruby Draker by Marianne Scott
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  330 pages
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
Publisher:  Friesen Press
Release date: Original January 2016. Relaunch March 2022
Tour dates: June 6 to July 1, 2022
Content Rating:  PG-13 +M. Occasional Profanity

Book Description:

Kathleen Jones has lived a protected and typical suburban life, nothing unexpected in her carefully controlled and planned existence. She’s about to complete her college degree and is ready to start a successful career but after completing her last exam she comes home to find her world has been turned upside down. Her home has been torched and her parents and little brother killed.

If that’s not bad enough, she is kidnapped and drugged unconscious by strangers posing as a police officers. When she awakes she discovers that everything has changed – her face, her name, and everything she believed to be true.

But things get worse. Hardly recovered from surgery, she is whisked away under the cover of darkness as more men storm the clinic with guns. It seems that the men who abducted her are not her greatest threat. Now on a private charter on its way to Nice, France, her abductors are calling her Ruby – Ruby Draker!

Finding Ruby Draker is a novel about knowing yourself, accepting change, embracing danger, and taking risks. You never know what life is going to throw at you.

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Review By LAWonder10:

Finding Ruby Draker is a very impressive first novel by a very talented new author, Marianne Scott. Make note of the name is watching for more great writing from this woman.

This unique novel concerning those involved in espionage, along with innocent bi-standers it capitalizes on the good and bad in government agencies. This is a story of individuals, losses of loved ones, and in recreating themselves. Each one, after experiencing great pain, must discover his/her own strengths and abilities.

This is also a book of creating new relationships and in bonding.

The continued action and suspense will keep a person on the edge of his/her feet and wondering if good will ever prevail.

What I didn’t like was the occasional fowl language.

The characters all seem very real and the background scenes where vividly portrayed. I offer a literary rating of 5 stars!

*This book was gifted to me with no pressure to post a positive review. This is my honest review.

Also Available for Review – Marianne Scott’s Upcoming New Release!

Book Details:

Book Title:  Shadows in the Aftermath by Marianne Scott
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  330 pages
Genre: Mystery / Thriller
Publisher:  Friesen Press
Release date:  June 2022
Tour dates: June 6 to July 1, 2022
Content Rating:  PG-13 +M. Occasional Profanity

Book Description:

Ruby Draker has found new strength and is ready to move on after Felix Szabo devastated the Draker estate in Nice, France. Three Drakers are dead leaving Ruby in grief and with thoughts of revenge. The Drakers are a family built of survivors; each rescued from Felix Szabo, a psychopath, who sought to murder his former agents at the CIA whom he believed betrayed him. The Drakers’ sole mission is to stop Szabo from adding more victims to his list, and although he also perished during the invasion, his legacy continues to haunt them. When the Drakers learn that Robert Draker, presumed dead since the shoot-out at Robert’s farmhouse, may be alive and at a rehab clinic in Portland, Maine, the Drakers know it could be a setup, but they have no choice but to try to nd him and bring Robert home.

​Shocked that Robert may be alive, the family head from France to America to find him. It’s only when they arrive in the west that they realize finding Robert won’t be as easy as they thought. Szabo has found a way to terrorize the Draker family, even after death. His outstanding debt with a Corsican crime family means the Drakers must now find and deliver a shipment of plutonium, which will likely be used by terrorists to create a nuclear bomb, to get Robert back. As Ruby struggles with the decision to save her brother or North America, she must also evade the CIA, who are trying to stop the Drakers from delivering the plutonium. 

Friesen Press Bookstore ~

Guest Post:

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

By Marianne Scott

Writing is a personal thing, but often we write in a very narrow range. Most of us like stories that make us feel good – those touchy, feely, heartfelt stories that confirm how good we are. But ask yourself, “Do you want to read a story without drama or conflict?” Here is how that story would evolve:

Thomas Smith was the perfect student who graduated with honors. He went on to the career of his choice and rose in prominence, becoming both famous and rich. He had a beautiful and loving wife with two perfectly behaved children who never gave him a moment of concern. Life was wonderful and he lived happily ever after. – The End.

In truth, life is not always happy, funny, or fair. Even fairy tales have elements of struggle and strife. It seems that while readers are perfectly content with their uneventful lives, they prefer to read the opposite.

So I offer you this challenge. Why not try to stretch your writing and explore the darker side of life. No, I’m not asking you to write about monsters or demons. Be honest. None of us are angels. Haven’t you at some time in the past said wounding things as a reaction to another person’s actions or remarks? Have you ever wanted to hurt someone because they treated you badly? Maybe you’ve fantasized about their demise in the most devious way – just to make yourself feel better. Why keep it bottled up? There is an intriguing story in your emotional pain.

A friend of mine wrote and recited a story about a very difficult time in her past. It was emotional for her to read. We could feel her ‘discomfort’. There is an inner part of us that can relate. We all have our places of pain. Discomfort is something we can all identify. That’s the trick. Give the reader a way to inject themselves into your story. Such a story keeps a reader spellbound.

Writing should make us a bit uncomfortable. Life is not always what we want it to be. People are not always nice. The Fates throw many obstacles in our path. No one lives the life of Thomas Smith.

Great writing doesn’t happen in The Comfort Zone. It is a place of conformity, fear, and excuses. The best way to free your writing creativity is by learning and practicing new things. Write in a different genre. Use different points of view. Dare to be controversial. Show us the deep dark secrets of your protagonist or your villain.

Success comes from a unique voice. Step outside of yourself. In the murky unknown, you may find magic in your writing voice – stories that reach into the soul and mesmerize your readers.


Meet the Author:

Marianne Scott is the Canadian author of four mystery thrillers and is currently finishing an edit on her fourth novel, a murder mystery. She has a BA and a Diploma in Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, CA. She studied creative writing through Conestoga College and Humber College. She enjoys writing workshops such as those offered by Brian Henry, publisher of the blog, Quick Brown Fox, and One Lit Place, a writers’ hub by creator/editor Jenna Kalinsky. She has an author’s website and blog is the president of The Cambridge Writers’ Collective and is a member of the Guelph Genre Writers. In September of 2018, she completed a fourth-year course in Writing Fiction at the University of Guelph under the expert teaching of Lawrence Hill. Her novels, Finding Ruby Draker and Shadows in the Aftermath are self-published. She is actively seeking representation to break into the traditional publishing world with her third and fourth novels.

Connect with the author: website ~ twitter ~ twitter ~ facebook ~ instagram 

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Win paperback copies of both FINDING RUBY DRAKER and SHADOWS IN THE AFTERMATH (4 winners) (USA only) (ends July 8)

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  1. Nancy

    Sounds fascinating

  2. Marianne Scott

    Thanks LAWonder 10 for reading my novel and for the positive review. A great start to my iRead Books Tours. Much appreciated.

    BTW – Wonderful blog.

    • lawonder10

      Thank you, Marianne. it was a well-earned review!
      Keep up with the great writing!
      Lu Ann

  3. Marianne

    My sincere thanks to LAWonder10 for reading and reviewing Finding Ruby Draker. Very happy that you enjoyed my mystery thriller. Your positive comments and endorsement are much appreciated.

    Cheers 😄

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