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Book Details:

The River of God’s Presence by Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction (18+), 316 pages
Genre: Christian Spiritual Life
Publisher:  Images of Light Publishing, LLC
Release date: October 2022
Tour dates: Jan 9 to Jan 20, 2023
Content Rating: This Christian book is rated G.

Book Description:

One night, Jesus caught Jeannine up in the most vivid dream of her life. In this dream, He flew her around the world and revealed how His presence is like the river of God. By contemplating the rivers in Scripture with Him, Jeannine began to understand what happens when we encounter His presence. From Genesis through Revelation, Jesus revealed to her how the rivers in Scripture can metaphorically depict what happens in God’s presence and how Jesus invites us to commune with Him.

Regardless of your experience with God, this book will take you deeper and further in your spiritual life, and you will be more aware of His presence and all that is available to you within it. Studying the river of God will compel you to spend time with Him, where you will find the answers to all the “whats?” and the “whys?” and the “hows?” and the “what-ifs?” you’ve been asking. You will discover in His presence the best inspiration for life.

As you read The River of God’s Presence, you will become more aware of His presence, and you will learn to live from the place of His presence. As this occurs, the beauty of His presence will flow out from your relationship with Him in such a way that it affects every aspect of your life!
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Review By LAWonder10:

The River of God’s Presence is a much-needed book to bring a feeling of peace, reason, and hope to people living in this troubled world

The author makes many great insights into the scriptures and the eternal life we live. However, it is her interpretation and therefore not factual. This is a very well-written book where she shares many of her personal experiences. There is also “The Medifor” information and a “Meditation” exercise the reader is encouraged to do t the end of each chapter. She offers great suggestions. It is a very interesting read.

The main concern I have with this book is, the author writes her interpretation as fact and her interpretation of scripture is not necessarily the case.

For example, the majority of theologians have concurred Mary Magdelins was not the same Mary who was adulterous. She was the Mary (Luke 8:2) who was healed of evil spirits and had seven devils cast out of her in Galilee. 

The author implies that God the Father and God Jesus Christ are the same beings. Many verses, in especially the New Testament, disprove this. (including John 17:2-5 &22-26)

The one theory I personally find unsettling is the perception of Heaven and Hell.

First: according to scripture, Jesus Christ died to save all (1 Cor. 15:23).

I do not believe a Father having perfect love for His children would condemn all to Hell who did not get baptized. What about millions who never heard His Gospel? What about babies and small children who never got baptized? What about those who are always doing good deeds and caring for others who have no belief because of experiences and confusion? Do they deserve to be with inhumane men and women who have no integrity and do all manner of crimes? 

Yes, to live in the highest glory with Him, one has to be baptized and accept Jesus Christ as his/her Savior. According to scripture, (1 Cor. 15:40-42 & 2 Cor. 12:2) there are three glories in Heaven. Only those who receive Christ and strive to live as He taught and are baptized will live in the highest Glory and dwell with God the Father, God, Jesus Christ, and God The Holy Spirit. 

The Bible teaches Paradise is a Separate place we go to when we die until the day of judgment. (At the end of the 1,000-year Millennium after Christ’s second coming.) 

(2 Cor. 12:4) When Jesus appeared to Mary at the tomb, He told her “touch me not for I have not yet ascended to my Father” (John 20:17) He had been in Paradise teaching the souls there for three days His body lay in the tomb.

Few people are aware that there are 29 books mentioned in the Bible that we have no record of.  So much information has been lost. I am certain if these books were discovered, much of the Bible’s content would be more clear and more understood. This is where faith, study, and prayer are very important.

Still, this is a very good, inspiring book and has many great points for thought and to meditate on. It has given me many ideas I can use to get closer to God and implement His teachings better in my life

The Title and Cover image were a perfect fit.

I offer a Four Stars rating for this book.

This book was gifted to me with no pressure to post a positive review. This is my honest review.

Guest Post:

The River of God’s Presence By Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard

My journey of writing The River of God’s Presence was a long one. In 2007, I had a dream that inspired study and prayer over the rivers that are found in Scripture. In my dream, Jesus flew me around what felt like every river on the earth. At the end of the dream, He said to me, “Jeannine there is a reason My presence is likened to the river of God. If you will study the rivers in Scripture, I will show you what happens in My presence.”
As I read through every river mentioned in the Bible and spent time in prayer and meditation over them, Jesus spoke to me in profound and beautiful ways about what happens in His presence. Soon after, I began sharing what I sensed from Him and saw the Holy Spirit minister deeply to those who heard what I shared. A couple of years later, God began speaking to me about writing my book. Soon after and then regularly for many years, various people in different settings would tell me that they had a sense God had spoken to them that I was to write a book.
You would think with all that encouragement that I would have written the book long before I did. Yet, for twelve years, it was fits and starts. At first, it was a complete lack of confidence that kept me from writing. Then, it was the busyness of life and me allowing other things to take a higher priority. After that, when I finally did start to write, it felt like I was striving to make it good.
With that being said, I will be honest in sharing that I know I was delayed in obeying God to finish the book. I am incredibly thankful that God is kind, merciful, full of grace, and that He gives second chances.
Two things helped me to finally write the book. First, I prayed for a writing coach, and God kindly answered my prayer giving me favor with an extremely in-demand coach with limited time who was my number one choice. She was the best cheerleader and editor I could have asked for. Sometimes, we need resources to help us accomplish what God has asked us to do.
Secondly, and more importantly, I finally stopped striving and instead asked God to help me write it from the place of His presence. Each time I would go to write, I would first pray, then meditate on the scriptures inspiring the section of writing I was working on, worship Him, and ask Him to fill me with His Spirit. Then I would turn on some instrumental worship and write from a place of peace. Anytime I felt His peace lift, I would stop writing and wait until it returned. As I did all of this, I came to realize that I finally had learned how to write the book with God instead of just for God.
To anyone reading this blog who is delayed in responding to God regarding something He has called you to do, may you find the flow of His Spirit and delay no longer. May He lead you to resources who will help you respond to the call. May you fulfill the call on your life from the place of His presence and walk it out in His peace.

Meet the Author:

Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard is an author, teacher, and international speaker. She is gifted in understanding the supernatural and how God speaks to His children. Jeannine seeks to help people know God and how He uniquely created them to reflect His Light and love to the world. Through her understanding of the ways of God and the importance of communion with Him, Jeannine helps people encounter God personally, while understanding their ability to bring Heaven to Earth through friendship with Jesus. Jeannine and her husband, Ian, live in Idaho with their two beloved dogs, Jimmy & Johnny. Jeannine also enjoys connecting with God and others through art, singing, and storytelling.

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  1. Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard

    Thank you, Lu Ann, for your thoughtful review. It warms my heart to read that you believe it s a much-needed book. My sincere prayer is that it does indeed bring peace, reason, and hope to every reader by drawing them closer to God.

    I also really appreciate that even though we are on different pages theologically, that you still see this book as one that inspires and includes points worth meditating on. Thank you for your openness!

    I would like to clarify a couple of things that you brought up for concern. I too agree that Mary Magdalene was not the same woman as the woman caught in adultery. In the book, I refer to her as one who was delivered of seven demons and likely an outcast in her community as a result (given what we gather from other stories in the Scripture of demon-possessed people). It is truly so beautiful to ponder what Jesus did in delivering her and how she held a position of honor as one of His disciples.

    I also agree that what I present in metaphor regarding the river passages is not the interpretation of those passages. Rather, in the introduction of the book, I share that the metaphors are simply presented as the means through which Jesus spoke to my heart. In order to test what I sensed I was hearing, I looked for confirmation in other Bible passages and presented those in each chapter.

    I pray that each reader takes advantage of the Scriptures I list in the endnotes for further study. I have a great love and reverence for the Word of God and sincerely hope readers delve into it for inspiration and meditation as they journey through the book.

    Thank you again for your review!

  2. Anne

    Beautiful and inspiring. A wonderful feature and giveaway. Best wishes.

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