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Book Details:

Run with the Hare, Hunt with the Hound by Paul M. Duffy
Category:  Adult Fiction (18 +), 342 pages
Genre: Medieval Historical Fiction
Publisher:  Cennan Books of Cynren Press
Release date: October 2022 
Tour dates: Dec 5 to Dec 16, 2022
Content Rating:  R. The book does involve medieval warfare in a fair amount. There is limited profanity and some quick sex scenes that mention the penis, etc. There is also some mention of vaginas. These are not like hard-core sex scenes, but body parts are mentioned (e.g., a woman disguised as a man is hanged and the onlookers realize the person has a “cunny” — and are shocked that she is not the male they thought she was).

Book Description:

On a remote Gaelic farmstead in medieval Ireland, word reaches Alberic of conquering Norman knights arriving from England. Oppressed by the social order that enslaved his Norman father, he yearns for the reckoning he believes the invaders will bring—but his world is about to burn. Captured by the Norman knight Hugo de Lacy and installed at Dublin Castle as a translator, Alberic’s confused loyalties are tested at every turn. When de Lacy marches inland, Alberic is set on a collision course with his former masters amidst rumours of a great Gaelic army rising in the west. Can Alberic navigate safely through revenge, lust and betrayal to find his place amidst the birth of a kingdom in a land of war?


Guest Post:

Medieval Ireland through a Humanist lense

What’s the title of your book? Fiction? Nonfiction? Poetry? Who is the publisher and what’s the publication date?

Run with the Hare, Hunt with the Hound is a work of fiction, published by the Cennan imprint of Cynren Books. The official publication date was 11th October 2022

How would you classify the novel
The book is a historical fiction on the ‘literary’ side of that genre’s broad spectrum.

Simply put, it’s the story of the twelfth-century Norman invasion of Gaelic Ireland as experienced by Alberic, the son of a Norman slave in Gaelic society. Alberic experiences the chaos and opportunity presented by the breaking of an ancient order and the resultant. As he navigates a land of war, his own conflicted and shifting loyalties are complicated by his love for a Gaelic woman – Ness, and his oath to a Norman knight – de Lacy.

What’s the best compliment the book has received to date?

Elizabeth Chadwick, one of the pre-eminent authors of Medieval Fiction said that the book is a ‘shining example of what historical fiction should be’ adding that it is ‘definitely one of my books of the year’. That was pretty nice!

What was the spark that made you write this book?
This book arises from an unexpected meeting with another Irishman – Hugh de Lacy almost 20 years ago in a library on a backstreet in Toulouse. For my part, I was researching the medieval fortifications of that city during the crusade against the Cathars, while he was leading a charge against the walls! My research into how he ended up in the pages of a medieval Occitan poem, his exile from Ireland and his years as a crusader lord unearthed a story I’ve been writing about ever since. Having published these fascinating events in academic books, journals, and conferences, I was drawn to explore the possibility of telling the story in a different, more compelling way – giving rise to the novel, which has, I suppose, ended up as a kind of ‘origin story’.

What do you hope to communicate to the reader?

The medieval period is so often portrayed as a blood-soaked tableau of violent quests for glory and honor amid proto-nationalistic fervor. I want the reader to glimpse a period alive and humorous and full of conflicted, complicated people who lived, loved, and survived in whatever way was available to them.

Meet the Author:

Paul Duffy, author of Run with the Hare, Hunt with the Hound (2022), is one of Ireland’s leading field archaeologists and has directed numerous landmark excavations in Dublin as well as leading projects in Australia, France and the United Kingdom. He has published and lectured widely on this work, and his books include From Carrickfergus to Carcassonne—the Epic Deeds of Hugh de Lacy during the Cathar Crusade (2018) and Ireland and the Crusades (2021). He has given many talks and interviews on national and international television and radio (RTÉ, BBC, NPR, EuroNews). Paul has also published several works of short fiction (Irish Times, Causeway/Cathsair, Outburst, Birbeck Writer’s Hub) and in 2015 won the Over the Edge New Writer of the Year Award. He has been shortlisted for numerous Irish and international writing prizes and was awarded a writing bursary in 2017–2018 by Words Ireland.

Connect with the author: website ~ website ~ twitter ~ facebook ~ bookbub ~ goodreads

The Tour Schedule:

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Win hardback copy of RUN WITH THE HARE, HUNT WITH THE HOUND) (one winner) (ends Dec 17)

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