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Book Details:

THE ELEGANT EMU (a Harmony Adventure) by Karen M. Bobos
Category: Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7), 40 pages
Genre: Children’s Picture Book, Fairy Tale
Publisher: Bobos Babes, Ltd.
Release date: June 2022
Format available for review: print-softback (USA), print-hardback (USA), ebook (pdf)
Tour dates: June 14 to July 8, 2022
Content Rating: G for everyone.

Book Description:

The magical sisters are enrolled in an etiquette class when their manners are not fit for the king and queen of the enchanted land of Harmony. Can Elizabeth the Emu help the royal sisters?

In the beautiful and peaceful land of Harmony, three magical sisters, the Bobos Babes, uproot the kingdom’s tranquility with some not-so-polite actions -nose-picking, belching, and other noisy…expulsions. Their parents, the King and Queen, enroll the sisters in the elegant Elizabeth the Emu’s etiquette class where they learn manners and other ways to self-improve like being on time, politeness, and proper personal hygiene.

​Elizabeth the Emu explains to Angel Scarlet, Princess Daphne, and Fairy Cora that having proper etiquette is more than good manners, it’s about being kind and courteous. And for the sisters? Well, let’s just say that they will be needing more than one lesson from Elizabeth the Emu’s etiquette class.

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Review By LAWonder10:

The Elegant Emu is a brightly colored , beautfully illustrated by Emily Hercock. It is sure to delight littl \e girls an some little boys also.

The message it contains is, I feel, a very important, much needed one.

The story is cute, but I feel it would have been better if not done in rhyme. The flow of the rhyme wasn’t asteady, rythmatic one. Some of the words did not even rhyme.

However, the need of the content and the stunning color and design of the illustrations still earnes it Four and a Half Stars.

This book was gifted me with no pressure to post a positive review. This is my honest review.

Guest Post:

5 Easy Ways to Begin Incorporating Proper Etiquette

Consistency is the key when teaching children to behave well and have proper manners. It must be practiced at home as well as when in public.

1) Teach children to use the word “please” before asking for anything, and then once they receive an item to say, “Thank you.” It seems simple enough, but this takes daily practice. Do not give the child what they are asking for until they say “please.” Tell them that you are proud of them when they use the words on their own.

2) Using a sticker system is a great way to start learning proper manners. A child can earn a sticker for tasks such as:

a. using kind words

b. sharing toys

c. asking to be excused from the table

d. putting their napkin on their lap

e. sharing a compliment about their meal

Keep it simple. Try adding new tasks each week and reward them for achieving the previous week’s tasks.

3) Example is Key: If the parents aren’t using proper manners and etiquette, children cannot be expected to use proper manners and etiquette either. Try to be conscious of how you speak in front of your children. Be cautious of using bad language or words. Use please when asking them to do a task and thank you once it’s completed.

4) Keep hygienic activity in the bathroom. One of the best tips is reminding children not to touch their face unless they are in the bathroom. This well eliminate them from biting nails, picking teeth, rubbing eyes, sucking fingers, and the dreadful nose pick.

5) Remind children to say, “excuse me,” especially if they make a toot or burp in front of others. This should also be a great time to remind them to try to keep bodily functions as such in private as well.

Proper manners do not happen overnight. Be patient with your children. Once they have these good habits instilled, they will for sure make a lasting impression on everyone that they meet.

Meet the Author:

Karen M. Bobos is the multi-award-winning author of the Adventures in Harmony series, which was created in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. While living in a city of unrest, her family left Chicago to stay with her mother in Northwest Indiana for several months. She and her husband were determined to keep life filled with wonder and magic for their three daughters, Scarlett (6), Daphne (5), and Cora (3). The Adventures in Harmony series was created to entertain her daughters during their stay at Gigi’s home and is filled with characters from the sisters’ world. Everyone deserves to escape to a land filled with love and adventure where creatures co-exist and happiness awaits.

connect with the author: website ~ facebook ~ instagram ~ goodreads

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Giveaway Details:

Enter to win a signed copy of Karen Bobos’ THE ELEGANT EMU (a Harmony Adventure) (one winner/USA only) (ends July 15)

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