Ricky’s Dream Trip to the Ancient Worlds of Egypt, Greece, and Rome By William Stevenson- Book Tour, Guest Post & Giveaway! {Ends 08-20-23}

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This is a combination of three award-winning Ricky’s Dream Trip books now in one volume with added information for classroom use and at-home activities.

Book Details:

Ricky’s Dream Trip to the Ancient Worlds of Egypt, Greece and Rome By William Stevenson

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Micro Publishing Media Inc (November 1, 2022)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 95 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 195332116X
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1953321169
  • Grade level ‏ : ‎ 4 – 6

Book Description:

Ricky travels to the Ancient world through his dreams with his pop pop by his side. In Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs and pyramids he meets the boy prince, Tutankhamun, in a search for a beloved missing pet. Immerse yourself in the culture of Ancient Egypt with this terrific adventure. Next Ricky and Pop Pop meet Aristotle as they visit the land of the Ancient Olympics, see the temple of Athena, and help Alexander the Great! In the third time-bending dream trip adventure to Ancient Rome the fate of Julius Caesar, one of Rome’s greatest leaders, hangs in the balance. It is up to Ricky to confront his own fears and change the course of history.

Purchase Link

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Rickys-Dream-Ancient-Worlds-Greece/dp/195332116X/

Guest Post:


The evolution of a series of books featuring Ricky and his grandfather (PopPop) was totally unintentional. My first project was never intended to be a commercial enterprise. I simply wanted to come up with something in writing that would pique the interest of Ricky, my seven-year-old Grandson. At the same time, it was important to me that I was giving him something memorable that had an unlimited life span.

My first idea was to write a story where Ricky dreamed that he and his PopPop toured all of the planets in the solar system. The dream trip used pictures from NASA and the internet. They were woven into the fabric of their journey to all of the planets.

Before I presented the story to Ricky, a friend had just started up a company for self-published authors. He was enthusiastic about the project and suggested I publish the story. He recommended retaining Fireman Creative from Pittsburgh to design the artwork. Lo, and behold, Ricky’s dream trip series came to life.

The success of Ricky’s DREAM TRIP THROUGH THE SOLAR SYSTEM encouraged me to write a series of historically based dream trips. In each book Ricky was featured as he met various significant characters throughout history.
The most recent publication, RICKY’S DREAM TRIP TO THE ANCIENT WORLDS OF EGYPT, GREECE, AND ROME includes three of the books in the dream trip series. Fireman Creative continues to breathe life into the stories with its special creativity and excellent artwork.

One problem that I had to overcome was developing a strategy to simplify a short but focused aspect of each period of the ancient world I chose to feature. Based on a significant amount of research, I came up with three stories featuring well-known historical icons.

The first story introduced the child king, Tutankhamun (King Tut) to Ricky. In the story, Ricky, PopPop, and King Tut travel throughout Egypt looking for Tut’ lost cat. You have to read the story to discover the result of their search.

On their trip to Ancient Greece, Ricky meets Aristotle and Alexander the Great. In the story, Ricky participates in the Olympics by riding on Aristotle’s horse in a race.

In ancient Rome, Ricky helps save the life of Julius Caesar when he was a teenager. It’s a story that readers particularly enjoy because most think of Caesar as an adult in his 50s.

The completion of eight books gave me great satisfaction because I feel that I made a positive contribution to a world that is struggling to find joy and love.

Meet the Author:

William Stevenson spent much of his career as president of National Tax Consultants, Inc where he distinguished himself as one of the few non-attorneys admitted to practice in front of the United States Tax Court. However, he also earned a Doctorate in Education from Temple University. Although this gave him a full understanding of how children learn, the Ricky’s Dream Trip Books were inspired by his personal experience as a Pop Pop. He wrote the books he would have liked to have for his grandson and the Ricky’s Dream Trip series was born.

Contact Links

Website: https://poppoppress.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@RickysDreamTri

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One Lucky Winner Will Receive an Amazon Gift Card for $25.

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