Iron Maiden: An Alternate History of the German Empire by J.T. Maicke Book Tour, + Review!

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“I have greatly enjoyed this book. I am impressed with the historical accuracy which makes the story even more compelling. The reader is drawn into the story as if they were right there.”– J. Larkin, Amazon Review

Book Details:

Iron Maiden: An Alternate History of the German Empire by J.T. Maicke

Publisher: DX Varos Publishing, Inc. (October 31, 2023)
Category: Historical fiction, Alternate History
Tour Dates January17-February 23, 2024
ISBN: 978-1955065917
Available in Print and ebook, 411 pages

Book Description:

What if a woman ruled Germany in 1914? This alternate history explores that very question. An elaborate attempt to rid Germany of the Hohenzollerns has left a young sole heiress, Christiana, to take the throne of the German Empire. But this is no typical princess, hidden away in a gilded cage. This college-educated, expert fencer, and accomplished equestrienne is not the meek little girl the politicians think they will be able to control. She has her own ideas on how to rule!

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Review By LAWonder10:

The Iron Maiden was just as the title states. She was not a warship or any other contraption. This is a title given to a fictional lady who reigned in Germany before and after the turn of the 20th century. Although the lady is fictional, most of the events are not fictional. Many facts were brought out that the average person never learned from history. The author’s notes at the end of the book explains it.

In this bittersweet tale of royal bloodlines and the life of a precocious young girl, the reader can feel an endearing connection, along with many other emotions.

This story is a fast-paced, interesting, pliable series of events in history. It is a story of controversy, acceptance, leadership, fortitude, honor, loyalty, deceit, advancement, change, devastation, strategy, and a touch of romance.

I found it to be entertaining and informative, equally interesting to both males and females, and a broader perspective on possible changes with a change of gender.

The characters were very realistic, the scenes were easily visualized,  The Title was well-chosen, and the Cover Image is simple yet eye-catching, However, I, personably, dislike the few words of foul language that were totally unnecessary.

**Spoiler: In the notes at the end of the book, the author commented on her choice of a woman monarch of having less desire for violence and bloodshed, and for acting more calmly, I do not totally agree with the possibility. I believe a woman can be a great leader and can be wise and compassionate in decision-making. However, some of the vilest, cruelest people I have known in life are often women. They also tend to be less level-headed and more emotional in many situations.

Although, on an average, I have also observed that men are indeed more prone to violence, and cruelty, and have fewer emotions, there are still many who are very compassionate, who hate violence, and are very wise. I do not believe when a person is highly intelligent, they often lack in “common sense” and make unreasonable and foolish choices.

I believe that we should never put individuals into a grouping. We should not deem an individual’s success or demise on gender, educational status, race, religion, or social status. Any individual can be amazing.

 I offer a Four and a Half Stars- rating on this book.

Meet the Author:

A self-described Germanophile, J.T. Maicke writes historical fiction novels that take place in Germany or among German-American communities in the Midwest. He has spent most of his life studying German history, geography, language, culture, customs, and cuisine. Maicke also spent several years living in and traveling throughout Central Europe, and he has visited many of the locations depicted in his novels. Maicke’s debut novel was ‘The Humble Courier.’


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