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Book Details:

Terra Nova Book 1 by MtG
Genre: Fantasy – Young Adult/ New Adult
Publisher: Friesenpress
Date of Publication: July 23, 2020
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1525572016
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1525572012

Book Description:

Evangeline is living the life of a normal teenager until mysterious, severe symptoms begin appearing. After passing out in the middle of a party, life as she knows it spirals beyond her grasp. She is then diagnosed with a rare, genetic blood disorder that causes her body’s white blood cells to kill the red ones. In the delirium of her deteriorating health, a door to a parallel world opens before her; however, once she steps through it, the portal closes, and she is unable to return to Earth.
The place Evangeline now finds herself in is called Terra Nova, a world wherein vampires rule supreme, with no traces of humanity left to speak of. Curious but afraid, she quickly learns that Terra Nova is not the shadow side of Earth, but rather the tragic result of government experimentation. In order to survive, she must keep her mind open and accept the changes her body is undergoing; soon enough, those who she initially thinks are murderers become her trainers, whose help she must enlist if she ever hopes to return home—and soon enough, a romantic bond begins to bloom.
Meanwhile, Evangeline’s brother and friends back on Earth try to figure out what happened to her, how the government is involved, and how to bring her home.
Unbeknownst to any of them is the mysterious outcast Bambi, whose secrecy disguises her power in making a devastating choice: save one world at the risk of destroying the other.


TOP 10:

10 Things You Didn’t Know About this Author.

1. If you read my author bio you’ll know that I have the same genetic blood disorder that the main character has, Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria. It’s actually what gave me the idea for the book. What you don’t know is how rare it is. I’m literally one in a million. That means that in Canada, which has thirty-five million people, there are just thirty-five of me.

2. My husband is always the first person that reads most of the rough draft of my books and when I gave him the first draft of Terra Nova, Book 2, he sat me down and said “You do realize this is a YA book. You need to cut these sex scenes by 80%. But, they are seriously awesome, so save them and write a book for adults after finishing this series.”

3. After I’m finished writing the Terra Nova series I’ll be writing a book for adults. lol

4. I’m addicted to moving. I’ve worked in tons of different cities and countries, including
Italy, Abu Dhabi, and Korea. My parents were immigrants and I went to six elementary
schools in eight years. People always ask if it was hard. For my brother I think it was, but
I loved it. Now I find it hard to be in one place. The excitement of new places, jobs, friends, and cultures is in my veins.

5. My son has autism and he is the reason my husband and I forced ourselves to settle in one
spot. He simply needs the stability and the support. However, once he is an adult, we hope to again take on work contracts abroad. For now, we vacation what my friends term “an unbelievable amount”.

6. I’m a nerd. I love school. I’m currently doing my doctorate and people always ask how I feel it will aid my career. I say “It probably won’t. Does it matter? I love it.”

7. I hate apples. Don’t ask. I just do.

8. I love to sleep. I consider sleep one of my hobbies.

9. I love dressing up. Generally, people buy fancy clothes for specific events. I buy pretty
dresses and then actively find events to wear them to.

10. I generally don’t like movies about the movie industry or books about authors writing a book.

Meet the Author:

MTG has worked in numerous positions, mainly in managerial and executive roles. These include the editor-in-chief of a cultural magazine, an executive director, and most recently, the manager of a non-profit organization that works with immigrants and refugees. She has extensive experience working and studying abroad, including Germany, Italy, Korea, Abu Dhabi, and Pakistan; these experiences taught her about many cultures and worldviews, which influenced her writing.
Terra Nova, her first publication, is Book 1 of a series. The series’ concept emerged when she, like the protagonist, was diagnosed with the blood disorder paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), and her then-boyfriend (now husband) joked she was becoming a vampire. She currently works and resides in Canada.
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The Tour Schedule:

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Giveaway Details:

2 Paperback copies Terra Nova

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