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Humorous, surprising, wise, and remarkably perceptive, The Connection Game is a novel unlike any other and one that you are unlikely to forget.

Book Details:

The Connection Game: A Novel by S.S Turner
Category: Adult Fiction (18+) , 272 pages
Genre: Literary Fiction
Publisher: The Story Plant
Release date: Feb 2023
Tour dates: Mar 21 to Apr 11, 2023
Content Rating: PG: There’s some violence and a small bit of profanity.

Book Description:

Benny Basilworth makes connections. A rare intellect, he sees things that others don’t see and draws conclusions that others completely fail to grasp. He has the kind of mind that can make a person a national sensation on the television game show “The Connection Game”– and the kind of mind that can be the target of predators.

Despite his brilliance, Benny and his family find themselves destitute, living in a basement apartment with one tiny window that affords them only the view of the feet of passersby on the street above. It is from this vantage point that Benny once again starts making connections. Mad, inconceivable connections. Connections that can change lives . . . and turn the entire world upside down.

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Review By LAWonder10:

The Connection Hame is written as a true life experience, although it is fiction. It is clever and immediately captivates the audience’s interest.

I was slightly skeptical at first but then was totally drawn into the story. It was a totally unique experience.

This is a tale about an extraordinary family who was brought together by some extraordinary events… Events that could have destroyed their unit. It also contains some very good points in how to develop strong family relationships, sacrifices for the greater good, and the importance of “making lemonade out of lemons”.

This has many emotional twists, but I found I did not need the Kleenex box, because of the disconnected wording of the story.

The characters were all so realistic and the scenes were vividly described. The Title was Perfect, and although very simple, the Cover image was brightly colored and attention-getting. I loved that it is a stand-alone.

Reader Beware: this does have some strong language in it and a few words of profanity.

I offer a Five Stars rating.

This book was gifted me with no pressure to post a positive review. This is my honest review.

Guest Post:

4 lessons the Basilworths can teach families by SS Turner

The Basilworths are the family of four starring in The Connection Game. The Basilworth parents, Benny and Bell, and their children, Will and Wendy, experience a unique journey throughout the novel during which they learn many lessons as a family. Four of those lessons may be useful to other families who march to their own tune. Just be thankful the Basilworths hid themselves below street level for many months to learn these lessons so your family doesn’t have to…

1. Families are the ultimate teams
Anyone who thinks working with your family can be counterproductive hasn’t seen the Basilworths in action.
The four of them work together like a well-oiled machine for large parts of their story. They’re literary proof that families can make the ultimate teams when they unite to achieve a common goal they’re all passionate about. In the Basilworths case, that common goal is understanding what’s really happening just outside their window.

2. Own your place on the center stage of your life.
Benny Basilworth is an expert at understanding humans from a distance. Just don’t ask him to have a conversation up close and personal with any humans apart from his family. One of his strongest beliefs is that if you want to remain hidden from other humans, the best thing you can do is own your place on the center stage of your own life. In other words, stop hiding if you want to be truly hidden. The Basilworths’ journey reinforces this thesis. Most people assume that people who own their place on the center stage of their lives have the qualities they imagine people on center stage should have.

3. Being a parent is the ultimate disguise
Benny Basilworth is amazed by the way people quickly judge most parents as being well-meaning people who share similar qualities to the stereotypical picture of what parents should be like. It’s something the Basilworth family learn to utilize as a tool when they’re trying to exist below humanity’s radar. So if you ever feel the need to blend in with a group of parents, just start talking about things like schools, child-rearing, and funny parental stories. You’ll quickly become one with the group.

4. Home schooling has its advantages.
At one stage in their journey, the Basilworths try home-schooling their children Will and Wendy. They don’t do so for the same reasons as most people, but rather because they need Will and Wendy’s help in their quest for answers. While Benny and Bell may not agree on it being the best schooling strategy for their children, it reveals itself to be a remarkable way for Will and Wendy to learn skills they could never have imagined. They’re literary proof that homeschooling has its advantages.

As you can tell from the list of the Basilworths’ lessons, this family has gone places no other family has gone before, and may never go again. If I was going to ask anyone for advice about any abnormal family-related subjects, it would be the Basilworths in all their glorious uniqueness.

Meet the Author:

S.S. Turner has been an avid reader, writer, and explorer of the natural world throughout his life, which has been spent in England, Scotland, and Australia. He worked in the global fund management sector for many years but realized it didn’t align with his values. In recent years, he’s been focused on inspiring positive change through his writing as well as trying not to laugh in unfortunate situations. He now lives in Australia with his wife, daughter, two dogs, two cats, and ten chickens. He is the author of one previous novel, Secrets of a River Swimmer.

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